Nightwish: "The Poet And The Pendulum" Part 2

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  1. There are a few facts that keep on eluding people about the relationship between Anette and Nightwish, and more specifically Tuomas.

    1. Anette was hired after a VERY VERY extensive search that lasted almost a year. She was hired because, wait for it, they wanted to do something else than the opera thing when their soprano was fired. And that charted new territory for them, for which Anette was perfect.

    2. Her two albums with Nightwish sold more than double what the albums Floor has done.

    3. She was in the band for 5 years. One would think that if she wasn't good enough, she would be fired long before she was.

    4. While the real reasons for her firing hasn't really been put down to facts, most likely was her new pregnancy in 2012, along with having to cancel shows, which as we all know, they don't like. There also was a lot of tensions the last year of her employment that probably added to it.

    5. She is still good friends with Empuu, just like Tarja. For some reason they have no problem with him.

    6. The outcry that came when Anette tried to do Tarja's songs was more than expected, as she is a widely different singer than Tarja was, and she never had a chance to perform them the way they should. But they were added to the set lists because of fan pleasing, and Anette had a very hard time with that. So much so that during their second to last tour, the amount of older songs was almost cut to nothing. Within the songs that was written for her, she was good. But expecting her to hit the high notes like Tarja, or even Floor, was delusional at best. And Tuomas knew this, as did the rest of the band.

    Before bashing Anette, know your history. It helps judging a little better. And besides, Scaretale and The Poet and the Pendulum really is hers, no matter how much Floor pretends to make them her own.

  2. When Anette performs this song good, she's hard to fault. This is one of the best performance of this song. The way she hunched over the mic makes it so much more dramatic and emotional to the music as well. I like how she alter the melody in the first part to lower notes so that in the second part, it's even more effective. When she hits the high notes, it sends chills down my spine. Like several people said here, no one can sing this song better than her here. Talk about soul. Amazing performance.

  3. It's hilarious that Anette has been out of the band for over six months and yet the haters can't even enjoy Floor.  Shouldn't they be watching Floor or Tarja instead, who knows? 

  4. Shut up Anette… really -_-
    Enough of your stupid screams, thank god Floor is now the lead

  5. Even Tuomas in some interview said that there is no other singer that can sing Anette's song better than she. And he said that when Floor was already official member of Nightwish. Anette is a great singer!

  6. Anette doesn't need help to butcher her own songs. I supported her during her time in Nightwish but I can't deny that she was mostly disappointing live – more misses than hits. Those vocal acrobatics she does and the way she changes the melodies and lowers the key notes to make it easier just exposes her lack of training. Beautiful voice but she needs to train it better. I used to call her on stage presence cute but honestly she was awkward. I will hear her solos but she's not for NW.

  7. To bad she is temp I doc for her too much so sad Anette is gone

  8. Anette, your voice is beautiful, I have seen you 3 times live with Nightwish and you are a true professional with one awesome vibrato! I hope your voice never fades, I hope you find happiness and love surrounding you always! I will always hope the best for you and keep an ear out for your music,

  9. if you don't feel the passion of this song, with anette singing, you are truly dead to the world…

  10. Totally agree, Floor easily surpassed to Anette but I must admit this song does a good job.

  11. i'm not a tarja fan…i'm a Nightwish fan…and since her solo career i am a tarja fan to…i loved both periods of Nightwish…and actually i love how Floor sings both Anette's songs and Tarja's songs…

  12. you'll see in time…maybe it will happen how it happened to Black Sabbath…maybe someday tarja will come back…until then Floor is doing a great job…and i really love how she sings all the songs…when i heard ghost love score and song of myself with Floor..i cried

  13. yeaaaaa…but Floor will take them to another level…will take them higher than they were before

  14. I wonder how are they feeling when playing this song live…'cause since i listen to Nightwish I haven't heard a better song from them…Song of Myself is another great one…but for me this is their best! Anette…Thank You for being in Nightwish and for making them greater than before! I Love You! Keep Rockin'! m/

  15. "Nightwish: "The Poet And The Pendulum" Part 1"

    Tämä video ei ole saatavilla. / This video is not available.
    Tämä video sisältää kumppanin WMG sisältöä, ja se on estetty tekijänoikeusseikkojen vuoksi. / This video contains WMG's content, and it has been blocked due to copyright issues.

    Pretty weird that Nightwishofficial can't publish their own material.. Atleast us in Finland, can't see this video.

  16. "The Blade will keep on descending;
    All you need is to my love… Search for beauty, find your shore
    Try to save them all, bleed no more."

  17. When Marco dies some day, he goes to Valhalla, walks straight to the Odin's hall and tells him to get the fuck out of his throne

  18. The album version is waaaaaay better but, hey, they're Nightwish! They're always epic!

  19. It's been decided. If Nightwish is coming anywhere within driving distance to me on their next tour, I am going. I don't care what I miss. I WANT TO SEE THEM LIVE.

  20. This song is perfectly made for Anette's voice. My hat is off.

  21. Fucking fuck of all fucks, Marco's voice slays gods!!!
    (and Anette's brings them back to life!)

  22. I begged, gothic element of Tarja, do not lose it,
    because Tarja was the one who had given birth to sadness, joy, silence, and darkness in Nightwish.

  23. @Dollreviewz155 I know, and I don't think they were lying, but I do think they may just have misunderstood her. The biggest problem was that noone was talking to each other, so there is very much room for such misunderstandings.

  24. @HeartsEyes ok, thats not impornat, i am telling the text of the song, that was the point and not who said it.

  25. @TheDis1234 She doesn't, it's the little choir boy they recorded it with.

  26. @minerjoe1000 this is not the hole song, and she sais i am afraid, so afraid of being raped again nad again and again

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