Niklas Salmi | Poems of Sea & Silence – 1 of 3 | SPOKEN WORD

meher-baan qadar-daan sahibaan bilok ki peshkash Booooool Baby Bol Nähtäisiinkö meressä? Siellä saaretkin kohtaavat. Raheja Exotica Welcome to a night of very exotic poetry and thank you for having me here. What you just heard was Finnish. Not finish as in ‘the end’ but as in Finnish, the language of Finland. A Finnish poem huh.. It kind of sounds like a curse from the Lord of the Rings, doesn’t it? Nähtäisiinkö meressä? Siellä saaretkin kohtaavat So yes, I come from the exotic country of Finland. The country of snow Angry birds, even angrier heavy metal acts but because we’re today in Raheja Exotica by the sea I also have a few sea poems I’d like to read to you and don’t worry, the rest of them will be from the English language. Anthology Lungfuls of Silence Translated by the amazing Scottish poet Donald Adamson I’ll start off with the English version of what might have sounded to you like an Elvish curse and we’ll proceed from there. Should we meet in the sea? There even the islands touch each other. The sea is warm.. A fiery blueness The pear trees are undressing for the autumn. And even this peace of mind makes me feel strangely.. naked. Dive. I lie on the seabed and marvel above me, there’s a ray with undulating wings.. and below me, rippling sand like the skin of a giraffe. Have I ever seen anything so dreamlike Have I ever been so awake Thank you After we’ve dived in the sea green We plunge languidly, into a greenness of beach pine. The colour of calm. The white of an ocean growing stormy. Possibilities Silk scarves, droop from shoulders. A milky light is poured over the skies gray marble.. or maybe the clouds embrace us in their warmth. The raindrops are close knit. Their shhhhhhhh… stands for shawl.

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