Novelist Chris Cleave Discusses Incendiary

I think if you liked little B then you'll really like this this is called incendiary this is my first novel I wrote it before little bee um I think it's me doing what I like doing best which is to tell the story of an ordinary person who gets caught up in something bigger than they can easily handle this is the story of a woman who loses her young son and her husband in a terrorist attack and is not a book about terrorism it's a book about the consequences of terrorism and this is something that was exercising me deeply and still does when I when I wrote the book I worry about what happens to the victims are worried about what happens to the survivors after the news agenda has moved on I worry about how people rebuild their lives when they've been shattered and I love this book actually I think it's my best work and I'm really proud of it it tells a story about a woman who's trying to come to terms with her grief but she's not grief-stricken and she survives what I think is sometimes an unsurvivable situation and she does that with a certain grace and a certain humor as she talks about life in the city that I live in which is London um I hope you'll really enjoy this book if you read it I want to thank everyone that's read my last book little B it went bigger in america than I'd expected it to I'm very grateful for that um I want to thank you all very much for the messages and the emails that I've had means a lot to me I'm really pleased you like that book and I really hope that you'll enjoy this one too thank you very much and good luck

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