Noble Paige Patrick reacts to Xzavier fictional writers song and music video

just like that take any be to defecate they asked me to demonstrate demonstrate but them niggas still hate seeing niggas been afraid been around a corner any sweeter than some enemy so just imagine if dependence paid I bet fuck this video like the graphic I'm only speaking of came back shit no Sonny Liston I lead with no ID so take your best sensi and multiply by three and that's me so we don't get it confused how long we ain't gonna stop even if I shorter fuse even if they call the cops you see but you'll never see my hand on the clock cuz baby I don't do that and if you know me then you knew that my reputation fail to exist got a fistful of frustration my wrist operation got niggas waiting on my shit the stock non-stop I'm like Ron Artest in the crab with a bog drop off any single how I fingers in the air nigga you were squared line up with a star I bet you won comparing name a nigga better no matter of fact show me where so I can go back every two onto these skin bones a hair I've been preaching the past I don't know if I like this song damn I still think I like the other one better but shit this one ain't too far from that one I told y'all the last time every city got those type of people that you know just destined for greatness Detroit got him and I'm a big shot fuckin the Carolinas got Jay Cole Kelly got Kendrick and you know New York got nice Park was born in New York fucking jay-z was born in New York slang we got Xavier Houston got Barbie Port Arthur got Barbie Atlanta got t IP n rj three stacks flank we got this man on that lyrical shit this nigga is really goat status I could like I said the last time if he get into the right hands he could be a person who name he brought up for the artists after the Kendricks and the Coles and a while ladies and the Big Sean's because he's too young to be in that category because all of them in a thirties but as far as these new people like all the new up-and-comers if he if if God willing he gonna be in that same conversation as a as pusha t a lyrical genius like a pusha t a kendrick fucking cold man y'all go fuck week savior go look him up on all your social medias I'm sitting in this video he gonna share it I already know man I'm tapped in through Instagram you know we had a couple conversations and I know he gonna see this and he gonna he gonna appreciate what I'm saying and it's all effects I'm not I'm not boasting and bragging I'm not just saying it because we from the same city I really feel like he's one of the goats at this shit if his cars I play right the world gonna know about him and he gonna go down there's a lyrical genius for real

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