NOT ONLY will you have excellent grammar but you’ll look cool too: Using INVERSION

If you learn this not only will you have excellent
grammar but you’ll look cool too. This is Leonardo da vinci who was not only
a great painter but an inventor too. This is Eddie Eagen who not only won a gold medal
at the summer Olympics for boxing but also at the winter Olympics for Bobsleigh. The only
person to have done that. Hello and welcome to LetThemTalk and what
I want to talk to you about today is how to use “not only……but also” in English. So
you probably guessed already by my examples but we use “not only” to show a surprise with
two things. Listen to this example. She can speak seven languages and she plays the
ukulele too. Ok big deal. Now listen to this sentence again
using “not only”. NOT ONLY CAN SHE speak seven languages but
she plays the ukulele too. Wow! Do you see the difference and did you
see what I did with the grammar here? If you want to really emphasise it then you
start the phrase with “not only” and here you use what we call in English grammar INVERSION.
So with inversion the auxiliary verb is switched so that it goes before the subject and if
there is no auxiliary then you use the verb “to do” just like in a question except that
it’s not a question. So if you know how to make a question in English
then you know how to use inversion too. Easy. Ok let’s just have a look at some more examples. NOT ONLY DOES SHE write novels but she also writes poetry. NOT ONLY WAS HE late but he was also rude. NOT ONLY DID THEY drink all the beer but they
ate all the doughnuts too. NOT ONLY IS HE the pope but he’s a woman too OK the last one’s not true but you see how to use it now.
So there you are. Thank you for watching and if you have any examples of using NOT ONLY
yourself then put them in the comments. See you next time.

31 thoughts on “NOT ONLY will you have excellent grammar but you’ll look cool too: Using INVERSION

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    Here are some examples of the grammar you have taught.
    Not only will I subscribe to your channel but I will put "like" to all your videos too.
    Not only was it a great pleasure to learn English at LetThemTalk but it was also really educational.
    Not only are you a great teacher but you are a good actor too.
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    Thank you for all. Wish you good luck.

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