Not For Anybody Else – a translated romantic Arabic poetry

You have a stature in my heart
not for anybody else Your absence from me, may make me speechless Oneness kills me I miss to chat to you I want to empt in you
all my unbridled emotions But by your jealousy, you will disagree with me But whatever you do to blame me You will still have a stature in my heart not for anybody else I’m passionate about anyone who asks about me I search in the cache of my browser I may find someone remember me even if found, my happiness will never be, as my happiness when you
write a letter by your kind fingers because you have a stature in my heart
not for anybody else You, you are the one who suddenly disappeared
and came suddenly You will never rest in my distance from you Their hearts
are so far from assimilating you and only my heart assimilate you because you have a stature in my heart
not for anybody else Your absence has been long My count was lost in the narrative but the number was almost sixty sixty days passed as a sixty months because you have a stature in my heart
not for anybody else I never ashamed to declare my love to you publicly Your love is the most precious fact I live with my life I declare it to the whole world I roam by your love between the country
as a crown on my head I adore her, O world My beloved, I declare and with all faith that you have a stature in my heart
not for anybody else never, not for anybody else Not For Anybody Else A poetry Composed and Read by Amir Saleh

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