Yes. I’m dark. But not darker than your soul that rests inside your body, I’m dark. But I’m not the one to be labelled as a catastrophe. Honey, what do you know about being dark? Have you gone after the cosmetic? Have you surveyed every product, every market, every alley? I’m the one getting sick and sick and sick. And you keep on throwing products that make my shade less No fair and lovely No, sweetheart, I don’t need it No pond’s white beauty. Because honey, I’m already fair with life, And I’m already a beauty. I don’t need the white to define what rests inside me. And now you, my aunty, don’t give me an advice. On how I can have perfection embed, “Beta, beta, multani mitti, neembu ka rass” I want to scream, and shout and tell… ENOUGH SAID! But I sit there with a smile, wondering how to respond or shout or cry or doubt. But all I do is smile And apply. Yes. I apply. I apply all the ways bombarded at me, You know why? Because you make me sick of being dark. Because you made me forget that being dark is not a disaster Being dark is not a disease. Being dark is not something you have to dread. You made me forget to look inside the cage of the bone To see the beauty To see what rests underneath. You made me forget To look at the angels of my heart But one thing you didn’t let me forget Is that what sets you and me apart- My COLOR And now you, my media people open your ears and listen to the rant Listen as I speak each syllable, hear my unfurled fear A tennis player played well A musician got the confidence All because they used your fairness shitty products? My honey, you make me pathetic in pity And now what do you want to say in your defense? Judging a girl on her color Judging a girl on how dusky her skin is Judging a girl’s heart by the uneven tone And judging her by everything else Ironically, I’m being discriminated
in a country of dark people For being dark And now I only herald a time to get a sabbatical. Sabbatical from the discrimination, from the labels From the advertisements And sabbatical from the battle itslef. But wait… You claim yourself to be the light, right? But remember Without dark There’s no existence, No meaning No sense To the LIGHT

22 thoughts on “NO FAIR & LOVELY: Slam Poem

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  2. The fact is , if given a choice on being fair skinned or dark skinned most people would choose being fair. The fairness cream ads on TV make me feel ugly and undesirable in my own country, how can people be so narrow-minded. Some of my own family members keep asking my mother, "How did she become so dark? Did she play in the sun too much?" I am 17, and most boys in my class would date/ ask out a girl who is fair. Such ridicule makes me want to do the same as Ridhima- apply. Idk how long it will take for society's obsession with fair skin to change. I hope girls like me are appreciated #darknlovely

  3. My cousins are dark skinned girls and I have heard people bash them so much based on their color. They say how it will be difficult for them to get married and how they should do facials/face bleaching. Relatives and neighbours are the worst. I think dark is lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I was eagerly waiting for slam poetry on such topic.
    well said๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  5. if you can write poem on the topic" ugly is the new beautiful"
    then it will be gladly appereciatedโ˜บ

  6. Hey guys I just uploaded a slam poem of my own,it would mean the world if you checked it out๐Ÿ’•

  7. Even if one has a preference for people with a whiter skin tone, it's just a preference! They have their freedom to do so.
    If you are being discriminated for being dark, idk what the apartheid system in South Africa and the racist regime in America was. That's being discriminated.

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  9. God knows why but I always preferred dusky over fair personally, and now this video describes it as beautiful … more power to you girl… keep rocking

  10. thanks for the beautiful poem and bringing out my everyday struggles and expressing them .i wish everyone could understand that and stop racism .

  11. you dont want, your choice. others want their choice. To want to be fair is not a crime. This is pure chutiyapa. ppl dnt be apologetic at all.

  12. Fair and Lovely ke alawa bhi bahut saare brands ye. Ye saale Indian log chutiye hi rahenge.

  13. lol i never used these stupid creams when i ever did my skin got dark so i left them and now i'm even brighter than ever. how? i just wash my face with ordinary soap

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