Novelist Falls for a Love She Never Saw Coming

I was born in Iran I was a very thoughtful serious child and I grew up believing that all faiths were more or less the same it was a man-made thing it answered our needs and I just wasn't one of those people who needed it I adored my dad I felt my dad really felt the same about me but at the same time my dad was a very busy man he wasn't home very often I knew he loved me there was never a doubt in my mind but I wasn't quite sure that I was enough and so I learned to strive to be lovable by the time I was a teenager there was a profound sense of loneliness that has settled in my heart because of my parents divorce my mom my sister and I went to England my father remained in Iran our communication was very limited with the Revolution and everything it almost became impossible I couldn't go back and so the world came between us but my heart didn't fully understand that didn't grasp that what I grasp was my daddy is not here if my daddy wanted to be here he would make your way so I lost my family I lost my home I lost my language I made this vow that I myself would never divorce because I saw the price of it in my heart I started attending a boarding school for young ladies we had to attend hurt they told those of us who were from a different faith background we could sit on the balcony and we could read our own faith books I used to sneak romance novels under my uniform the Harlequin romance level but also more literary kind like the Jane Austen and Charlotte brontë's that ultimate story about a person who is rejected from childhood for no fault of her own and someone admired by everybody else someone recognized as mighty and good finally looks at her and sees her words that was the story my heart was hungry for it was all responding to this nee to this core need for someone to see me exactly as I was and still love me and absolutely and utterly find me worthy worthy of pursuit or they of love I met a young man and we fell in love some 21 year olds are quite mature that wasn't us within a few years you could see the cracks in our maturity reflected in our marriage when that marriage essentially ended I came into a very dark place my formula for life proved faulty if I was good enough if I was smart enough if I worked hard enough if I was enough that then I could be happy and that hadn't worked I had a dream about Jesus one night now what's really amazing about that dream is the only time I went to church when he was those years when I was in boarding school I never heard the gospel I never read the Bible but this is the thing I knew he was the son of God I knew it absolutely and when he came closer they looked into his eyes and in those eyes I saw something I will never see in this world the measure of love that put him on the cross and the depth of power that made the stars they shone through those eyes and I almost fell on my knees because I couldn't stand anymore and he just went like this to me and I knew what he meant was follow me and he wasn't just saying follow me a few steps he was saying follow me and I would have done anything I woke up from the dream not a Christian I still didn't really know what the gospel was Jesus himself hadn't told me the gospel but I woke up with an unshakable peace very quickly after that the Lord surrounded me with Christians they all invited me to church they invited me to Bible study and for the first time in my life I began to hear the gospel read the Bible and I thought what's all this give me a list of do's and don'ts that will fix my life that's what I was looking for so I didn't fully understand but the people around me I understood they were different there was an old priest and he came to me when he fed when are you going to come to Christ Tessa all the thoughts in my head were some kind of answer to just swat away that question so I opened my mouth to do that very thing and do you know what came out of my mouth what came out of my mouth was I already do and as the words came out of my mouth I realized I do believe he asked me to follow him himself and I do with all my heart God use someone greater than other men he is the king of kings he pursues us he was the one who saw me this faulty average fall and young girl and he sat his affections on me my worst isn't in what I do my word is that Jesus calls me his beloved

26 thoughts on “Novelist Falls for a Love She Never Saw Coming

  1. 700 club
    What's Tessa full name or site i want to buy her book's i google her but didn't find her

  2. Amen.. Jesus loves us so much..He gave his life for us so we may have eternal life.. Jesus and God the Father are one..

  3. Tessa Love your Life story and how you have lived your Life. Smart. Love and Respect from Kenya.

  4. Jesus is all the love we've all craved for in other things, seek Him first only!!🌹

  5. Wow, so simular to my story. Can someone tell me wich books fits her story of what she is talking about? Easy story like books about our worth, when possible 🙂 thanks so much in advance!

  6. “The measure of love that put Him on the cross, and the depth of power that made the stars”. That really touched me.

  7. A beautiful telling of your invitation and acceptance of True Love, freedom and wholeness in Christ Jesus. It is our Holy God that gave you the blessed gift of storytelling. Keep using it for His glory, my sister!

  8. Her testimony is encouraging… She is also a beauty… CBN, do you have her phone number??…. Lol… Jk… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. I am truly touched by your story as I was by your ministry at FCC in Wethersfield. Your voice and manner of speaking have always given me a sense that in you resides grace and beauty- now I know why. God bless you on your journey

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