NoveList: Discover Books Based on Culture or Place

whether you're trying to find an author from a specific country or culture or you're looking for a book set in a particular locale novelist can help a good place to start is the advanced search page novelist has three different author characteristic limiters here gender nationality and cultural identity it's helpful to understand the difference between nationality and cultural identity others nationality is the country where the author lives or has lived for a significant time cultural identity is the ethnic cultural or national group that an author identifies with for example Sara Gruen has a nationality of Canada because she was born and lived there for many years but novelist lists her cultural identity as both Canadian and American since she now lives in the u.s. use the nationality limiter to quickly find books written by authors that are from Canada the United States Australia or any other country if you're looking for african-american Asian Canadian or Jewish authors use the cultural identity limiter instead if you want to find books that are set in a particular location like Paris or New York City you can either do a subject search for a setting or limit an existing search try a subject search for a location like New York City or Toronto to do this either use the SU field code in front of your search terms or use the advanced search to do a subject search or if you're searching by some other topic try narrowing it down based on location you'll see limiters on the left to select a popular location term for your search what if you just want to browse a little we've made it easy to do that to just use our Award winners page over on the right select either Canadian or Australia and New Zealand you can also try regional for awards from other places one last tip to find books that have characters from many different or diverse cultures try searching with our culturally diverse appeal term this search will identify books that feature characters from racial and ethnic minorities many readers want books that are set in a location they know and love or those that are written by authors with a background similar to their own no matter what you're looking for novelist can help

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