Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World (Live On MTV Unplugged Rehearsal, 1993)

100 thoughts on “Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World (Live On MTV Unplugged Rehearsal, 1993)

  1. Soy Argentino sigo a nirvana desde lo 13 años hoy con 17 y en mi mente sigo creyendo que el no se pudo haber suicidado… un dolor inmenso perder a un gran artista una maravillosa voz del rock estado unidense tengo miles de preguntas en mi cabeza pero no queda otra que gurdarselas a uno mismo, lo vamos a extrañar tanto a el como a la banda para siempre… y nunca dejare de oír esta banda tan explicita que hacen que este en uno de mis mejores dias I LOVE NIRVANA♡

  2. Nirvana is the main influence on us

  3. The thing I love about this gig is the combination of Kurt taking this gig as one of the most important ones of his life while also wanting it to be over as quickly as possible. It's a unique dynamic that is thorough throughout the whole performance

  4. Not a day goes by I don't think about kurt. Still.. After all this time… He strums my heart like those guitar strings ❤

  5. Whoever dislikes this has no soul and their shitty opinions don't fucking matter. Unlike Kurt, nobody will miss them when they die.

  6. What's most striking about this is how after they finish they just go straight to talking like nothing, It's awesome.


  8. Si pudiera le daría me encanta.

    Soy el comentario que estabas buscando en español.


  9. Thats the musician .. he know whats part was missing,anyway nirvana fans from malaysia

  10. no sabia que tocaba con la guitarra con la mano zurda que bueno que no soy el unico

  11. I like the fact in 1992-1994 he was a very rich man but he still chose to wear old ragidy clothing. I love him

  12. Why did Hendrix and Cobain play right handed guitars left-handed? Do they not make left-handed guitars? O_o

  13. If you noticed before, the 2007 DVD version brings a different Stereo mix way better than the official released. I hope they include a brand new audio mix

  14. dave grohl is not on drums on 0:00 they put a fake audio

  15. Nirvana una leyenda que nunca terminará una de las mejores bandas de todos los tiempos aún te recordamos Kurt Cobain.

  16. That sweater he’s wearing is worth $200,000 to $300,000 it’s up for auction. R.I.P. Kurt 😭😭😭

  17. i fail to understand how a 480p video is "1080p". just because you encoded it in 1080p doesn't mean it's HD, much less 1080p

  18. issit weird if i have crush on kurt since 2012 even if i know hes dead… come guys, i kno im not the only one haahahahaha

  19. how is it possible to miss someone so deeply to the point where it hurts… when you’ve never even met them?

  20. Ive had dreams of me, being a little girl, not having a care in the world. Not even knowing what Nirvana was, and seeing a man with long blonde hair. I asked him to help me learn the guitar not knowing he was a huge grunge icon. I would visit him weekly and we would practice the guitar. A few years passed, and I heard a familiar voice on the radio, I soon realized it was Kurt! The cute guy who helped me learn to play guitar! I just wish this dream wouldve came true… I miss you kurt <3

  21. Kurt Cobain, never wanted the world.All Mr Cobain wanted was to write his music, and a family he could be with; what happened afterward was a terrible mess.


  23. Урааа Нирвана ещё жива. I am from Ukraine, Nirvana is the best!

  24. Porque el vídeo me pone hace 3 semanas si Kurt ya murió Y me pongo mal cuando escucho que aún salen sus canciones!! 😭😭💓💔

  25. I wish he was still alive. Or they hire someone else as a replacement.
    R.I.P Kurt 🙁

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