NoveList Complete (2 Minute Tour)

there are many kinds of readers the avid reader the reluctant reader the very particular reader they all need help finding great books to read the tool many libraries use is novelist complete with novelist complete you can match readers with books that are just right for them meet readers wherever they are in the library or browsing the catalogue make sure that readers connect with your library as a place where they discover books and are inspired to read let's take a closer look of how this works it all starts with great recommendations novelist plus is an easy-to-use database that matches readers with books got a reader asking for cozy mysteries with a dash of humor or teen books with sarcastic dialogue try novelist our signature peel terms and extensive cataloging help find exactly the right books for every reader we know you can't read every book out there so novelist fills in those gaps and lets you concentrate on helping readers and what about those readers who like to browse the library they still need your expert guidance to bibliographies reading maps and newsletters are just a few of the tools you can use libraryaware comes with hundreds of ready-made templates so you can create self guided pathways that help readers discover great books some readers skip right to the library catalog but don't worry we can help you put recommendations there too maybe someone wants to read the latest best-seller but all the copies are checked out with novelist select your catalog shows recommendations from novelists except now they're right where the reader needs them and with our brand new on the Shelf feature readers will know instantly which read-alikes are available in the stacks are you ready to make your library a destination for readers ask about novelist complete today you

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