Novel foods

newly developed foods if they have a history of human consumption in Australia or New Zealand can go on the shelf without any pre-approval this is because there is a history of consumption by people for example we've eaten apples for thousands of years so a new breed of apple will be fine a small number of foods don't have a history of use and these are called non traditional foods if they are considered a possible risk to health they are novel foods and must be approved as safe by Food Standards Australia New Zealand before they can be sold the best example of novel foods are plant sterols products which can reduce blood cholesterol they've eaten in sufficient amounts plant sterols are added to marjorine x' low-fat milk sand yogurts and breakfast cereals plant sterols are found in plants but have never been eaten by people in Australia and New Zealand in the amounts contained in these foods Food Standards Australia New Zealand has done a safety assessment and found that plant sterols are safe but we have limited the number of foods that can be added to plant sterols products must be labeled that they should be eaten as part of a healthy diet that they may not be suitable for children or pregnant and breastfeeding women and they may not have any additional benefit if you eat more than 3 grams a day other approved novel foods include the sweeteners trehalose and isomalt ELO's for further information visit the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website

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