Niklas Salmi | Haiku – 2 of 3 | SPOKEN WORD

meher-baan qadar-daan sahibaan bilok ki peshkash Booooool Baby Bol Next I’d like to read to you, a few of my Haiku. And to be more precise India inspired Haiku. Haiku as some of you may know are japanese seasonal poems, that traditionally have 17 syllables. Nowadays Haiku poets often decide not to conform, to the syllable rule but what is always present in Haiku whether its traditional or modern is is the aesthetic of minimalism. Of being in the moment and perceiving it.. in its suchness. Haiku usually don’t have titles but the first I’ll read to you does and it’s called ‘shirsh-asana’. And it’s dedicated to all of you yogis here tonight.. I know there’s a few in the
crowd. Okay here we go. Jai Haiku Morning I turn myself upside down Like an hourglass whose sand has run out. Rain.. is listing god’s names With bullet points. The silence of the mountains within me. Lungfuls Tons Weighing me down. Childless I walk in the forest and watch the trees entering The land Asleep. Raising their voice the birds lift, my pen from the paper. So that’s Haiku.

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