NOC #14: Endgame Ableism, Genderless Monsters, Ham Poetry and MORE!

all right y'all uh welcome to the 14th bi-weekly annual what the fuck Corinne stream number 14 sorry just getting some stuff set up oh I'm feeling a little queasy today for some reason but whatever yep this is cringe stream number 14 and last time I tried to do this the fucking Internet my internet was crapping out and I couldn't talk about everything that was on the docket so I kind of got some runoff from LAT from not last week the last stream and some new shit that I've gathered from you know from Twitter and from other people who basically complain about the same shit I do show up what the fuck god damn it I closed this fucking window I don't think I should have effected anything though oh my god what the fuck okay okay it's still going so I fucking closed this window like an idiot and then it caught it if we completely started the fucking stream over well whatever I'm back okay yeah we got a lot of fucking bullshit to talk about bleep I'm always late to the game with certain shit some of the shit well maybe like one thing I'm maybe one thing that wasn't already talked about but uh someone else like yeah we're gonna be talking about genderless alien monsters it's not gonna be the first one the first one we're talking about is the parents who made a porno to teach their children about sex and now actually it's like they made a porno to like to stick it to the porn industry like yes yes you smut peddlers we're gonna teach our children about porno and the dangers of porno by making a porno it's really them Oh fancy foul or $1.99 super Chad guess who's back got finished with finals it congratu-fucking-lations I'm happy for you fancy foul but anyway this it makes no sense I haven't gotten deep into how cuz it already sounds gross you're making fucking porn for your kids it's gross in itself but it's also really confusing but yeah we're gonna be talking about a myriad of shit so let's get let's get started it's gonna be a while because I got so much fucking shit in this night of cringe folder that I want to talk about so yeah shocking statistics have revealed that rising numbers of youngsters are learning about sex for the first time through easily accessible hardcore pornography and after deciding to take a stand against the adult film industry fide once came up with a plan to educate their children about sex all by making their own porn film and you know what you know if only children had these older mature live-in caretakers that could sit them down in a normal setting in a house in private to tell them about sex and the life lessons that come along with that if only so there's there's someone like some people who live with children responsible enough to do that but I guess they're fucking aren't any we have what they have – do they have to make a porno and humiliate their children publicly they have to do it it has to be done how else will they learn there's mom's Sarah Louise Pritchard and Jane shall I join us now and welcome to both of you so let's start with you Sarah Louise you're a beautician from Bolton you've got six children between the ages of 14 and 20 yeah she looks like she looks like she's asked to speak to the manager many times she looks like the type of mom who would monetize her kids autism she looks like she has period parties period princess parties for a daughter she looks like every fucking reprehensible cringe thing that a suburban all that all that suburban mom fuckery is rolled up into this one fucking person Oh t5 you felt compelled to do this why I think for me is when actually had the conversation with my kids about porn Australian Paul it's kind of how it reminds me of this fucking line from The Simpsons yet again I just The Simpsons references never stop on this on this dream the guy was like oh no the con Paul Newman's gonna have my legs broken porn like that dude would say corn and Oh God isn't making his crack my kids my porn everybody watch that you know and he was so blase but it was when I actually spoke to my 17-year old and I said have you watched porn and she said yes I said how did it make you feel and she said it made me feel insecure inadequate and I was why and she said because my boyfriend is watching that with me he's gonna be looking at the performer and comparing her to me what the fuck yeah I'm sure her teenage daughter said you know they're like hey already has like the complex of a insecure middle-aged woman suspiciously around your age her daughter the same emotions under woman her age would have about porn hmm I don't believe any fucking teenagers like we owe me and my boyfriend watch it together you they don't I can guarantee they know not that it's like watching with their boyfriends at that age nah young boys will be too hard pressed to keep that shit away from their girlfriends they would do that shit separate from them at that age at least maybe – baby – I would say ashamed I think part of it would be shame but they liked it that age they're trying to stunts on girls like hey I wants this shit I gotta watch this shit when they don't have a girlfriend I don't buy the fact that she's that they're watching it together I feel insecure I feel really insecure I feel like I'm being replaced by this porn actress Oh fancy fell another $1.99 super Chad I also love to watch my parents Paul and she went home to tell me that she wanted to have surgery on a breast and own that belong there as well you know stop stop how does your fucking daughter know about vaginal rejuvenation procedures how does she know about pussy tightening procedures how does she know about that that's free shit projecting your bullshit on your kid you know your dad well this is all you this is not your kid this is your neurotic fucking thoughts about your marriage bitch get the fuck out of here sir Meghan McCain look at this boy that's the situation within your family because this is very different isn't it because you've got your 19 year old daughter yes and and what are your views what are your opinions on porn I am I'm actually very anti porn and I really there's two reasons basically so I decided to do this because I want I thought it was a great opportunity to kind of highlight the negative effects of porn on children to whom the concept of choice doesn't apply but as a female as an adult I do worry about the impact that it has on on kind of the treatment of women basically so yes about that you were given the opportunity by channel 4 to cast and produce and direct and edit your own porn film it's over 3 programs not no bit have we been able to show as a trailer for this No so so that's the sort of thing that we're doing here yeah so I don't like the way women are portrayed and poor and I don't like though I'm anti porn but we're gonna make a porn because porn bable bable because we're 2 leather shoes who need to regain our our sexiness and we need to feel like women again that's the only reason why we're fucking doing this it has nothing to do with kids because any rational fucking mother would be like hell no I'm not doing that Bryan Oh bright fly $2.00 super chata the hub got me through high school it did for it that's all of us right there it's we can all relate to that what by making your own porn film what difference is it going to even he's confused see what he's like even he is like alright look explain this shit to me without sounding retarded or I'm done I'm walking off this show oh to be honest I think we need to come away from the film what we want to do is start conversation so if parents watch our documentary yeah I'm sure you wrinkly vulva we'll start plenty of conversation I'm sure you know you c-section scars it'll start a lot of conversation yeah tree tonight and actually have a conversation with their children teenagers especially then we've done something you know I keep hearing uh how can you fucking do that like why can't you do that without without getting cream pie on camera why to London to make a porn film and I keep hearing on these okay so she's not Australian she is British my bed because I don't know the way she said porn sounded vaguely Australian yeah see it's a salty we've seen it we're gonna say it to our children and now we're hopefully gonna try and sort something we want conversation that's what we want the tube see it's a salty we've seen it we're gonna say it touch I subpoena I've been driving up to London to make a porn film and I keep hearing on the tube see it's a salty we've seen it we're gonna say it to our children and now we're hopefully gonna try and sort something we want conversation that's what we want so you're not saying that pornography is bad – no I actually didn't watch porn before I did this documentary okay okay so we're not saying important as bad but it did make my daughter deeply into court insecure to the point where she wanted fucking procedures done and that she like felt so insecure so fucking insecure oh my boy my boyfriend he's gonna compare like the actress to me but I know I'm shootin porn like the anti-porn motherfucker doesn't say is saying goddamn shit I've never seen porn I've never seen it before this and the only time I see it is to point out how bad it is Oh shells me by the shore I believe two-dollar super Chad no kid wants to watch amateur porn your parents yet naturally that doesn't even even need to be said and when I started doing the research I found it quite disturbing but actually now there is good porn out there it's really when I did the research me my husband actually got young again you know we had a little bit of research together mate and you alright are you mental are you dizzy black me and my husband yeah this is what it's all about it's about you and your husband there's nothing to fucking do with your daughter get the fuck out of here it was nice and it was healthy and we you know so I know it isn't just on the other side of the coin yes made you sick a new left no it's actually me that was thick so it made you sick but you left I didn't throw up but inside I felt sick I felt sick many times why wouldn't why did you I felt sick many times like act after the third orgasm self-inflicted orgasm when I was holding her husband by the throat in giving him auto-erotic asphyxiation yes and I felt so sick after the act oh god anti-porn people who are trip they're a fucking trip it was as a mum we're standard bearers right we bear moral responsibility for our children watch and even though we were watching what was termed as adult entertainment it's so easily available and accessible but you went along to watch yes soon after that that I decided I couldn't do it actual porn video being made it was so disgusting what like it's just two people fucking and that's about it it means like well at most like did they go see like a bondage scene being made or was it just like a regular guy bet like fucking porking a chick because they saw some bondage shit like yeah you went too far too quickly dumbass of course you got disgusted by that matter that's not for everybody I want to know what the hell they saw oh joy box says this this is Britain when the kids need a license to watch porn anyways I heard you tune your license to watch porn damn I'm not too well-versed on those British those new draconian British laws but it wouldn't surprise me if that was the case autism is unstoppable soccer moms want to make the work the world child-friendly and it'll never will be like yeah basically teach kids about Paul alright if they were just watching two people fucking in like they're making a video out of it what the hell is so disgusting about that it's like you're seeing a guy put his dick into something else like have you never fucked ever goddamn like I seen it maybe a little like I don't want to see that because this person their ass is showing I want to see other people nude cuz it's kind of good I understand that but it's like it's still just fucking like you've done it you have children Oh a cue brother solstar $5 to portray did you hear about the moms seeking to make parent approved porn oh god no this is the only story relating to that that I've heard of Nilus principle is do this because we like you know we have to think about the consequences of what we do and I thought if I go on and put my name as a porn producer in some ways I might flee endorsing the industry much as I was yeah that's why no one understands why you're fucking doing this you idiots like you are taking advantage of how porn people love porn filmmakers do their thing you're taking advantage of that you're making your own porno and shit you're Horning in on their fucking territory and you got the nerve to be like oh it's disgusting it makes girls feel uncomfortable with their bodies you know that's just pawn you know we had to get rid of pardon pardon really happy with the film that wasn't made and I took my daughter along to watch it porn is harmful porn is disgusting and I took my brother to watch it why oh why this is yeah I'm sorry but it wouldn't surprise me if these fucking people had like underground sex clubs well they're like slowly they are slowly getting into some underground freaky shit and they don't even know it it's like they met some guy named Sebastian so red silk shirts where this fucking taco meat chest all open now again you know you want to make him power and porn just follow me and that like and then there's this close to having their kids sex rabbit like these fucking idiots I didn't want to kind of endorse a whole genre you know what how is your porno different from other pornos I guess yeah they still have enough like an answer dad like dude a set the first fucking time and they didn't even answer it why is it better we had we wanted consent we wanted conversation in our porn film they're like you know like when they act up scenarios like like there's a plenty of porn it has like rapey fucking like it's very rough and aggressive and shit there's rape playing on a ship but it's just like guess what it is it's play it's acting it's it's it's fucking it's non-consensual consensual porn that's what they call it a non con consensual porn that's what they that's what that is why the fuck would you like it's acting they're not actually fucking doing it they're not actually raping women over like what the fuck what the fuck how dense do you have to be but this is like I said they watch it they get off to it and they feel shitty about it so now they're like projecting that shit that those shitty feelings onto their kids and that's that's what how anti-porn people are they it's just like um I forgot that's something I could compare it to and I forgot but you do something oh wait it's like someone who's prominently anti-gay but they're secretly gay and they feel shame for it so but instead of like embracing it and feeling good about themselves and cuz because they're open and gay and out in the open being gay they want to make other gay people feel bad for being gay it's like that you can't just fucking sit back and enjoy your fucking life guilt-free you got a guilt every book everybody else like shut the fuck up shut up you Martha Stewart bitch body type that was major issue for me I wanted to show different sizes so we had all of those big sizes are available all the sizes are available different sizes though we have all of those sizes are available he's well aware be aware bitch Tish you know we just wanted to abuse aful that was a major issue for me I wanted to show different sizes though we have all of those sizes are available internet very he's the girl he's the girl yeah tend to be more fetish you know we just wanted to be you the fuck yeah like do to like big chicks like it's it's porn like by nature its fetish she because to do it you're going there to like to fucking jack off and leave we want to start a conversation we want to be beautiful people don't go there for that bitch if you want to see like beautiful fat people you go to what fucking Mapplethorpe exhibit or some shit don't you want some Modern Art Museum and see some fat bitch slather mayonnaise on on herself to symbolize the chains of fucking thin privilege or some horseshit you don't go to porn to see that you go to porn and bust a nut and leave that's a little the port is basically a fetish and it's is fetishy in itself the fuck we want to show different body types bitch I've seen porn with chicks three times your size get the fuck out here but he's made a leap on her like he has all the knowledge like lemon school you bitch look I am I am into the bbw scene and I have to tell you that you are nowhere it's jacked is those lovelies okay brother so star $2 you preach at the Family Values religious right position yeah pretty much Oh some time alone we want to teach a university-level feminism course in a porn film beautiful shapely woman you know rather than going to the extreme we had laughter the extreme what like there's tan porn there's tame bbw porn there's oh there's I don't know like there's more fetishy bbw put like this all kinds just because you look up you go to the homepage or the new Bond the homepage of pornhub we're like in the very first fucking and the very first results of the most popular videos is what some chick being railed well steel dildos up her ass and she's hanging from the goddamn chair this cuz that is what you saw and just turned all that does not mean that's all there is we have connection we you know it was just it was connection soul behind the eyes you know the the setting was more luxurious it was you know really we wanted to get lots of messages across and I think we did that so what happens with that 15 minute film that you've made well we're hoping I'm so scared y'all pray for me I'm scared about like are you gonna show it to him like what the fuck did you it like I know what they made it for let's be real I know what they made it for but I want to know why what kind of bullshit they're gonna I know what I want to know what kind of bullshit they're gonna come up with on this show right now we met a fabulous lady called Erica lost she is an amazing female director Erica lost a great name I know great name I know great name and we're hoping that she's gonna just abuse it on her web page only be alongside other pornography that may be because that's what people will be talking about pornography on here because it's so accessible on any of these devices you click on one thing well you know it ten other things have popped up bad choice of word and then she's down a road and it starts to get more hardcore more uncensored and before you know it you've got somebody that's addicted to pornography do not worry that by putting them in that's not how addictions work but okay website totally it's a gateway yeah we questioned ourself we just kind of stopped but one day I said are we made that's not even fucking how addiction works you already have to be you already have to have an addictive mind to be addicted to porn cuz like if you drop a port like people who are addicted like they drop one addiction they're just gonna pick up another one if they know they have to break the habit of addiction period so like you have an addictive mind of course you may get addicted to porn like as if something like that it's a window into their psychosis like they don't think there could be any moderation like I say I watch more like me a couple times a week no there's like no moderation so these people either you walk either you completely denounce that shit or you're addicted to it hey oh wait fearless astrid hofferson says J long bone did you see the ridiculous Forbes article how Freddie Freeman disability was erased man I didn't you know whatever movie I'm trying not to go too nuts with the social justice warrior bullshit because like I like I you saw my I think y'all saw my review of Shazam I like the movie I'm trying not to get too pissed off but people with other people's opinions on that movie so I'm just trying to stay away from this shit um Brian Nelson Oh Brian watch BBC three bit of challenging stereotypes and porn from a month ago I'll search for that after this after we finish up this one but that means I'm gonna have to skip that that Anastacio cortes bitches video because I don't really care about her anyway it's another porn film to add to the other vile content that's out there but what we wanted to do was actually make a documentary that parents actually came back to the kids sat down and had conversation and if we've had a few parents that about that has nothing like you want someone to jerk off to like this is about you and your middle aged your fucking middle aged suburbanite ego like you're sagging everywhere with your sagging every which way but loose or every which way but tight and you're trying to capture your youth again by fucking in front of a camera just be fucking honest because what are you gonna have a sit-down and have the kids watch it how's walking supposed to teach your kids about porn unless you show it to them and cuz I mean you're not gonna do that I'm fuckin I'm no clue that logic around this is just so stupid she sat because these kids are actually using that as their sex education but isn't that down rather than make a porn film to add to the great morass of some films that are already out there isn't it better to encourage the conversation with the kids in the first place exactly isn't it better to encourage the conversation with the kids in the first place where they really like how you come out with your mouth with some bullshit that's how bullshit arises it just looks like you're inflating you're about to explode I think possibly by me leaving that also encourages conversations because I've come by melee just let's be real she the blonde chick is the is the head honcho in this decision she is the ringleader and she brought her her reluctant brown friend into this shit so I can let's do this let's make a pong let's make a porno for the kid for the children because it's not because I have crow's feet and my vagina is basically a roast beef sandwich with a 13 centimeter dilation with a pole because we're doing it for the children we're just doing it for them okay they need to learn that porn is bad Riesling import that pond is bad are you fucking lost it that pod pod pod that pardon okay we they need to learn it porn is bad by watching more porn especially porn with their parents to traumatize them a little more I'm across so many moms have said to me I can't even bring myself to talk to my children about it and that is and this is the problem that I had I could not talk to my daughter she's now 19 okay so you can watch porn okay you can watch porn if your friend getting plowed you can watch people go and make porn you can watch that process you can go and search porn images to get a feeling of a little but you can't sit down here with your fucking kids and tell talking about sex this is why people have such a bad image of Suburbia and those people because fucking rocks in your head there's a bunch of so centered jackasses with rocks in their head and it wasn't till I started actually being filmed for this I began the conversation yeah the Wilier guy it was she believes that you could finally talk about it I guess she was she was really relieved and I think that's you know if that's what this documentary does kind of breaks taboos in the home because a lot of it starts in the home yes si si si we really recovered from our bullshit explanation and we came to a common ground we came to a nice bullshit common ground where you can buy it but just enough to not question us anymore but me I'm like that yeah that's it that excuse is horseshit because we want to break the stick we want to break stigmas they get the fuck out of here get the fuck out here I just couldn't talk to my kids about sex and porn until I in raunchy fucking sex with my best friend her husband and watched a porn film being made looking at poor I couldn't do it until that and I never had sex or done anything involving sex like nothing sexual before I did before this it could have prepared me to sit down with my fucking kids and talk about this fuck get the fuck out of here and another thing is you know ok the film was this film was made for adult people but much of much of the other porn that you get so easily accessible and you remember that children want to be adults long but yeah it'll be interesting to see the points that it that it brings up it's mums make porn which is very salacious title anyway but well done channel for its tonight at 10:00 on channel 4 thank you very much I really would need to find that video and watch it live on YouTube excuse me hopefully it won't be any like copyright issues but I really want to find it and watch it oh actually you know I'm a light no no it's already in my watch later tab so yeah I'm gonna get back to that oh wait what's that video challenging stereotypes and porn I'm gonna find that so I can watch it I'm gonna find that Bry flag that sounds oh it sounds bad breaking down stereotypes and porn oh I can't wait for that my hands are covered in lotion it's a little hard to type come on baby oh here we go I mean if you haven't gotten the fucking clue yet porn is scripted it's about fetishes and it's like literally about fetishes and like some other like the dirtiest fucking shit that you could ever want in video form I got you act it out so you don't fucking have to do it and that's it that's fucking it people just don't don't find that explanation sufficient for some reason okay all right so next on the docket is challenging a breath I suggestion because I really want to get to this now challenging racial stereotypes and porn guidance adult themes naturally all right let's get another video bye porn my skin color and my heritage was a drop-down menu in porn it was a category it was a kink that people were either into or they were not into yeah idiot they have to categorize things sometimes you don't want it maybe sometimes you want to switch it up like you don't want to see all white people maybe you want to see all those black guy white girl white dude black guy black guy or vice for whatever you know their categories different categories these are the same on the fuckers who will whine about representation like how come I don't see more of me on screen and then when it comes to porn like why don't I sing too much of me on screen make up your fucking mind so Ryan is it put on any white porn that you watch it's red I watch the black girls so don't really come into black girls I just got bad experience oh she's a bit rough looking her head looks like I'm trying to think her head looks like a fucking cookie jar Oh her edges are gone on that side oh no she just looks so unusual it's with a black girl I try today a few years back you had a party experience for mixed-race go and now you feel that you couldn't have any situations with any girl that's back yeah fancy mix race of what girls based on one experience okay so now they're getting me all right my race is a drop down menu in pond bets have disgusting but then this white guy says I don't really get into the black chicks and porn no not for me but then it's like and now all of a sudden is world it's it's a fucking problem like make up your fucking minds like pick one thing at a time to be outraged about you know shit about Co pretty much yeah that's really close minded but okay yeah I thought like what are we complaining about here like like it's a take your time with what you're bitching unwrapped unreasonably about I'm not saying that I dislike black girls I'm saying I just don't find black girls attractive and tried dating a black girl Charlie made mine I've had people say that's me when guys say things like that I'm sexually objectifying you according to your race own that's not the fuck he means like can you say you're attracted to every fucking a white guy you see no way I know plenty of black chicks who are not attracted to white guys I think Chris Rock even said it like a black some a lot of black chicks aren't attracted to white dudes like they'll fuck a pretty dude but not like this a regular why dude like it's a fucking preference get over it he's not gonna burn a cross on their pussies like stop it me and I think that like something that's actually cemented in porn you are casting off an entire race of women pure little down to the skin color as opposed to what they are inside it's a preference don't stop acting like you don't have fucking preferences with certain people I know and over little said was really controversial without him knowing what he was saying for someone to say that they are not attracted to or interested in dating any woman with the skin color of black or brown it's very yeah sometime alone you have to be attracted to everybody you have to fuck everybody or you're just a bigot you're just you're just a fucking close-minded bigot if you don't get hard or wet after for everybody except if you're like right-wing Trump supporter or something like that then it's ok you can tell them the fuck off offensive I just feel like we're all on this adventure we've all got different opinions and then I'm people saying how I'm kind of closed-minded I don't care what they think I was there I like what I like I'm not changing because they have got different opinions it's very offensive for someone it's a it's a very offensive for someone to choose not to fuck someone that has nothing to do with me like what the fuck like this has nothing to do with you his choice in in Souter internet shooter but his choice in in girlfriend are like fuck buddy whatever has nothing to do with you so what the fuck you getting angry about my god forbid anyone not partake in the cocoa brown sweets goddess goddess smelling like God god forbid there's someone who just like isn't just isn't internet that they are not and dating any woman of black or brown skin color I think that's an insane generalization and as the generalizations you said it says I'm not attracted to that I'm not attracted to black chicks I'm sure that you probably make an exception one of these days and when it comes we're talking about love she dating could be like just fucking and going out to eat every now and then people mistake dating for actual fucking romantic love and I think that's the fucking problem that's why everyone's so fucking warped nowadays he came on my face he loves me they think sex and love is synonymous with each other and it's not it now he didn't say he wouldn't love a black girl he just said he wouldn't date or fuck one that's what he meant that's what he said which I don't have a fucking problem with now if he said he wouldn't love a black girl or marry one then that's been coming out what the fuck because you can't really you can't really tell that like because that's more about marriage and love is more about falling in love like personality and she like that and who you're I mean it sounds corny but who your soul connects with or whatever and it we saw am i dating and fucking that's what he's talking about you know I felt quite offended by it it actually made me really want to oh yeah great hound ii brought up a good point what if he says he loves black women that they would crucify him yet they would accuse him of being fetish fetish now your fetishizing you fetishizing my skin color my skin color and kind of deconstruct that idea that he has in his head so when he said I'm not attracted to black or brown girls yesterday can you see it all why that would be offensive to a black or brown girl no no you know because I felt like like I was being honest I just not fancy black girls the Dolphins to make serious kills yeah I think I say from my perspective guys have said that to me before I'm not into Brown goes yeah yeah so my I love that like something just like people like her will base their fucking their moral stances off of trauma from past shit they've been through like I hate men because my father slapped me once because I because I kicked him in the balls for the patriarchy now I hate all men so yeah just like now bitch like that's not a sufficient excuse to hate all men this really isn't you had bad experience with one man it's not indicative indicative of every man so like some white guy said yeah I'm not really into the cocoa brown not into that Oh Wiz division productions $5 super check me so what are you planning to be offended about today easily offended person yes anyway anyway it's like she can't handle someone like a possible she probably isn't even attracted to his motherfucker doesn't want him like not even a possible suitor for her and she's still offended that but even the possibility that he wouldn't fuck her is fucking insane so such narcissism it's hilarious for me because I am an individual with my own character and personality it's really hard when someone writes you off just because of your skin color yeah I get that book I think you need to look away from the fact that I'm not using racial stereotypes I just know what I'm into I get that and do you think that porn has influenced your view of certain race girls maybe porn is kind of given that that effect about black girls is the way that they are on porn big boobs and this is one of my issues is that in your head you have lots of conscious and subconscious prejudices against black and brown goes and you're using stereotypes that aren't true yeah to generalize that we predominantly have big asses I'm sorry but that is kind of true it's like kind of oils kind of true things like black dudes having big penis it's kind of true it's not of course it's not on the whole like not every fucking black nude has a huge penis what is kind of true it's partially true but I can't believe he would fucking admit that oh yeah porn has affected my view of like bullshit I think you just try saying shit like some dudes you'll just say shit to shut certain people up it's like an attic for whatever that they all have big rumps and shit yeah I just think it's important that in the future maybe when you're looking at girls in racialized terms so looking at them was always like I said but like I said the subject is still fucking dating shit like that he didn't say anything about love he said I wouldn't fuck or date a black girl and then he ties porn into that because he all he's talking about is fucking and dating because of course you're gonna tie something sexual into that because like yeah nobody's talking about love and shit it's not the same thing but of course she's not like you can't have it like an honest conversation with somebody like her you can't really like like say oh he's not talking look you dumbass he's not talking about relationships like deep meaningful like love and shit he's talking about sex and dating like a little bit a little bit of fun you know you know what I mean like that's what he's talking about girls listen these girls is to try and challenge yourself and think if you're applying a lot of stereotypes to them Ryan hasn't had any proper conversations with any women of color I think porn definitely influences how he sees women of different races porn presents a very stereotypical and one-dimensional view maybe spending more time with me will open his mind up a little bit that's not gonna make him wanna fuck you though you can't control what gets you hard I'm sorry it's no like she's such a fucking narcissist like oh I'm still had this white boy riding me by the end of the day I swear it's like she can't fucking take someone like the possibility of someone not wanting to fuck her and that's because what this basically this is about because she brings her past relationship bullshit into it like bitch thing and then to do what we talking about talking about him and like why do you think that's prejudice and like just because some white guy said that to you you were all crushed by it doesn't make it prejudiced a wizz division production says jail on bone there's no kind of true with stereotypes J stereotypes because there's half the stereotypes because they're based on real life truth truth facts Oh Brian Nelson this girl is one of those bad experiences that guy was talking about yeah most deaths okay all right now cuz this one is like over mmm it was kind of kind of math that one all right let's see what what can we do next what's next on the docket okay I need to do something that I referenced in my fucking thumbnail for once I'm gonna go to I'm becoming a genderless monster great okay I'm trying to okay hang on a sec okay your place is your moneymaker so why would you pair it with cheap plastic why does some plastic cost $500 I don't want people being scared of me alright alright this next one is I'm becoming a genderless monster it's another request from I think it was breifly I think I might have been somebody else I don't know whoever the fuck suggested this to me you know who you are and thank you for that actually enjoy it it's just like funny because under this one bitch you're just like five foot three human if someone says I love it when people are scared of me run fucking run you should not get joy in that this that's the scariest fucking shit but Oh Brava it was you that recommended this okay well thank you pnath I mean you know she's just being like an edge lord she's me I love it when people scatter to me like she's being a fake acid lord but still like when someone says that fucking run either way they got fucking they have I fucking an identity crisis just fucking run onion says this is all the same channel yeah Barcroft TV is like it's like a den of circus freaks like just it's like people don't go in the circus anymore so Barker so like all we have is youtube so Barcroft TV replaces the like it fills the void that that circus freaks left because go to the circus ain't cool anymore and everyone's afraid of clowns so we're not going to the circus we're just going you to go to Barcroft TV and just just go to that all know that all-you-can-eat freak buffet I have days off cuz obviously I'm not like her ass like everyday there's loud reactions especially looking like this I thought you said you liked it like the attention you got from this like make up your mind I'm Jasmine bean and I'm into posthuman creepy and Japanese fashion she's a fucking weeb weeby and this guy's like take a lot hello fees are feel like he pulled it just like this or wasting that quality but I feel that I'm wasting my body by not doing this I'd like to say my inspiration is a bit of like fantasy fairies and cool little like creatures a methodological this spider I will Phoenix says I've noticed all these weird people you stream about are all in the UK yeah funny that more draconian laws more weird people's you know or it's like this Conan I was like kinda spider around like that as if it was like my past so creepy Motum botany side dog yeah we know you like timber you like I was so fucking obvious next you'll tell us that you watch Steven universe rag make which will shock me to my core and it just kept on evolving and evolving it just feels like it's like into my eye but anything for the look that could very well be giving me it could very well be blinding me but anything for a look you know whatever how does somebody fucking do this because that makeup job shit it's got to take a couple hours that a wiz division productions 202 dollar super check penny wise ain't got shit on this girl penny wise would be like fucking oh this fucking groupie bitch she just keeps coming around trying to honk my nose but anyway this has to take like hours to do like you know like sometimes it takes chicks a while to put on a regular makeup imagine how long it would take to put this shit on and you do this every fucking day like come on what's the point what's the point and notification is just like when you have no sexual organs or at least that you can see right now I'm wearing a binder just to give off more of like they're like alien genderless look I'd like to I'm totally genderless even though I'm wearing a fucking skirt and I have a long blonde hair and I have the appearance of a fucking woman I'm genderless I'm genderless wear it more on my off days but it does get quite damaging for your ribs one day hopefully I'll have surgery just to be like completely like nothing look how vicious production says there is no point J she's a dog chasing cars she wouldn't know what to do with Lorna she's caught it this is um people think that if you're looking like this that you just are in some fantasy world and not having a job and you don't do real life stuff Mary and Jesus yeah oh my god Sakaya Dillard brings up a good point genderless equals not male it seems like every single fucking time that's just what it is just like just not male does not a man is equals genderless I can't stand that shit cuz you don't see her in boy clothes or just wearing something that has nut like just something completely completely shapeless with no Oh Xavier Pena she's probably the babysitter of the free-range kids while the parents have a date night feeling life but you have to as much as you don't want to and that's just like the reality of it these my weapons I'd like to like I would like to have a lot more I wanted to get everything you saw some stuff again they're really expensive I wanted to hang this above my bed like that but then I realized if it fell like it would probably kill me it's not allowed I know weapons on the lot God willing the fuck is it this is Almo he's blind or mostly blind give me away from this bitch pancake wake up I'm not really blind it's pretend like she's not there mean and obviously I'm just trying to go and do my thing it's I don't really want all the attention oh you don't you just said you liked when we were okay Christ Christ Christ all the attention really obviously I'm just trying to go and do my thing it's I don't really want all the attention well obviously I'm just trying like that kind of contradicts what you said in the beginning when you said you liked when people were afraid of you that's a kind of attention then being afraid of you so yeah you're full of shit go and do my thing it's I don't really want all the attention I met a lot of my friends from a line one of them salvia we met electro works that looks like one of those fucking motherfuckers from that South African rap group I can't fucking remember the name of it I can't remember the name of them but they were in that movie chappie I forgot the fuck was fuck it but yeah this is it looks like someone it looks like someone fucking shaved what's her name oh god my brain did the work I already forgot a goddamn name Jesus I'm fucking my brain is gone that one actress fuck it fuck it well no no she looks like Cate Blanchett right she looks like someone tried to shave Cate Blanchett's head and like like she asked for the the gene Hackman 5 head and they were like say no more fuck it's a club in London when the body reads a body that's just no choice but to become besties Westies definitely it's helped with my anxiety a lot I remember before I started doing this even taking a pitch like in public would be like oh my god don't anyone see they're taking a picture of me now I think being so outrageous in this element up to me to not be afraid I don't think I'll ever stop I paint myself with cake frosting when I'm like 17 before I die I want to just like try everything tilda swinton Thank You Courtney – Wow Courtney in a while thank you that's the fucking person I was talking about damn fucking Tilda Swinton like why do and and be inspired by it most of all is lovely find your own thing before anything because obviously we don't like coffee oh Jesus awful this is simply awful yes that one is in that bad like yeah she's an attention whore and yeah like I said she look she looks like she wears like smarty dust on her face being there it's cringe but it's not like terrible it could have been worse oh wait the next one plastic surgeon creates his ideal wife this one is kind of creepy I saw like a few seconds of it and it's from also from Barcroft TV I can't stay away from these motherfuckers and he's everything weird that could ever exist is on that fucking Channel okay does Jesus Christ can you take a day off yeah like I said this one is plastic surgeon creates his perfect wife and I'm sure this will not come off creepy or abuse or emotionally abusive in the slightest I'm sure of it totally normal healthy people totally owe his vision production says I feel like when you're this deep down the rabbit hole it's impossible to come back they probably have to commit to this lifestyle at this point I mean the embarrassment wouldn't be unbearable I mean it says they made a video about furries yeah I know I'm not trying to fuck that no I'm staying away from that shit Oh how's this for being body conscious plastic surgeon David Matlock yeah he looks like he's bit off a few nipples in his day his ideal woman using plastic surgery he looks like a fucking foot he looks like a cast member from what was that movie there's a thing about the Johnsons or keeping up with the Johnsons some shit it's just weird it's just weird this is weird all black cast short film on YouTube I'm not gonna tell you what it's about it's a real fucking downer I couldn't stop thinking about it after a while but yeah he looks like the father from that romeo's he's driving yourself and wife Veronica to have perfect bodies through surgery he performs and a grueling daily diet and workout routine Veronica met David when she came to him for a vaginoplasty after he came to her when she wanted her pussy pasted up she won her pussy what's that word pussy plaster rubella but David offers more he says would you be interested in a Wonder Woman makeover I'm like what's that like lipo of the chain and the arms and the thighs and that that that that the you know Sicilian but she opted for everything I suggested again oh my god that's awful I let's go to 43 I wish I could zoom in on my face I even married hmm-hmm this fucking gremlin it is hilarious because like Plastic Surgeons not all of them but some of them are like fucking car salesmen some of them are not fucking ethical look they're gonna like yeah you want this – you want that – you wanted to they'll play on your your insecurities to get you to get more shit because it's not like they're surgeons they're not like surgeon surgeons who like help people they're just they're just like gonna cut you up and like stretched and shit you know they don't have to be ethical they don't really have to be to ethical you know so I and you married this nigga he probably built in some kind of fucking Frankenstein's Frankenstein's like like Bride of Frankenstein shit in his basement right now mummifying chicks skinning them preserving this preserving the skin and getting it laminated and patching it together make it some Freak woman in his basement right now she wouldn't know any better because her dumb ass fell for the money in a crane his his charming try his charm his charming try his charming debonair Dracula smile rich successful could have any woman he wanted well I mean only a hood like this face be damned he could he fucking propose on the first fucking date he's creepy there's something off about him he's psycho nobody doesn't especially a fucking dude they're not gonna propose on the first date it's then David has performed a number of procedures on Veronica I had the laser vaginal rejuvenation liposuction of multiple areas Brazilian poignant Asian yeah your stomach is it I can see the doctor in I can just see him in the doctor's office like yeah your saddlebags here I would kiss you here but it's kind of wrinkly you might want to get rid of that you know I could get ya monthly allowance could go in these these I could fit a monthly allowance underneath these you know these this spare tire on your waist and are you start a relationship based on that how does like he's seen like he's sat you down and sold you all this shit like yeah if you don't get this shit you're gonna look like like dog shit anyway you want to get dinner for him in his quest for perfection they've just been under the knife several times himself using techniques he designed like state of the art fat implants yeah he been skipping leg day though look at me perfection my ass he got fucking black Barbie doll legs you ever seen a black Barbie doll like when those cheap ones you get from the dollar store those are his legs that's what his legs look like it's a veal fat implants into his biceps triceps calves and pecs to carve a perfect manly physique I just wanted to take my body to a point where I just would exercise and diet you just really couldn't you couldn't get it there like David Veronica has taken part in bodybuilding competitions and says our husbands pursuit of beauty keeps her motivated to always look her best he keeps herself looking good look I'm all for making sure you don't look like a dumpy mess you know like make sure you don't like lose the romance in a relationship but it's like y'all basically just fucking met you know basically just got together and like the first thing he did when he first saw like the first thing he did when he met he was like oh that chin not good not fucking good so therefore it's added pressure daughter Isabella who is knowing there's not really caught on to the fitness bug yet we're still working on Isabella getting her to be more accepting of being healthy you know that's it she's a fucking little girl and she's not fat so what the fuck I'm all about kids exercising but like oh but if they looks like they're getting a little unhealthy because you don't want them to die you don't want kids to get like because it's like there's a lot of childhood diabetes out there nowadays but like you don't if they're fine leave him the fuck alone towering she's getting healthy she says I know how people II doesn't taste good despite her parents obsession Isabella doesn't want plastic surgery I would never really want to get surgery because it's not really you like I want to be myself now David and Veronica spend a lot of time perfecting their appearance okay if he wants to perfect his fucking apparent he needs to redo his whole face got the creepiest fucking face he looks like a fucking character from a Jordan from a Jordan Peele movie the creepiest black man I'm sorry what he does I'm all about striving for perfection well fucking fucking bandsaw your entire face off you got to read you you have to redo all that David is one of America's top experts for male cosmetic surgery and many body brothers go to oh my god it's gonna get wood and we got those needles going into your face is so hard right now erect needles going into your face makes me erect fucking look at him is so disgusting I am hearing fat trans fat I can sculpt her out the biceps the triceps take the fat under ultrasonic guidance and inject it into the muscle okay I say hey I have it look at this feel this it's nice its natural and food is a big part of that obsession a lot of my business is fat doing liposuction all the time but I don't like fat you know so I'd be nice to tell people I watch my weight and I watch my wife's weight too nigga you crazy I watch my weight i watch my wife's weight – oh nothing creepy about what I just said totally not emotionally abusing my wife into you know making sure she stays super model ready every fucking day totally not doing that she looks at me and she's inspired yeah that's what it get the fuck out here wisdom is reproductions $5 Super chant we have the capability to build the world's first fully plastic woman Veronica will be that woman bendable shapeable flexible I mean if she looks like a fuck she looks like a roast chicken leg but even though David readily encourages Veronica's go under the knife she feels he loves her for who she is I know that David okay so why didn't y'all go out before the search reason why did he ask you out before that oh I am because when I walked into his office I was like about 20 pounds heavier and he said that when he saw me it was love at first sight for richer or poorer yes but yeah he loves her for who she is but if you get fat bitch you're out and Cassandra onto the stairs love at least she'll keep her figure slim you don't see the size I want to starve you bitch I'm sorry genuine genuinely looks like a character from a Jordan Peele movie I'm not even playing okay okay okay we got one more video and then we're gonna go to the articles I think that's a like the articles are more cringy than the videos which I didn't think that was possible but yeah but this one is yeah this one is pretty bad bitch okay okay this one is a slam poetry reading so yeah and it's a fat acceptance slam poetry reading so you know it's doubly but it's doubly terrible I haven't tackled slam poetry in a while since it's like a couple of years so this is gonna be wonderful it's called it's by Rachel Wiley and it's called and it's called the fat joke Oh Wiz Division productions said that last one was like a borderline Twilight Zone episode yeah oh my leg was just creepy creepy alright alright so this is the next one it's fat acceptance flood slam poetry get ready to die the old joke goes patient walks into the doctor's office says doctor it hurts when I move my arm like this what should I do and the doctor says so don't move your arm like that now that girl walks into doctor's office says doctor it hurts when I move my arm like this what should I do and the doctor says have you considered weight-loss surgery I'm pretty sure chiropractors or people who specialize within bones are different from oh the fuck you call it cardiac cardiac surgeons yeah you talk about two different fucking doctors but whatever anyway I'm sure doctors will tell the person with arm was an arm issue or ask him like okay so hot where you feel it at let's do some x-rays said uh look at in depth with why that's going on they're not just gonna be like oh just don't stop you're moving your arm like that then they wouldn't be earning their six figures a fucking year if they just did that so already your gelatin is quite deceptive fat girl walks into the doctor for a flu shot and gets a lecture about BMI fat girl walks into the doctor's with an earache and gets asked if she's ever eaten a salad fat girl walks into the know what weight would have to do with like flu shots or ear aches but a lot of fucking health risks health problems come with being obese and that's just something you're gonna have to fucking deal with you're gonna have to swallow it up like you do an entire gallon of Hawaiian Punch in two seconds a doctor's office with a spider bite and the doctor obsesses over how low her blood pressure is low for such a fat person anyway it's on checking it three times before he'll believe it forgets completely about the mass of purple spider venom they brought her here to begin with like I don't fucking believe you I don't believe that oh I go there was like little spider by the fucking doctors for a spider bite I have never in my life I've been bitten by spiders never gone to the doctor over a spider bite I just put on some fucking alcohol get a band-aid and I call it a fucking day unless it's a poisonous spider we're in which I have to fucking ask where do you live Australia goddamn these doctors I'd go there for one thing and they comment on my weight which is a huge health problem so yeah because they give a shit about you dying you motherfucker you fucking bullet oh you fucking Hellmann's jar of course that's what they're fucking paid to do if they let you walk out of there without any fucking counseling about your weights and how to lower it yeah they would that would be really fucking that negligent girl walks into the doctor's to ask about antidepressants and gets prescribed exercise instead because obviously her depression is because of her fact yeah I think I heard that like a being fat can alter can alter alter what oh my god I think it can alter your it can alter your mood like it can alter your um it can give you a hormonal imbalance if you're too fat or you have too much belly fat or whatever it can call it it can it causes it's it's it causes more it causes a higher risk in depression like what's the fight like yeah that's it's a fucking fact oh my god stop huffing stop huffing pixy stix and snorting pixie stix and fucking listen to these doctors when they tell you something and obviously fat bodies never exercise and stay fat fat girl walks into the doctor's office if you fucking exercise if you're if you exercise and you're fat and you stay fat is if you're not doing it that well you only exercise to not you that means you only exercise to like stave off death for like one day at a time you don't really do it because oh yeah I need to give her this weight so I can sustain my life by years you just do it day by day which is not the same fucking thing as exercising really excellent like doing like say lift like lifting your arm to your mouth for an hour a day is not exercise and being on an exercise bike for half an hour a day isn't sufficient fucking exercise just fucking lose come on come on okay wait if this chat is running a little slow it's running a little weird on my end so I got to have – oh no wait fuck see I don't know if he will restart the connection or not damn it I don't want to fuck anything up I have no fucking clue oh wait wait a minute I think I'll have to do is this he said no weirds going on with the chat damn it's oh I swear to fucking god I think a map just go without it for no no no hang on a second hang on a second guys I'm gonna get this together oh I can only interact with one thing at a time god damn it god I hate this fucking chat shit Oh you okay wait wait a minute guys I'm gonna do something I'm gonna open this in another window because I'm gonna be able to see you guys's comments and it just stalled for some reason I have no I I have no clue why do it do we do it do it okay here we go let's see okay all right all right oh why did I do that why oh wait there we go there we go fuck ok sorry guys I gotta work in ok I'm bad guys holy shit one follow-up appointment and the doctor says have you considered that weight loss surgery yet standard three month follow-up appointment and the doctor says have you considered that weight loss surgery yet I mean you've gotten to the point where you don't listen to shit about diet and exercise they're just like okay so surgery can you at least do fuck fucking that you fat bastard can you fucking at least do that Jesus Christ fat girl gets tired of constantly being diagnosed as fat so fat girl stops walking into the doctor's office fat girl stops walking period that's why she's fat oh god damn it fuck damned to exist that's to the doctor's office fat girl walks into the world and says world and you are not walking bitch why fat girl looks you are not walking can we please keep it real let's keep it 100 you're not walking anywhere it hurts to exist not even metaphorically because your brain hasn't gotten to work out either apparently this like this and the world says so stop existing like that fat girl walks through a world that would rather she sliced herself open than to exist as she does I bet you he asked you to fucking exercise multiple fucking times and just like and he just and he was just like as a last ditch effort for you to lose weight he was like surgery fucking surgery will you at least do that you roly-poly how side-effects be damned fat girl walks through a world overrun side-effects be damned face she sliced herself open than to exist as she does side-effects be damned like he's been played Oktar is pointed out at your side the side effects of being fat and you haven't listened to that anyway you guys Melissa haven't listened today you haven't listened to that shit either you want me to do this side effects be damned it's a lot better than the side effects you're feeling from that fucking trash bag and potato salad you're carrying around that girl walks through a world overrun with sidewalk doctors who claim to be concerned about her health side effects be damned I had to go fuck yourself then you claim concerned about my health and I'd hate to be that person that says some shit like that but like if you want to act like a cunt when someone like when someone points out the very real possibility that you will die very fast you want to be a twat then go fucking die because that's your only other option no one as big as you has lived to the age of fucking 60 and it ain't like not as big as you like I've seen fat six-year-olds but not that fucking big you're not gonna live that long and if you do you can have so many fucking problems like you realized though your bones are gonna get more brittle as you get older so imagine holding all that fucking weight on brittle bones that are already fucking wasting away it's not a good look it's not a good look sis fat girl walks into the world and still somehow manages to love her fat body and the world says stop glorifying obesity yeah basically yeah the fuck if you want people to stop glorifying like overly skinny anorexic looking chicks then stop then like this is this is the negative this is the inverse of that like this is the negative opposite of that don't stop pretending like it's not because it is you want little girls to stop looking at pictures of skinny chicks with the ribs poking out and thinking that's cool then you don't have the right to glorify your shit either because it's basically two sides like two sides of the same fucked-up coin fat girl walks into the world and says I do not owe you shrinking you know I do not owe you thinness attempted thinness or design weight I love the fact that I would love for my biggest problem to be people caring about whether or not I die I would love for that to be my biggest fucking complaints in life like all people care about me fuck them my doctors are trying to have me not dying there are people on the fucking Street who are concerned about me fucking dying which is how does that happen but uh I'm just gonna tell them to go fuck themselves and then when I'm on my deathbed suffering from one of the many diseases I'll have from my obesity I'm gonna and there's no one here to hold my hand as I slip away because I'm fucking alienated everyone I know over over a fucking a few fucking pounds yeah then I'm gonna say fuck the world okay we're back I believe my fucking internet again oh my god the fuck if it's still stuck though that's fucking weird okay hang on a second guys this one refresh to chat again Jesus Lord okay I think I said what I needed to say before the fucking internet went out let's continue now oh it's fucking chance oh that's why I gotta bring this over here now damn it uh jomama ten dollars super check keep doing that thing you do so well thank you yeah I have to bring it over here because that's the only way I'd be able to see this fucking chat alright let's let's let's keep let's keep it moving to assume thinness equals health for that matter I do thinness doesn't equal health but fatness doesn't contribute to health at all at least not good health it doesn't contribute to good health at all Oh in fact it's the fucking detriment to good health stop using issues excuse well it doesn't mean you're healthy either that it's not a fucking excuse for you hoovering fucking it's not an excuse for you hoovering Dunkin Donuts through a straw every fucking day you health perceived or otherwise to receive basic respect I am deserving of like someone telling it like your doctor telling you yet your arteries are clogged at this point you're pre-diabetic that's not disrespect you're just doing their job like just stop being a twat I am deserving to exist as I do just you don't deserve to exist well they should because you're an asshole please like being fat isn't a personality it isn't a personhood so I don't see what the fuck your gripe is you know I am deserving a first no harm done and the world says that is the best joke we've heard yeah that chick just heard it yeah free crab cakes her fellow manatees she's about to meet them in the ocean so they can flap together into the sunset yeah that was trash that was trash all right well I see now we're moving into the articles oh god now I'm acting maneuver or some shit to get this to work that's gonna be the real challenge okay well we got well we got well we got fuck oh alright hang on like I said to do some manoeuvring oh come on the fuck it's not stretching it's not stretching it's not stretching it's not straight Jim this is gonna be so confusing because I have to keep the chat open because it's not fucking working over here oh but we're like the article we're gonna get it but shits all discombobulated for some reason alright you know it hon let me close it okay guys I don't know if you guys are still there but this fucking browser is acting funny it's fucking with me and like I'm all discombobulated over here yeah hang on guys just hang on if you're still there hang on fucking fuck okay I think we're back I think we're good I think we're done with the bullshit yeah my browser like Chrome is acting up for some reason fucking hate chrome sometimes alright let's see if we can do this fucking finally shit's all about everything like fuckin works one minute and then doesn't work the next goddamnit what the hell is happening wait wait wait fucking backspace is power about my fucking Mouse Jesus Christ I am not restarting this stream so fuck it we're gonna have to deal with it oh this is bull fucking shit okay I'm have to shrink my thing just everything was in order and then something went wrong with my fucking mouse for some reason and it screwed up everything unless you look at that look at the fucking it's so like even OBS is fucked up it's so discombobulated it's not even shrinking my window correctly what the hell okay I'm gonna wait for you guys to get settled in oh yeah this is all out of work for some reason the fuck happened I'm sorry guys I have no fucking clue what the hell is wrong with this shit but we are decent right now and that's the best I can hope for at the moment like my mouse just went out of whack and now everything on OBS is screwed up but I think we can make it I think we're gonna make it I think we're good and my seat as you can see OBS is screwed up because you can't see my fucking face anymore for some reason Oh God anyway we're on the articles now and this one is ventures endgame event Avenger and adventures and games yeah I can barely Rita Avengers and games three hour run time is a stark reminder of Hollywood's hidden ableism oh I needed that laugh after what everything that went wrong in the past ten minutes for disabled Marvel fans the film's three hour runtime can feel daunting and inhibitory shut up by Felicity UMP sin' Melissa bitch the hype for avengers endgame has been felt deeply within fandom within fandom and on social media for months the massive record-breaking opening weekend box box office haul was a sheer indicator of the excitement for the film for many this movie represents a closing to a chapter but there is an unspoken stumbling block that may prevent some fans from participating in the cultural phenomenon in theaters the runtime of the film bullshit if a movie is good anyone will fucking see it then mattress three hours it's just like with Titanic I can sit through that shit no problem because it's just that fucking good some fans money to be recert through a bullshit you can and will below the long run time isn't a huge surprise this after all the conclusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is infinity saga and some of our favorite heroes juries are expected to come to an end some fans even celebrate the hefty lengthy IFT lengthy some fan some fans even celebrate the hefty length hefty lengthy is that keep almost saying it because it's so the words are kind of similar and how you say it have D links I don't know whatever what I'm is savoring every last moment with the Avengers as we know them for disabled fans however particularly those whose those whose disabilities interfere with their bladder control the runtime can feel daunting and inhibitory whatever look I sympathize with you you were dealt a shitty hands like you can't walk or whatever or you got some really debilitating it sucks but it's not ableism like they think the filmmakers went out of their fucking way to stick it to disabled people like how are you crippled bastard try to get up now cuz you know you you know you love this shit bitch and you but you know you love pissing more we got you down cripple oh god dammit see see what I'm saying in my mouth it's all screwed up I accidentally on instinct went to them the mouse wheel and it went back Wow god this is gonna be hell for the next what hour okay weird I love it okay okay disability within fandoms and in Hollywood is constantly overlooked whether that's in connection to casual tweets to just deal with the runtime and hold your pee until the credits or in regards to broader accessibility and inclusion issues such as limited limited or no captioning made available to disabled moviegoers the stark ableism of such remar discounts the predicament disabled fans are faced with and makes them feel invisible and isolated in spaces they occupy I'm betting this fucking bitch didn't talk to one disabled person or if she's a disabled person like you just one person no one is fucking says shit like there have been swear movies that have been long as shit movies in general I never heard of this disabled ISM that Hollywood Hollywood is perpetuating I've never heard of this been plenty of two-and-a-half-hour movies three-hour movies never heard I think it's just you bitch as in the case of end game longer run times bring the serf to the surface the discussion of P maths of course it's a hashtag a hashtag created and used by the disability community over the past few years P maths is calculating how long we can be out and about or in this case sitting in a dark Theater before we may need a bathroom break I can't stand it when everyone calls themselves a fucking community like Oh your backs broken my back's broken too we're a community like the BDSM community like stop calling yourselves a community I know you want to feel less alone and you want to share experiences but it's not a fucking community because that would imply you all think the same and you all want the same exactly the same fucking things you don't because like I said I haven't heard of this shit until now Hollywood ableism against stop making long movies because crippled people can't hold their peace I gotta use a colostomy bag shit being vulnerable to kidney infections being vulnerable to kidney infections I drink a lot of water roughly ten glasses a day in addition I have high blood pressure and take a diuretic among my other medications okay so you have kidney infections you have to drink a lot of water okay but so just leave the fucking leave the fucking theater to go take a piss and come back I understand how hard it is so you're not crippled you just have like kidney problems go take a piss but I might miss something important that's not so okay who cares if your health is more important than a fucking movie that's what this all comes down to we got fucking not like we got fucking us what's the word I want to use we have really liked narcissistic and superficial ideologues who just Oh marvelous marvelous life and I can't miss anything Marvel and Marvel related but I also have to do this thing otherwise I'll get kidney poisoning or like kidney failure and die but marvelous life and I don't know like yeah that's that's the kind of like vapid asshole you're dealing with here they don't want to choose between their Marvel and their health McCann it's such a struggle for them to choose between the two medications um janae M tells mtv news I have time I have to time log events such as concerts plays movies just right so I'm not comfortable so I'm not uncomfortable also I don't see you bitching about fucking concerts that are usually like really crowded and really inaccessible for even regular people to get through to use the background see you complaining about that but it's only on a trending topic that is really monitor monetizable right now it's always something you can pitch up out and monetize at the same fucking time so that means it's not really an issue it's just some shit you want a bitch about to make a couple of dollars on ad revenue for your article that's about it cuz I don't hear you talking about concerts I hear you talk about concerts operas play they're like a couple hours long choo so you know whatever for janae having no access to a restroom over to ours requires altering her medication schedule and limiting liquid intake for four or five hours prior to the event to the event those bare though that whole oh my god see my mouth moves faster than my brain or my brain moves faster than my mouth I haven't I don't know it's so funny soon as I see something I start talking those barriers weren't going up to stop her from seeing endgame in theaters but did require her to carefully map her schedule so like she does everything every fucking thing else what makes it special oh yeah you just bitching about something that's a trending topic you asshat an effort to minimize her discomfort and maintain as much of her wellness routine as possible janay resolved to attend a 7:45 a.m. screening which would allow her to halt her liquid intake starting at 7:00 p.m. the night before the night before and wait until the movie oh wait and wait until after the movie to take her morning pills so it seems like you had everything on lock so what the fuck expecting disabled people or anyone for that matter to hold their pee for three hours is exclusionary what bitch come on or any I love how that they added or anyone oh yeah thank you for being inclusive and taking about the able-bodied and how we can hold our piss to watch a fucking movie and we all fucking complain but thank you for being inclusive thank you sister particularly when you add into the equation the full dynamics of the movie-going experience which which includes not well or which include not just the length of the film itself but also the customary mid and post credits scenes and the concessions a movie goer looks forward to consuming again if you ever fucking thoughts getting off your ass to use the bathroom while the movie is playing have you fucking considered that having spina bifida does affect the bladder and if I'm going to a movie theater I'm likely to use the bathroom before a movie starts at a theater drew see said but if a movie is over for two hours long and I buy myself a medium or large drink for myself the chances of needing to use the bathroom are pretty good then get up off your ass and go to the fucking bathroom what's it what's what's the discussion let me look at the chair I quit cuz I know y'all are fuckin neglected right now see look at this shit I have to fucking oh Jesus Christ yeah sorry I can't lift it up because it's gonna go the fucking wheel is gonna go to the next fuckin page so I can only read when I'm shot what I'm being shown in front of me some time alone says this author is really taking the piss out of Marvel actually because it's a monetizable trending topic and that's about it also time alone says she didn't want any spoilers to be leaked pretty much um ad t1 1:6 says how do these sorts of websites even stay afloat I can't imagine trash getting a lot of traffic well thanks to jackasses like me who like want to jump in and talk about it and take the piss out of it like it does get a little traffic but so yeah by itself it would never get any traffic people would people would like look at it and be like scroll and just say go fuck yourself and go scroll past it simply chase is now holding in P oppression okay yeah basically Wiz division production is like oh my god these people Oh a some time alone says the film's length was really draining the penis goes beyond just timing out your bathroom breaks it also includes the time it takes to get to an accessible restroom in a society where public restrooms are not always accessible as a legally should be every fucking restroom I've ever been to has had one of those big-ass handicapped bathrooms like the movie theater I go to has one or does it hang on a second let me think you haven't been to that bathroom in a while it's been a while since I've been to the movies for example some accessible restrooms are deemed as such just for their installed grab bars but movie goers who use mobility aids encounter problems as soon as they leave the stall where they come upon sinks with handles and soap dispensers that are out of reach but at least those people are able to get into a salt into the into the stall in the first place yeah I heard a weird fucking noise I'm freaking out I think Skynet's taking over my shit more often than not I've encountered able-bodied people using these stalls which makes the wait longer drew said adding that use of the accessible stalls has become so commonplace that most people don't even recognize the hold up there causing honestly fucking like when I've used them there's never been like lines of crippled people outside like don't you know that our spines don't work I'm never like I never feel guilty about using the accessible like music like getting parking into a handicapped space I understand it because there's only like a few there's usually only like a few but using me like the handicapped bathroom I never feel bad about that because I've never like opened up the door and like oh there's someone in a fucking wheelchair like I should have got I guess I should have gotten early you done I've never encountered that problem this is what happens when you think just because you're in a community means there's like oh there's like basically billions of us that exist like that it's like a few of you and I'm not saying like a cripple people like cruel people aren't going out or people with disabilities aren't going out on the regular or because there's so little of them and they their their experiences don't matter I'm just saying like the way this person frames disabled people's like oh you know we can't possibly get up during the fucking movie and use a bathroom like a normal person out of all the times I've gone to the movie theaters in my teens and early 20s I've only ever ever had one able-bodied person come out of the stall look at me directly and apologize for using the accessible stall I mean well yeah they're getting out I mean like that's good that's that even for able-bodied people like if you're taking up a stall after all of them are full and someone's waiting for you like why they don't apologize to them I mean I get it you need to use it and then you need to use the accessible stalls but it's like anyone else like I'm taking up a stall and I'm and I'm leaving and it's freeing up for you now I don't think they need to apologize for that but okay I don't think that's necessary I mean it's fine if they do it but I just don't think apology is necessary some have some have suggested to adding intermissions to longer movies like in game could be the solution fucking if you're gonna miss something dismiss it your health it's not worth your fucking health but like I said you've got these really superficial people who put marvel over everything even their own fucking hell like no you need to adjust it to my you need to adjust it to my to my needs I'm sorry I couldn't easily just I don't know not take this movie that fucking say really where I would debilitate my health for it but none more Ville needs to adhere to me like fucking stop it which nothing gonna do as soon as there's some intermissions they're gonna put at mid rolls and adds in the middle of these fucking movies and um I know people aren't gonna be people aren't gonna tolerate that because people go to the movies to not see commercials so you know let's just not do that at all Oh solution and that might be one piece of the puzzle but members of the community still have concerns if a film is over three hours and includes an intermission I will bet you anything lines to the bathroom will be long and wheelchair users like myself will have to wait longer since we have fewer choices of accessible Souls like yeah dumbass exactly I love how they debunk their own fucking solutions in their own article it's hilarious that that's fucking hilarious the reality is that there is no one solution because everyone's needs are diverse this is particularly so with the disabled community what works for one person may not work for others but that does not mean we shouldn't try to create various ways to ensure that everyone feels included in the movie-going experience okay so you basically come up with one fucking solution and it was bullshit cuz you debunked it you debunked it a fucking sentence later you've got no solutions oh my god oh fuck you fuck you I was not done reading that yet oh wait there we go but I hate I hate websites like that where you scroll down and it goes to the next article I hate that I want to be able to have a choice at least ask me like would you like to go through the next article but no you just scroll and it just like fucking ghost in this PowerPoint presentation like nigga I didn't ask for this um okay access and availability or key issues that affect disabled people daily and they can only be reserved and they can only be reserved resolved if they're part of the mainstream consciousness otherwise an important consumer base will continue base will continue be stymied okay I think they men continue to be stymied from engaging in massive cultural moments such as any cultural like stop it stop using the significance of Marvel films and like and their effect on pop culture as an excuse to be a whiny bitch like stop it I want to be supportive something significant like end game get the fuck out of here get up and go get up and go use the fucking bathroom in the middle of the movie like everyone else the disable the disabled community has raised its the disabled community has raised its its concerns with the intention to be heard will this be the time the world's largest minority group stop it fucking stop it really stop it not everyone can be black okay not everyone can be could be can be lynched and has their own slavery okay this is not the time for that stop it the world's largest minority group is taken seriously or will we be dismissed by the industry once again and I know this fucking thing minority group does not mean oppressed group it just means you are a minor group in society which we say just means there are not that many of you that's what the fuck it means it doesn't mean oppressed group it just means your group of people that ain't that many of that's what it means so I'm front is like jazz it up fucking bullshit okay now the guys to the next thing I have to get it from here because oh god I hate this shit I have to restart my computer after the stream is done because this is oh okay I want to do that that article teacher decides second grader is trans because he uses the staff bathroom oh and then there's medical textbooks overwhelmingly use pictures of young white men yeah you know what that'll be next that'll be next that's next on the docket fuck that oh it's from Vice of cars cars and of course this nightmare feel they have over here okay now let me get this set up situated okay seems like to move this over can I move over okay there we go there we now there we go okay okay medical textbooks overwhelmingly use pictures of young white men that's that's the next the next cringe article we have we have we're gonna be tackling you shouldn't have a 20 year old with coronary artery or what you shouldn't have a 20 year old with coronary artery disease and how the fuck do you know these pictures are of young white men and another white guess somebody some of them are usually like just pictures of inside the body and that's about it again they have the ones like the ones above where it's like half their face but it doesn't matter why does it matter to you it doesn't fucking you shouldn't fucking matter oh you can see this little I don't know like this little hazy one this will hazy this little hazy piece of text here it's rare to see women and people of color in medical textbooks is rare to see women in medical textbooks that sound smells like bullshit umm researcher Rhiannon Parker says illustration something I think should probably be here there are lots of conversations about the lack of divert oh my god but the lack of diversity in science and tech these days in response people constantly ask so what why does it matter yeah there are many ways to answer that question but but perhaps the easiest is because a homogeneous team produces homogenous products for every heterogeneous world that's not an answer that's the problem that's the mean that's your thats your problem but like it's not really an answer to that question like what does it matter well because it's really homogeneous but like do white people have different organs than black people two white people have different heart structures I don't think so this is design bias a motherboard column in which writer rows Eveleth discovers the products research programs and conclusions made not necessarily because any designer or scientist or engineer sets out to discriminate but but because to them the normal user always looks exactly the same the result is a world that's biased against design get the fuck out of here if you were legit triggered by a fucking like basically a just a factory model of the human body I feel sorry for you I really do like how do you get through the fucking day I think diseases or a rickety rickety joints at least your fucking problems before it was a television show Grey's Anatomy was a textbook yeah that that fucking show that fucking show tarnished tarnish that book forever I can't believe they used that name for that show because there couldn't be any they couldn't be any more different if they tried published in 1858 Grey's Anatomy spelled with an A quickly became the gold standard in medical illustration featuring detailed diagrams of everything from the tiny bones in the hand to the internal structure of the eye Grey's Anatomy is still in print today in its 41st edition but if you open the book but if you open the book up and flip through the pages you might notice something or really the dearth of something the dearth or something I never heard that fucking expression women and it turns out it's not just Grey's Anatomy that has this problem almost all medical textbooks are heavily biased towards depicting male bodies yeah and I bet you guys get so fucking wet over that shit in 2014 Rhiannon Parker a researcher at the University of Wollongong whoa whoa local in Australia of course it's Australia wallah gong yeah I came yeah I can't do an Australian accent to save my life set out to quantify just how bad that bias actually is by analysing more than 6,000 images from 17 anatomy textbooks published between 2018 and 2013 Parker and her colleagues found that only 36 percent of the anatomical images with it within an identifiable sex were female when I said like who fucking who gives a shit or maybe because they don't show hair in medical textbooks because that doesn't really fucking matter they just show the inside of the fucking body so they could it could be just you probably just can't fucking tell because there's no hair I don't know even I love how they show no fucking pictures um even more discouraging is the results weren't all that different from a study done in 1994 in which 32 percent of images represented female female bodies I expected there to be a much bigger improvement on representation who gives a shit about this you guys like this guy he money in it for these fucking people because who is this fucking who's wrapped up who is this wrapped up in his bullshit not all books were equally biased general Anatomy second edition had the highest proportion of male bodies at five-to-one while human anatomy and physiology 9th edition was the only textbook to have the same proportion of male and female bodies Grey's Anatomy for students a condensed version of Grey's Anatomy has nearly three times more men as women see that's the thing not like I think why they only have a few a few men as opposed to a lot of women a few women as opposed to a lot men is because women have specific fucking body issues but it's not like yeah we have a uterus we have a uterus we have different sex organs you should like that muscle mass and all that but it's not that like it's not that fucking serious it's not a facility we got a few more things few more things in men but blood but blood like other like more important organs like the heart the stomach and I legit in intestines and the brain we don't need it doesn't sometimes they don't need to be look look like women or in order for them to be studied I mean well there are female brains there are but that's more of uh that's probably where like I said like certain like if I cut when it comes to gender or studying gender in biology and Anatomy you'll probably see it it'll probably be a lot more equal general Anatomy mm-hmm I mean you see right there one like this one is specifically catered to Anatomy had an equal amount of men and women which makes sense because there's gonna be you know there's gonna be a whole fuckin chapter on genitals and have those like how men's Anatomy different differs from women the textbook with the worst ratio was edited solely by men interestingly the editors of human anatomy the textbook was parody our Elaine in Marietta Mary Ann Mary Ann whatever and kochia hoenn cut your horn her name is Katja Cohen as in I caught caught you hoenn caught you Hoenn hilarious this what makes me think this is a joke article kochia hoenn come on now I caught you hoeing with that girl from the anatomy books both women while the textbooks with the worst ratio was at its editing solely by solely by men Madeline Hyde the vice president for content and education at Elsevier LSV wherever the fuck else EE else whatever which publishers which publishes several top Anatomy books including Grey's Anatomy said they are trying more and more to be as balanced as possible with our textbook images because we gotta cater to these fucking put pussy ass kids but pussy ass babies of today they just can't handle that they can't see themselves and everything all the time every day like this fucking narcissist but then again this might be just these fucking people who complain about this there's really no one in real life that actually cares we take gender and racial diversity seriously obsessing the gender thing I kind of gets the gender thing I kind of get I kind understand it but the race thing why it doesn't make any sense the race thing is stupid I'm sorry but it's 100% stupid I don't give a damn is dumb cuz like like people usually say our differences are skin deep or whatever you know so if we all look the same on the inside what the fuck you need to why the fuck do we need rate racial representation in medical books it makes no sense in some cases showing a female body makes sense if the content is specifically about female health but Parker found that even in cases where there is no reason to show one sex or another men are more likely to be depicted as the normal body it doesn't mean normal not normal just like I wouldn't say default anyway yeah but like men are more they're not their bodies aren't like if it was just men they wouldn't have their bodies wouldn't look that specifically they're only special but male bodies are only distinction Abul because we have women because women exist if it was all men they just looked like at–look average same thing goes for women they wouldn't be distinction Abul to anyone if there was only women on earth and I think that's the thing that's what men just look at lights and stick figures all look the fucking same like the men and women symbols like we need like the men and women's symbols on restrooms the men always always like just boxing is an average-looking it's basically the same logic here because men just look so average when it was it they just look like figures you know when you take out the body and personality and the region they live in and race they just like they're just a thing like this is a lousy like that but they're just a figure to be used as reference that's it like fuck it's not that deep this lines up with previous research from 1992 that found that even when it comes to medical in yeah even when it comes to medical imagery around reproduction men outnumbered women in textbooks 2.5 to 1 oh yeah I'm pretty sure what does a reproduction and you have to learn about vulvas and vaginas a uterus says thank you as men as a model for that now women I love how they use no fucking images for this example they don't use any they don't show you like oh yeah this is this is man in a woman's health book with a uterus and this is how bias they are kids women they don't what do you want us books but now of course they have no examples now like we're coming up to a picture now but I don't know what that is like well we'll get to that once we get through these paragraphs for the Anatomy titles that do not solely focus on surgical Anatomy interior rather than X rather than exterior we do our best to provide images of diverse subjects Hyde said in her email when possible we try to replace older images of rare clinical conditions as a provider of a significant volume of global health content we try more and more to be as balanced as possible with our textbook images Parker who also saw other trends in her data sets even though she was looking for images where the body being depicted might be identified by readers as male or female whether by genitalia or traditional gender markers she also found that bodies were also overwhelmingly white slim and young of the images of women she did fine 86% of them were white compared to 76 percent identify identifiably male bodies okay medical students who saw gender biased images were more likely to show implicit gender bias any of these look like men to you this is what I'm saying you would think these were men but blank you really wouldn't think they were men either he just look like figures they're figures they have no dicks they have no fucking dicks they don't have muscle mass this why everyone's fucking fat and slovenly nowadays because everyone goes like oh like people like this who read vice and social justice warriors and all that they want to be all gender neutral that's why they're all getting fat because they don't want to have any muscle mass to identify themselves as male that's why we've cracked the code people we cracked the code but is it like these are four just figures these are not but it's that's the thing that's why they use male figures though because they don't have really any identifiable like cuz they're not gonna show a dick unless they have to unless it calls for it but they're just figures like get over it male bodies are almost all that male bodies are almost always muscular while female bodies are drawn thin only two point four seven percent of the images the team analyzed depicted visibly disabled bodies and only 2.2 percent of the textbooks images to pick hello again fucking Internet I can't wait to be somewhere with better internet I think we're bad guys at least we should be all right let's get back to this yep okay you guys are back okay and let's get back to this horseshit Oh God scrolls them okay Parker has also researched the impact of the image Parker has also researched the impact the images might have on medical students in a survey of four 456 Anatomy students studying at the School of Medicine at the University of Wollongong in 2018 she found that the disparity in bodies didn't affect their implicit bias their explicit bias okay but it increased their scores on implicit bias tests that measure more subtle attitudes like okay basically they're saying oh well they didn't they don't really hate women like they're not racist or sexist but we read it we like we read between the lines of what they said and we discovered that they were racist and sexist anyway basically like we we just over analysed what they said and kind of like read too much into it based on our own biases and so now they have biases because of our biases basically and that's basically what that means people know what they should be saying what they should be thinking when it when it comes to gender to some shion's Parker said but that doesn't stop the insidious impact of biased images that way they normalize certain images and body types you can't necessarily stop that from impacting your biases they don't have biases what they do have Isis fucking this backwards there is plenty of research to suggest that bias is held by doctors have real negative impacts on patients coronary heart disease is seen as a male disease Parker said another found that many textbooks don't address the differences in the way coronary heart disease presents and women opting to show only men which could contribute to women being misdiagnosed at a higher rates than men it's not just coronary heart disease either Parker notes that fatphobia MOOC suck Harry fucking go Parker notes effect I was waiting for it to get here I was waiting for the F word and they finally got there among among doctors leads to people not seeking a medical attention when they need it and that black women in America are three times more likely to die in childbirth and white women which many experts say is largely largely due to dr. bias against black women what fucking bias you're just two black get the fuck out oh my god you're just so black I just can't give you penicillin get the fuck out black black women have boy have doctors have biases against black women are you going to explain or show any metrics um show many studies that support your bullshit claim no anyway even beyond the bias it could engender depicting the same body over and over again as white male and athletic isn't the best way to teach future doctors I think we fall into ok Jesus Christ we're back again oh my god we're back again no it's a fucking agency fucks up again I'm gonna rip your dick off of sylvania mouth oh my god ok let's get back to this shit oh just making sure you guys are back I hope you are this is this shit fucks up again I swear I'm gonna fuckin go nuts thank you guys for hanging on despite these fucking problems I don't know why the fucking Mouse and now the Internet it's pissing me off but let's let's just power through this oh that's right I was gonna say I got my train of thought these are the same motherfuckers these are motherfuckers will say up and down the same people who say there is no physical difference between men and women absolutely none we're all I have the same but we have the same fucking bodies same amount of muscle mass because mostly because of like the trend you know the trans saying trans people wanted to want to they want to compete in in like physical contests and sports events of like the gender that they present is and they're trying to like oh no no there's nothing different there's no difference between female and male bodies well this fucking a whole article contradicts that here's all why don't you have any female presenting bodies why don't have any female bodies in medical books okay so why but I thought there was no difference between men and women female and female bodies so now you're saying there is that's a funny dance it's how we try to have it both ways how we try to like get over on fucking on people and you have they have certain opinions oh depending on whatever the fuck they're talking about that day they can never be fucking consistent in this bullshit okay stock image sites and online medical resources fall into the same trap Gregory was recently recently asked to do a series of medical illustrations for anatomy class and Mount Sinai to depict breast health the professor had gotten random images off Google she said which mostly showed a very specific kind of breast perky white mostly with implants are you fucking serious you're telling me they showed medical they went on google looked up medical was it called again well they said random images off Google they didn't say like specifically medical recent Lola let's let's do our little test I don't know if this will work because like I said my keyboard yep it's not gonna work fuck yeah I think we're just gonna have to yeah I'm gonna like go into Google and do a little experiment to see if it actually works we can't do that today guys I'm sorry my shit is all fucked up but anyway but fuck that you're telling me they they showed specifically a fucking model like the female like a rent like an average female by female body out of a medical text with fucking implants inside they were perky so of course they look like a implant like I imagine being caddy imagine being caddy over a fucking medical picture of a woman Navin a real woman not even like an actual cartoon character it's just like a fucking female form in a book and men imagine getting caddy like that Oh her breasts are so perking white obviously implants Oh God so gauche imagine how fucking how much Oh a mental midget you have to be that's Wow they're like these little balls on your chest most people don't have breasts like that you ever see that's what they do to run tests for you get mammograms and you get people do MEC like when you go into a doctor's office they do measurements on you to like just to decipher like how to treat how best to treat you they don't date you know they just don't go off books right that's not their primary that's not their prime that's not their primary that's it's like you're talking about some old-school 1800 shit like they would just get a book and be like ah you don't look like that go look looks like I'm gonna have to throw some leeches on you and call it a day no they fucking measure you they measure you they weigh you to it so I can know how best to treat you yeah they just don't golf books you morons all right so Gregory created an illustration of an elderly breast instead it collapsed with the nipple facing down she said that students in the course were much more likely to encounter breast it looked like hers like her illustrations and once commonly depicted in books or stock images oh yeah because a lot of fucking Americans are obese and have those those titties honestly like all obese chicks have to like those titties it look like sad but they look like that like they're sad and depressed but I'm just saying like yeah if you treats a lot of real women quotation marks because that's what they like to call women like that who are like extremely overweight and have depressed titties like orangutan titties that like sometimes they're not always healthy that's probably why they're at the doctor's anyway you know whatever I take time for people to say I should use diverse skin tones maybe someone in a wheelchair it's just like just farting this it's just fart all this shit how much we got left and sometimes illustrators are explicitly told not to include certain types of bodies why and where did you get this room Parker said that in her research she heard stories of from illustrators who reported being asked not to show female nipples unless the illustration had something to do with breasts oh oh that's so fucking insidious so in cities oh don't include breasts unless it's completely necessary to what the book is centered on there's like standard shits there's not insidious or sexist in any fucking way shape or form oh my god that's that's so fun what the fuck no wonder um what was the company that bought Feist was a Disney it was one of those major corporations that bought Vice no wonder that like that no one did their backtracking and saying no wonder they're backpedaling is saying this was a bad business investment we got to drop these months like we're losing money this is just empty this is like an empty space in our fucking corporation we are making nothing off this by using past books as examples illustrators are also perpetuating the bias Frank neder the father of medical illustration his work is 100 percent white people said Gregory it's a matter of not being lazy thinkers and starting to be like I shouldn't just default the same skin tone but what is the point of using different races there is none it doesn't add to anything this is exacerbated by the fact that the majority of medical illustrators are white people 85% of people who responded to an association of medical illustrators survey in 2018 identify identified as such a problem with the Association started tackling a head on a few years ago with a special Diversity Committee which Gregory is a member of well too many white people are smart and get into your corporate get into your organization that's just wrong hi are a bunch of unqualified darkies so I can sleep at night that's basically that's basically what they're saying because it's not like they fucking exclude people of color just for the hell of it and expand more experience than anybody in the room that anybody in their fucking organization it's just sometimes they don't come up so either they don't make the cut like other people like any white person might not make the cut it's just like sometimes not just sometimes it's not exclusion sometimes certain like certain races of people don't gravitate towards towards certain fucking professions sometimes sometimes it's just as simple as that the solution lies in the hands of publishers and illustrators Gregory said that it's crucial to explain to people working in the field why this bias is harmful it's really about awareness it takes time for people to say oh right I should use different skin tones maybe someone in a wheelchair different kinds of people I'm sorry but it hasn't a fucking affected anybody you're a liar come on but it's a I as a black person who goes to get their monthly diabetes medication i I see like their dusty poster from the 1980s of a white guy I can just tell it's a white guy for some reason even though they he has no skin I could just tell and I just get so triggered by that and my diabetes starts acting up and my insulin goes through the roof and I die and that's just not OK like get the fuck out of here the show how does it affect anybody stop it but are things really but are things getting better Parker Parker isn't so optimistic she points out that doctors have a really rigid idea of what a healthy body looks like and that's a hard thing to change no I don't think it's changing she told me I do think that maybe the gender disparity is slowly changing but the intersections of ethnicity and body type I don't think they're being paid attention to and are getting worse like I said doctors measure you they measure you I mean even fucking you go to Victoria's Secret for bras they fucking measure you to make sure they know what they're dealing with to make sure they know what kind of brought to give you it likes you so you think doctors offices don't do shit they fucking measure you they weigh you they make sure they know what their fuck they fuck they're dealing with it's right like I love it because it's not just we're not just denying science we're do we're just gonna make doctors look incompetent as fuck when we know everything because we know everything because we know that these pictures don't represent all oh it doesn't represent all colors we have no scientific proof to back up that people are dying because of this are being misdiagnosed because of this we have no proof not really that that these pictures are directly involved in that we have no proof but we're gonna say it Lavin proud bitches Gregory on the other hand sees progress even if it's even if it's been slow she says that even she has changed her methods around this issue for years 10 or 15 years ago I was maybe throwing something in for the heck of it but now every time I approach the illustration I think about how I can't include diversity in my images between that and recruiting a more diverse set of illustrators in the field Gregory has hopes that things will get better and also if like women and men's bodies are so different then all right now I had an argument but I lost it because it didn't really make any sense but yeah this is just such a nothing burger like really and I love how like these are the same people who will tell you up and down there's no such thing as gender disparity there's no such there's no such thing as gender differing from each other like there's no choice and there's no the gender differences don't exist men and women are exactly the same that's why trans people can trans people can compete and in different sporting and in contact defense and be perfectly fine because what men and women are all the same I love how they completely ruined that fucking thing they've been popping out for the Pat for the past few years okay we're gonna do one more article oh yeah the trans one we're gonna do one more article then I'm gonna pack it in because I don't want this internet to keep doing this it's just gonna keep pissing me off and I have to restart this computer because it's it's fucking up it's real life lock it up come on bitch or is this big-ass gap anyway alright this article is teacher decides a second great fuck I can't stand that shit oh I love this fucking picture this so funny teacher decides second grade boy is trans because he won't use boys bathroom turns out he just has gas Wow my honestly how fucking tone-deaf do you have to be like new should not be a teacher I'm sorry like that motherfucker should've been fired because that could have led to some serious shit if this happened in Portland it would not be a big deal I don't know whether that's supposed to be some kind of justification or a drag of Portland I don't know an Oregon teacher pushed a second-grade boy to come out as transgender after noticing that he wasn't using the boys restroom at school his parents have alleged in a lawsuit the parents sued the district for nearly 1 million dollars in damages accusing the school of false imprisonment negligence and the intentional infliction of emotional distress that state the Statesman Journal reported the lawsuit was filed in Marion County Circuit Court all right like some of the fucking things are suing for aural it's a little much false imprison false imprisonment and the intentional infliction of emotional distress well I got some basis but false imprisonment come on false imprisonment is a little is a little much the names of the teacher and family have not been made public according to the lawsuit in April 2000 18 the teacher at Nellie mirror elementary school I think became concerned that the eight-year-old was using the staff restroom assuming he must secretly identify as female she allegedly developed a lesson plan in effort in an effort to promote him becoming transgender this fucking dipshit teaching our kids is fucking morons in reality the boy his parents had arranged for him to use a staff restroom because he had I digest in related medical condition and the teacher somehow didn't know this don't no way in hell the teacher didn't know that Allen that's his hole because in like in I don't know how old is the kid again how old is the kid a second grade the second grade so you in second grade I don't know if this is for everybody but for me I had a homeroom teacher and then I had all the other teachers I would go to homeroom like the beginning of the day I think and at the end of the day once my once my class rotation was done I went to my homeroom teacher now if she is his homeland teacher then there's no way she shouldn't have known that was it daddy's hold on teachers let me read let me reread this and we're going to teach her prose and reality the boy and his parents had a room huh yet only three occasions the teacher kept the boy during recess and showed him videos and books with the message that is it is acceptable to become transgender the lawsuit said among other materials she allegedly required him to watch episodes of reality TV show I am jazz and read the I am Jay I am jazz children's book both of which star transgender teenager jazz Jennings Jesus at the end of the school week the teacher allegedly told the boy to take the books home and share them with his family only then did his parents learn about the lessons I for one thing I guess I don't know this is his homeroom teacher for now but like that is fucking sketchy you didn't even tell the fucking parents about your suspicions like if that's some serious shit you're supposed to tell the parents like I think your kid might be transgender because he's using this fucking better that's fucking that's snaky why the fuck wouldn't you tell the parents that the parents didn't know until he came home with those books yeah that's that's fucking sketch the fucking the fucking teacher should be fired in my opinion I'm sorry that sketch you don't fucking do shit like that the parents should know about that fucking teachers send fucking teachers send no tone when they start failing for Christ's sake you couldn't kind of you know give him a phone call to him hey your kid wants to be trans this office you should know yeah fucking they send a fuck they said no Tom when the kid can't pay for lunch they give you notifications on whatever there's no way you shoulda known that there's no way they had the parents there's no way there's no excuse for not telling the parents they were extremely shocked to find out she would expose their son to various sexual concepts such as the difference between male and female body parts the family's attorney Edgar Diaz said in a lawsuit the parents then filed a complaint with the school in a disciplinary that the parents didn't file a complaint with the school in a disciplinary letter to the teacher administrators said evidence was found that she had removed the student from regular activities and shared potentially controversial materials with him without informing his parents which it recommended she do yeah yes fucking sketchy as hell that's creepy that's creepy as shit why the fuck wouldn't you tell the parents this is some serious shit why wouldn't you tell the parents that because that makes me think this is some grooming shit that's what that's what that sounds like to me does it may not be necessary maybe she was really really concerned about this child's the sect is eight this eight-year-old um gender journey but no I don't think so cuz you could cuz why didn't you tell the parents they need to know that you think they're gonna throw an eight-year-old out on the street they're not they're not according to the parents the school was dismissive of their concerns if this happened in Portland it would not be a big according to the parents of school was dismissive oh the school fucking said and this happened in Portland it wouldn't be a big deal are you fucking serious the loss who said the teachers actions caused lasting damage to the boy he became he began avoiding feminine toys and games for fear of turning into a girl and becoming more depressed aggressive and isolated according to the lawsuit which added that he had started counseling he had also become afraid of attending his current school seeing the teacher and using the boys bathroom Diaz said yes if that's true then some other shit was going down like I understand like yeah he probably would definitely be like traumatized or traumatized but you'd be really bothered and freaked out by that teacher but the same time it's like was there some other shit going down what's this mother shit happening at the same time the parents have struggled with anxiety stress and depression according to the lawsuit they were said to fear their son will have gender gender gender identity issues dee has blamed the Woodburn School District for failing to properly train and supervise the teacher District Superintendent Chuck ransom Chuck ransom decided to comment on the case citing the lawsuit the parents asked for $79.99 why don't you set for 80 grand what the fuck seventy nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars for current and future counseling medication doctor's appointments in therapy and nine hundred twenty grand in non-economic damages oh that rounds out to a nice cool million some experts have warned that with the rise of whoa culture parents educators and other and others have been have become too eager to support children's claims to be transgender however LGBT activists have tended to reject such claims as backwards often denouncing those who questioned the right transgender rights movements movement as bigots see if the of a movement like tries to fucking dismiss any faults any faults in their fucking movement it's not a good movement it's a toxic movement just throw the whole movement out it's toxic because it shouldn't be a fucking there should be so much pushback on that if there's some problems that need to be addressed and there's some kids out there legitimately thinking and this is trendy and ruining themselves over it because they see how cool it is on television we need to talk about that if there's fucking evidence evidence of that and tea and parents are starting to are telling you this shit fucking listen don't dismiss that shit like oh that doesn't exist our movement is perfect good want to be trans like well maybe the motherfuckers who think it's cool and think they can fit in and get all that cool and all that great attention that comes with being trans how about that cuz you make it look so empowering and self affirming and you make it look like it's some big fucking party and some big picnic maybe that's fucking why maybe that's why some kids would think that it's cool to be trans and not to mention other reasons like parental neglect like they try to get their parents attention by saying oh I want to be a boy mom or I want to be a girl mom like it fucking happens it will forget because it's becoming more because being trans is becoming more normal and people are portraying it only one way as we like I said being empowering you think kids aren't gonna look at that and be like oh that's the easiest way to get attention it's the easiest way to get someone to look at me and give me a popularity because I bet you there are no fucking trans people in a high school they're unpopular I mean maybe one or two it depends on the ratio but Ran's students are in that school but I'll bet in fucking money there aren't any unpopular trans people in high schools or in middle school well maybe in middle schools because so more immature a little more immaturity than air but in high schools I fucking bet money there is no such thing as an unpopular trans person they always got at least a good like a good sizeable clique of friends but anyway like imma let y'all go now Oh miss J deuces I think that doctors last name was money oh you mean that doctor who forced those two twin boys to perform sex acts because he was doing like fucked up gender experiments on him yeah and I was fucked up and that that fucking story upsets me every time someone mentions it but anyway ladies i'ma let y'all go I think we're gonna end the stream there because my computer is wigging out fucking Internet is waiting out and I don't want to keep talking and keep you guys like going in and out of in and out of the stream in and out in and out so yeah that's gonna be in that's gonna be it for the night there's still some fucking articles I haven't touched on like two articles I think I haven't talked about but that's cool so I wouldn't but I want to thank you guys for hanging in there in spite of the problems I'm gonna thank everyone who said a super chat and left to cool comment or a funny comment thanks to all you guys you guys are great the fuck the real fucking MVP MVP thanks for tuning in we've been here for a good two and a half hours it's pretty good but yeah good night I gotta fix this fucking computer I think I have to restart it anyway I think I saw like an updates notification earlier anyway but yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna knock it out here I got some business with this computer to handle so goodbye have a good night love you guys and I'll see you for night of cringe number 15 don't know when yeah exactly I'll get back to you on that I got it like a stockpile my cringe and then release its but yeah bye see you guys later

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  1. Yeah, the porn moms creep me the fuck out. When I first heard about it I thought they made a porno and were IN it. I still can't decide if it's better or worse that they weren't actually in it and instead just produced it. They act like there's only one kind of porn out there. If they have to be so controlling, they could have at least screened some amateur stuff. They're also the type that think women who are fit and take care of themselves aren't "real" women. That's why they made a "body positive" porno. This shit is disturbing.

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