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select trust jacker Yosef differencing right about now sauce run negating our actin we cannot sauce on a six-year-old titled Amanda digging up all the positive people out there they farmer the negatory yeah and the Decepticon you know the ones there yo leave one when I'm going to make it a believer sleeve up I got the sleeve one when I'm gonna make is a button I've like not have roughly Vox I would have leave off when I'm gonna make his energy flavor leave us I gotta leave off when I'm gonna whack it's got a button that I bought leave us I would have leave off with I'm gonna make it so I brought nothing but I brought flavor I gotta leave off when I'm gonna make is energy flavor flavor flavor when I'm gonna make it I'm fucked up on flavor I got to play Bach when I'm on a massive energy yo I take time and think don't roses what I might have a dream but you know that I still have sense spittin bars on disgusting but work rather than my dear bending bare cash flows in flood you could have a hoochie but you still go home to an empty fridge what at a time and pink room where would you think this is man will never be /aa – when you got a whole bag of doors on a madness and that's why I just Hugh my team and I thought what's phase 15 and I steer my lamenting cuz it's done no celebrating anything box what be a waste man that's wrong back where I've got my head screws on no time for a guy on a long touch mac on up for my guys on when a war tell a man run along find them maybe don't get along don't talk to me don't watch short noblest amador some done manager and a burger by their governor bangin over my brothers in the manova demands an exit all check yo automatically over it know what America is not by accident yo and all the RT charge and then every comment of a key block anybody trying to get Brad get blocked keep mine out so I see I'm puking up laptop blood dope ass move with my friend elec your Boston have a man let what wrong how did make it fit for the dark I get booked me because I've got hooks and I fixed my and a repair books that's why I'm gonna come around man a short but it over three card game up and upwards so you should never ever check surprised you could get ever the world in the hood when it gets rough I love it yo if you don't know didn't might just learn when I punch them right that might get burned I'm still farming but um yo come again from you might just learn when I touch them make their way it get firm on Picon from a time son I miss old em yo it's the one one you don't have war with the one one you will see there's one one and OB is the chosen chosen one one don't win a world with a run one you will see there's one one and obvious mm yo and OB is the one one either win a world with the one one you will see there's one one chosen chosen energy flavor is the one one with a war with a 1-1 with us which other variation yet no it's the one and only you're going to work with the one and only you will see this one has only sauce on a deck one and hold it it's the one and only you don't want to work with the one and only you will see there's what I only chosen chosen chosen chosen person is the one and only you know in a world with the one and only you will see there's one and Tony and over to the one and only Pony and it's the one and only you don't win the world with the one and hold and souls into into chosen chosen vomiting and OB things but a class you're gonna get touching yo yo I'm a king the rickety and you want to class you're gonna get fuckin y'all later yo yo typically mean when a class you're gonna get touching you for watching one about two men in the you know sometimes it's not more than a four bar you mortar sometimes are touch back at the dog did you see when I say hmm matter yo yeah hahahaha I yo right then I'm trying to spit lyrics that are purposeful door man now obviously you know there was there man's got old school board but it's not the same without ya touched on my lap spatter all that yeah contrary laughs you know this is this world wider from right about now it's young novelist in the police's instead not too many the end of the set while I'm just wearing now sounds a desert I was that yeah touched on my lap thought the ball was yeah so I came to the read lap would I get that jacking gear then I get that jackal but I get that jacking gear and now I make them Satan I was at yeah fuckin a bit better no madman thing is you get your box great nobody keeps everyone in the retail yo I was that knob wait stop wait bring an empty off the clock wait fair man a rabbit in look great bring an empty lat black black knob wait clock wait Frigga empty off the clock wait fair man a rabbit or not play bar in your empty let's let's let's not no wait wait stop stop wait wait bringing em off the block Rock wait wait Behrman a rabbit and look not great wait stop wait stop weight loss weight loss weight minute emperor clock with them in a rabbit and look sleep on an empty net and obviously charge and an original imitate loss the little clutch nor a fuss to be the top view I'm gonna give them a watch I'm gonna make a soccer clearance you don't want to come around with interference of the squat bear youngers lap here it's more salmon in a bigger men appear atomic analyst with perseverance become an ability to a lesson you know one on mic around if you muck around in you gotta hear about another disappearance car and everybody except in the back and others in a manner with imagination so check garbage you end up in the garbage manager and a breakup and a clapping a bang enough of my buddies in a manner with a match at garbage you end up in a garbage what they don't know I've got blows the best defenses everyone say what they don't know I got low sub is the best everyone knows if you don't know yo know you don't know either flows Thomas offense everyone knows you don't know I'm some I show and a bit that you want when I go eat my liver kind of walking so taking a half and I won't get told what we slows exit at the back window yo I don't play move you and your mate will be be met or date nice whatever say that you might feel a repair bars right are you know cut yo yo Oh message or the restaurant dogs okay do funny I'm just going to speak the new ones but come again I said I'm not this guy extend its height hide and clouds on my BOB this guy I'm flat I am pop look okay I am gonna stay public okay I am tight how my head screwed on tap connected with energy like a bulb life right yo miss it tunnel yo normal this guy standard time I had in clouds on Father's Day like I am okay I'm going to sleep at night I tie my husband walked out I've committed energy knuckleball a right son is the last sat quietly I shape I could it get ruled by time time to find the rules of life I am fixing I'm listening time switching never resistant if you've got a problem to fix it I will not be a victim are you listening time gifted I shan't want to speak on a mic I skip a beat it's like a final yo you saying what's this a loss what fun do the energy in the roof say yo worldwide worldwide yeah yo look nobody's guy stand the type number this guy how my standard tacit over this guy send a tight over this guy standard tight it's not a hat – yo look nobody this guy standard time I hide in clouds on my papa's – blank I popped up the kite I'm gonna sing hot okay I have time ahead spoon watch out commit to energy like of all black right Sun is the language that's where everything I shine I couldn't get ruled by time time to find the rules of life I have fixed it I'm sister time switching never resisting it you got a problem there fix it I will not be a victim I have gifted time I share when I speak in the mic I give me a flat content no hats a fiber go ahead I am see you at this and I swear for the people I'm mentioning everyone to our speakers attention I have sent food on conventional web when I put my sold in Iraq I translate the words of black that is how we left off right right nice for the incised line deposit of Atlantic I'm gonna have a song that time when I'm a fake what's up wet energy flavor I'm a domme analyst sauce stop that behavior yo you know everybody in the building right about now special shot for Emma know what time it is yeah

13 thoughts on “Novelist Freestyle on Worldwide FM

  1. nov probably one of my favourite mc's but he seems like he wants to change his flow/style/lyrics a bit on this set? Was it a set with no profanity? maybe just me

  2. Literally just been waiting for Nov to take the scene by storm like Skeppy, Stormz and AJT

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