Not Qualified (Spoken Word Poem)

so the other day I got a message on Facebook that said John I love the message of your videos but not if it's coming from you there are choices you've made in your past that REME are you not qualified to spread such a message and for me that was hard to hear because the hypocritical Christian is something I fear to be put in a category like that I could think of nothing worse so maybe there's something I should have said first you see I can't and won't and don't claim to be perfect in fact most times I'm not even good I'll take responsibility for the mistakes I've made and the hurts I've caused I got more than I probably should but would God use that against me making good coming from my life impossible forgives me but refuses to use me I don't believe in that gospel I believe in the god of Moses Moses was an orphan and a murderer with a stutter and a price on his head if God chose this killer to be a FULFILLER performing miracles leading his people and making rivers flow red I believe in the God of David David the shepherd boy who turned into a king a terrible father and an adulterer from the start yet even with wrong doings and iniquity we remember him as the man of the God's own heart Mary Magdalene was a prostitute live in a life without Direction Matthew was a tax collector the lowest of the low yet they both walked and talked and witnessed Christ's perfection did God choose the Pharisees the self-righteous and pompous full of laws and pretension or did he choose cowardly Peter and persecuting Paul to spread the message of Christ's Redemption all these heroes in the Bible not a one of them was lightly leaning not on themselves they leaned on God and you know what God is he is mighty so can God use me a broken steaming man and can God use in or her or you I'm here to tell you right now that the answer is yes God can and will use anybody even if you only go to church on Christmas does he only speak through the preacher no God is in a different business because believing in the Lord isn't living a perfect Walgreens life always doing right it's letting his light shine from within and letting his word be your tutor he'll take your broken past helping you step in to a more hopeful future because it wasn't for perfection that Jesus died on that cross it was for the unhealthy so the sick could serve the sick and seek and save the Lost is in the end these words and these lights and these cameras in this video it's not about me it's about God and with God it's never about who you were but about who you will be it's God's story for the world and we're just playing our parts so if you're out there feeling not qualified that's great because not qualified is where he starts

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  1. My…! I Praise the Lord as I came across this video…I was severely criticised as accordingly by my Christian friends…since I am a non christian I felt really bad even to live ahead in shame upholding another religion …Thank you so much Jon …May God Bless you& family…

  2. God calls those who aren’t qualified because it is those who are broken who truly understand those who are hurting and sinning.

  3. I don't believe in God, or anything really for that matter. But I admire all of your fans and your relationship with the man you call your lord, and I just wanted to say you guys may not like me (cause im a gay trans man and im a sinner) but i love how you believe in something so distant and bring it so close to your heart.

  4. I love how genuine you are and how you stand up in boldness… I can't imagine what you have been and gone through in order to share the message. Im just thankful that you have been obedient to His calling because your light and fire ignites others that are afraid to be light in this generation. Thank you

  5. Forgive me Jon I see this is old but this is one of the most powerful messages I've seen you've done so far. Powerful! I thank God that you know who you are in Christ, that you are rooted and grounded in the word. I know it hurts sometimes and for shame fellow believers talk like this to and about each other. Who does man think he is? Honestly, I can't help but believe that the clock is ticking down on this kind of awful behavior and God is just about fed up with it. U n Sweet 🐻 keep your chins up and keep going. Know that we love you guys. Good job. Wow. There for the grace of God go I.

  6. I feel this completely, my whole body is tattooed My face as well I'm judged everyday for the way I look, I'm a follower of Jesus a husband and a father. I have been told I'm not welcome and I have no place in heaven, I have been a follower for about 6 year's and I came from a life of crime and addiction just a sinful lifestyle and God gave me another chance and I feel so discriminated from "my Church family". I still press into the Lord, cause He is compassionate and merciful. And to give a quick description of me I have across my forehead "Only God Can Judge Me" below that on left above my eyebrow I have a Christian fish with Jesus in it under my right eye I have Loyalty and a little cross under my left eye. Both my arms are tribal and Mary praying on my leg a clover on my hand and anchor on my arm "TRUE LOVE" across my knuckles and cause I'm a cook I got "Dirty Money" on my other hand. I like to think I wear my faith

  7. Wow… Cool. I love this video. I wanna cry 😢😢😰 really its amazing. Amen 😘❤️❤️❤️

  8. You’re absolutely right my brother. Church is a hospital for the sick! If it was only for the only for the righteous they’d all be empty! Thank you for using your gift!

  9. This is so good ♥ God is so mercyful and he choose who he wants. And who are we to judge ???

  10. Hi.
    I've messed up countless times and now that I'm trying to makeup all these things say I have zero qualifications to serve my God.
    Thank you and may God use you to speak as we try to get our journey 🙇

  11. Great poem. Check out this poem about the royal wedding and homelessness

  12. Everyone is learning from their past. Many our changing to show other people to not make the same mistakes and do the right

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