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[bubbly music plays in the background]
Hi guys, it’s Honey here.. and this month I’m going to be doing something big. It’s gonna take a moment, but just hear me out. Alright, so I don’t all have you’ve been checking your calendar recently, but it’s officially November. 2018 is going to end in 61 days Isn’t that a little crazy? This year has been such a whirlwind for me and I don’t mean to be sappy with all the metaphors but if a year is a race… we’ve hit the home stretch, my friends. Any good runner knows that when you see the finish line in sight… You don’t slow down. You sprint at that thing with all you’ve got… So I’m here to sprint. So, Cody Wanner made a video about how November has always been the slowest, driest month for him and his career And he challenged all of us to create something big and not let yet another boring November pass us by.. with the no small November challenge… And I was thinking about what big thing I can do for this project and then… [swoosh] I had a Eureka moment I’ve set a few goals for myself ever since I started creating YouTube videos.. and one of those goals has been to create one video every single day for an entire month I wanted to try pushing myself to embrace the imperfection and be in the mindset of creating every single day Also, I should mention that November is also the month of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month Where writers across the globe challenge themselves to write 50,000 words in the month of November aka: the length of a pretty good first draft for a novel. So here’s the thing, I love multitasking. It can be argued that doing too many things all at once is counterproductive… But it’s the best way that I function So, I decided to tie all three ideas together and do (No Small) NaNoWriMo and December Daily [chair scrapes on floor] Okay, so here’s the plan. This month I will be participating in NaNoWriMo and try to write 50,000 words of short stories, poems, scripts, and YouTube concept ideas And as part of #NoSmallNovember, every single Thursday of this month I will be uploading a writing vlog Documenting my progress on this big project. and all this will be leading to December… where I will be making a video every single day in that month. So I’m putting all these three ideas together because I’m hoping that all the writing I do during NaNoWriMo will help give me a lot of content for December.. and that doing two videos a week during #NoSmallNovember will be a good warm-up for daily uploads in December. I really want to rock this daily upload challenge. So I’m really pulling out all the stops So in summary, you’re going to be getting a video for me every Monday and Thursday this month ..and in December, you’re gonna be seeing this face on your feed every single day. I should probably finish this vlog.. it looks like it’s about to rain If you’re a fellow #NoSmallCreator, let me know in the comments below what you’re going to be doing for #NoSmallNovember. I’m so excited about this you guys, lots of cool stuff is coming So if you haven’t already hit subscribe, and ring that bell icon.. because you’re not gonna want to miss it. Let’s do this you guys. Let’s finish it 2018 strong. I’ll see you next Monday. I was just sitting over there vlogging, and then this gentleman came up to me and he was like “excuse me, I just found this really good shot earlier. I found a praying mantis… He’s just right over there, if you want to get some video footage of him” and I’m like “of course!” and.. so this is what happened.. Man: It’s so hard to see Honey: Yeah Man: He’s like, swaying with the grass Honey: wow.. Man: the bugs would have no chance Both: [laughs] Man: Oh! I found him! Honey: Oh! where, where, where? Man: He’s right there. But you can pull him out and do something… do you see him? straight down here. Honey: Oh yeah! there he is. Man: You can pull him out if you want to play with him a little. Honey: Yeah.. Thank you!! Man: You’re very welcome. Enjoy.
Honey: Bye Bye! Honey: woooahhh… [Honey laughs]
Honey: How amazing is that!? Really cool things happen when you vlog in public, guys… do it more often. Oh my gosh! [bubbly music plays softly]

39 thoughts on “(NoSmall)NaNoWriMo Announcement! | Writing & Poetry

  1. That moment when you're watching YouTube to procrastinate but then you see someone decide to write 50000 words in one month then make daily videos in the next

  2. I cannot believe there are only 61 days left!!! Woahhhhhhhhhhh! So glad you are crushing this challenge!!!! Here to follow along!

  3. I'm challenging myself to put 3 or more videos a week. reson for put 3 video or more is because I say put 1 video a week but I don't. #nosmallcreatornovember

  4. Very Awesome! and so happy for you! GOALS GOALS GOALS!! GO AND CRUSH IT!! ROOTING FOR YOU!
    I cant believe there are only 61 days left in 2018… That was a cool praying mantis. Take care Honey!!!

  5. Hey hey hey, You have a new nosmallcreator in here following your journey 😀

  6. Found this by seeing Cody’s post. Awesome ideas! I’m happy to see more female YouTubers crushing it! The #nosmallnovember challenge is also helping me set big goals and push harder to end this year strong. Can’t wait to see your results. Best of luck!

  7. So exciting Honey!! I love the idea! This month I'm going to get a small photography business started.

  8. What a great vlog. I love your energy and how you are going to vlog Cody’s challenge and then go into vlogmas. Best of luck. I am a sub for sure.

  9. Crush it! I’ve never heard of NaNoWriMo, but i think might take it on even being a fews days late💪🏻

  10. I cannot wait to follow you along on this journey! With that attitude I see great things happening!!

  11. Found this on Cody’s post!! This is so awesome!! Love your ideas and your passion! I’m jumping in the challenge by posting 2 videos a week this month!!!

  12. Another NSC here!! I love it girl!!! Keep the up. Those praying Mantis are so creepy. Lol. DYK they are the only insect that can turn their head??

  13. I'm making a website, going to finish reading a book "crushing it by garyvee", following a schedule, doing free Photoshoot to build my portfolio, and planning more. #nosmallnovember 😉

  14. Wow inspired! Very bold and fun confident camera presence wow!

    Crush it! Subbed to see what you make!

  15. Subbed much love from Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦 I’m here from Cody’s youtube!! 🔥😍❤️ I’m sooo happy!!! I’m making a video everyday as well 😍❤️🔥

  16. You know what ? I was kind of little low to do nosmallnovember but you know what ? (I said it again didn’t I) I might be the first urdu nosmallnovember dude

  17. Great start to #NoSmallNovember! I decided to take up the challenge, as well. I'll be creating a brand during the month of November. The brand is still a secret, but I'll be giving hints in each video during the month. Looking forward to seeing you daily vlogs this month!

  18. Love what you're doing! My challenge is not as ambitious, but it's still an effort for me to put out three vids a week, and the content I already have planned. Love these challenges that push us and help us learn from others. Looking forward to following along your journey. #nosmallnovember

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