6 thoughts on “Nightwish – The Poet and the Pendulum (Demo with Marco) reaction

  1. This version by Marco is amazing, you can really feel so much pain and anger, it's so emotional! 😪

  2. I need to remind you of your blood pressure again. I am worried.Hahaa,just kidding.I like this version.

  3. This was from Anettes era originally not Floors. Floor just made it more perfect even though Marko can sing it quite nicely but we are used to hear this with female voice. And as it is a demo THIS is the original, second was Anettes , then Floors… 😀

  4. Demo?…. It's Nightwish! A song has to start somewhere. A song is like a child – it takes time to mature.

  5. Please do this Beth Hart live at the Paradiso show
    It's a once in a lifetime experience

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