Nikki Heavey – “I Did Not Write a Poem this Year” – Australian Poetry Slam – Kempsey

I didn’t write a poem this year but out
of fear that my words would not have a positive impact previously my words have
done that peace hope love these words were enough to stop the angry rant to
stop the political chant propaganda against humanity rather gonna slap to
the face or wake-up call that forces us to jump up too fast I’ll grow up too
soon and in a room full of beautiful dreamers who love words just as much as i do I have found myself recently silenced simply by not knowing what to
say anymore or how to say it in some sort of different way that hasn’t been
said a thousand times before see this is an aside, never mind maybe
next time I will find the right words and you might even still click and cheer
for all the lost ones that still live within I didn’t write a poem this year. I
couldn’t pick a topic that hasn’t seriously been overdone feeling
wrung out on life’s constantly repetitive, incessant nature of: order
versus chaos versus man versus woman versus child versus animal versus meat
lovers versus vegan expresses Marvel vs. DC versus old versus young versus patriarchy versus what’s the opposite of patriarchy? versus mental health versus what is
What is normal? vs. old versus young vs. rich versus poor versus black versus
white red yellow green and blue with all the other colors of the rainbow to. too much politics too many Wars what’s all this death and destruction
for abortion laws wars on drugs wars of peace wars on love please (I’m a bit shaky) save
the planet believe in climate change or not refute dispute argue every point of
view to the extreme until there is nothing left to say that doesn’t taste
bitter on the tongue and while I can still spit fire I find myself choking on
words I didn’t write a poem this year I thought
I’d just stand here. and inspiration would come but if not I wish you nothing
but the best and I will leave you with the words peace, hope, and love

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