Novelist Feat. Kwake – Ignorant And Wot | FTTF Originals

yo ignorant and walk forth to the floor behavior yo quake show man hotel bar teenagers in the holdup country peace of mind I have to write lyrics about what I seems you get me even if you don't directly understand what I'm saying straight away listen to it a couple times maybe that one actually that's that's kind of hate in a picture my my brain euros up my brain beaches or my and I bar put my job and I sort of sort of ways if you don't block what about and a bar is chicken and chips eating whole foods expected when I'm out and about rolled over once in smile at me don't trust bow-wow I stayed low cool headphones it cuz I'm a social Tory government right now they don't really understand that they impact of their policies on people am I saw me wrong when I'm on bro broke watch faces I don't wanna make up where no his place cars on my mind please of my mind girls on my mind beaches on my people you know having respect for them because they haven't taken the time out to really fully understand the social issues that are really going on its roll a four awesome beaches of my beaches on my cars on my brain these are my brain girls on my brain beaches of my pieces of my hey so listen man dem wanna at Rufford talk while I start by that right now it's not about positive vibes yeah trust me what do you wake up in the morning get up and do your own thing don't let nobody told you anything other than what you wanna hear trust me make your own regime and stick to it are you stupid say nothing more I just want to influence people through why I know my job bro is music so I can influence the people with just saying what's really happening and make everyone get on track ootek waco tidy aguas yeah you

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