NoveList Plus: Become a Readers' Advisory Expert

how often do you get asked can you recommend a good book to read are you an expert on romance mystery westerns and sci-fi can you recommend a space off for one minute and then turn around and find the perfect paranormal romance novelist plus makes you the expert at matching readers with books not a fan of romance fiction you need a go-to place when a reader asks can you recommend a good romance novel with just a few clicks in novelist plus you can grab recommended read lists designed especially for fans of romance or pull up the genre overview on romance so that you're up to speed novelist plus is the perfect place to find answers when you need something fast one of our secret ingredients is appeal factors phrases that define the feel or experience of a book does your reader want a steamy fast-paced romance or maybe you have a teen who needs something more chaste novelist Plus lets you search not only by subjects and appeal factors but also by age grade and even reading level each title and novelist includes a list of read-alikes so you can help readers find books based on titles they already love a reader tells you he loved the Goldfinch head over to novelists and find read-alikes for other books that are just like the Goldfinch looking for something compelling lyrical and character driven or maybe something haunting and leisurely paced our read-alikes tell you not only what books to recommend but why we recommend them novelist plus is the perfect place to find recommendations written by librarians and novelist plus is the only readers advisory tool with listeni likes for audiobooks so if you like the distinctly voiced multiple narrators in the help we can help you find other audiobooks with those same characteristics and since the narrator can make or break the listening experience audiobook fans will be thrilled to know that they can also find books read by their favorite narrator who want to become a better readers advisor trying novelist plus it's a single place to get reading recommendations hundreds of list plus guides and tutorials on helping readers

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