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Happy beginning of NaNoWriMo! So I woke up at 11 to post the new video… and I woke up at 11 because I stayed up until like 3 AM last night… editing the NaNoWriMo video that I just posted.. so it’s posted, we’re all good. I’m gonna start writing, and then take a little break to eat… and I have to do laundry today But I’m gonna have so much time to write today cuz I’m not going to work. Let’s do this! Okay, there’s a lot of wind.. so I’m going to be using my phone’s microphone for this I made a video on Monday about the balance between consuming and creating, and so.. today I’ve scheduled Thursday to be my day of creation. Of course, not the entire day at laundry this morning.. But I took myself out on a little creation date. I brought my laptop, I brought a notebook, and I brought my ukulele.. and whatever strikes my fancy, I will do that for the next few hours until the sun disappears.. and then I’ll go back home… But the weather is amazing today Except for the wind that’s ruining my audio quality… and we don’t get a lot of days left Where I can just be outside in this. where I don’t have to wear a winter coat and stuff like that. It’s gonna get cold really soon.. so I’m really trying to soak up all the remainder of niceness before it gets cold and…. hard to be outside [laughs] alright, I’m gonna get back to writing now. Alright, it’s 11:52 PM So I’m going to be finishing my day 1 of NaNoWriMo now Because it’s almost midnight, I need to go to bed…
and also because it’s almost midnight dodie’s new song is gonna pop up on Spotify in 8 minutes… and I’m gonna stop writing so I can listen to it in the dark.. with my fairy lights on.. and just sob. As you do.
[laughs] [keyboard tapping sound] Good Morning! Okay, NaNoWriMo day 2. I just woke up I’m gonna write for a bit and then I gotta get ready to go to work at 1:00 PM Okay, so I was just sitting here writing before I went to work, and so we’re actually making pretty good progress um…. And I was typing along and then I saw a notification pop up [excitedly]
What? ahhhh! Okay, I’m gonna stop freaking out so I can continue writing… Hi, Cody.. All right. That’s it. This is gonna be the last time I mention that… [flustered]
Mm-hmm… Yeah, we’re fine… we’re fine, okay. [keyboard tapping sound] So Cody Wanner shared my video yesterday.. and a flood of new people have found my channel and they’ve been really sweet …and commenting on my videos..
and interacting with me But I’m gonna need to try to turn YouTube off for a bit because I need to get my writing done. Okay, I’m back from work. It is currently 10:54 PM [keyboard tapping sounds]
I’m gonna do some writing… and then we’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you updated. [keyboard tapping sounds] Technically, it’s November 4th now because it’s 1:45 AM… and because it is November 4th… daylight savings… At 2:00 AM I’m gonna get an extra hour Which means an extra hour to write.
So there’s also that.. [laughs] So.. I had a really unproductive day today because last night I had… Probably the worst dream I’ve ever had in my entire life. [nervously chuckle]
I don’t really want to get into it… But it kind of left me a little dysfunctional today. and I had work all day too.. it wasn’t that just because of the dream. but I came back, and I got to talk to some people in… kind of like the YouTube chat communities that I have.. and one of them really inspired me and I got to writing… and.. I wrote something pretty great. It’s really personal. I really… I really like it. I’m really really glad that I wrote it and I’m excited to share with you soon. [keyboard tapping sound] [sleepily]
So I got out of work at around 12:30 AM I got back home to do a little bit more writing because we’re still playing catch-up because on the third day I didn’t really get that much done, but I am at 7,701 words now… Trying to write like 2,000-ish words before and after work is tiring.. So I’m gonna give myself a little break and we’ll just.. I guess.. play catch-up on Wednesday and Thursday [keyboard tapping sound] Hi guys! Happy day 6 of NaNoWriMo. Ok, so I wanted to show you something I’m doing some writing right now, and I just wanted to show you my list of words or sentences… I think I call them one-liner ideas. So what I usually do when I write is I come up with sentences.. or combinations of words that I really like and I usually use that to inspire me to write… an entire poem, or an entire story, or an entire script So let’s take a look at it. These are my one liner ideas I usually put them at the bottom of my Word document just in case I run out of ideas or I want to start something new I can come here and kind of harvest it. So.. for example, this one liner “a life full short intense bursts” I actually already made a script out of that and…
it’s right here. I already wrote something based on that one line that inspired me but of course, I didn’t finish this yet because it’s still really short.. But I just want to give you an example to show you my writing process. [keyboard tapping sound] Okay, NaNoWriMo day 7 it’s 4:30 PM right now… I promise I didn’t just wake up Today I barely did any writing. I mean, I did some in the morning, but I just filmed 4 videos Just now… I just finished filming my fourth video. So that’s cool. Got a lot.. got a lot coming.
So it’s go time. I’ve been doing a lot of creation today I have plans with a friend at 6:00 PM until 9:00… So, I’m gonna go home right now and try to get as much writing as I can before I had to leave for that… We’ll see how it goes.. But man, I feel so productive today. It’s insane.
FOUR videos. I even did outfit changes between them. It was great. It’s amazing. [laughs] So I didn’t end up going home to write because I don’t have a lot of time until I have to go meet my friend… But this is my favorite corner to work in.. so I’m gonna do a little bit more writing here. It’s kind of weird because I haven’t been back here since I was in college, so… I’m back from hanging out with my friends. I just showered, and I need to edit my writing vlog video… which I guess you’re watching it right now. So I’m not gonna do that much writing at this time… But I’m gonna try to get a little bit more writing done before I go to bed. I really didn’t write that much at all today, but I’m just gonna at least try to make it to the daily goal of yesterday… So I’m not that far behind… So that’s around a 10,000 something words, I think.. I’m gonna really try. We’ll see. [keyboard tapping sound] Thank you so much for watching I know this isn’t content I’ve made before… so please if you have any suggestions on anything I could do better or anything you want to see.. leave them in the comments. I’ve never really done a week in a life vlog before, but I hope you enjoyed it. And if you haven’t already, click Subscribe because I’m making a video every single Thursday this month with the same kind of content.. a weekly writing vlog for NaNoWriMo… …and I also make content regularly every Monday too.. if you’re interested in that I’m gonna leave a lot of links of description, so check it out.

8 thoughts on “(NoSmall)NaNoWriMo Writing Vlog Week 1 | Writing & Poetry

  1. Nice. I like the daily blurbs followed by the word count. Has a good balance to it.

  2. Love how you’re doing your recaps – it’s really inspiring! Btw – my daughter and I recently saw Dodie in San Diego. β€οΈπŸ˜„

  3. I just discovered your channel and absolutely love your vlog style! Your videos are so cheerful and creative and I feel so inspired. I love the various projects you're doing (I love doing projects as well). Good luck with NaNoWriMo!! I'm currently behind on my word count but still really enjoying writing ^_^

  4. What lovely surroundings to be creative in πŸ™‚ Only just found your videos – subbing!

  5. My only suggestion is to keep doing what you're doing! I loved this one! Your b-roll is great, and the whole thing is just so entertaining and fun to watch! Oh, and congrats on the whole Cody Wanner share thingy!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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