Novelist Christopher Tilghman on Family Tales at the Hermitage

my father inherited the farm in 1953 his father died in 1953 and at that point it was really it really was a rack it was there was a there was a guy a family in in the house Anthony family kind of a big family around here whoo-hoo where they ran it sort of the dairy was a small dairy a couple of a couple of men worked you know lived there and worked and and that was about it and then there was this big house that really was kind of ready to fall down and my parents and I think largely driven by my mother said listen we're either going to to grab this place or or not you know and the only way that she and they could think that we could do that was to live in it so we used to come down we'd go I grew up outside Boston my father was a book publisher there and we'd come down early and early in June I mean as soon as school was out and lived in this house for several years there was no electricity in it that this was all candles and kerosene so one year my three brothers and I were each given a one of our Christmas presents was electrical outlet anywhere you want it over the years my father totally marty built a milking operation a milking parlor and and and so we grew up coming here my my oldest brother who's lived here now in that big house for 15 years or so sort of answer didn't grow up here I grew up coming here and but the fact is we've all lived kind of kind of all over the country me perhaps less than my three brothers but we were all ended up back here one way or the other

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