Novels On Screen 24: Suite Française

you ready yeah I've gone straight into this now let's do it yeah okay hello and welcome to the screen spill podcast I'm mark I'm Sara we have a list of the 100 greatest novels that everyone should read but instead of reading the books we are watching the films instead lifehack indeed we should say that's a cuss about what let's just go straight in and that's mistake yeah so we're into the the mid-20s now in the list we have through them we are yeah we get we're speeding up a bit actually yeah well I said like I was just moving house a lot I just yeah now I'm not moving house until one and I'm gonna move house consume but now I'm not moving house and I'm around the corner I've been able to do much yes oh yeah and last time we did the last film we did was bloom and I had that weird I so be pleased to know that I don't have a weird eye anymore although I didn't tell you this earlier I've got weed I basically I've got a swollen toe of course it might be gout so we think it I don't know I think it might be gout so I've have taken some painkillers actually okay but it's really bad there we go that's my update but also after we recorded last time yeah it took approximately about two hours for my article back to normal after that well didn't you tell me though that you had a whole thing about you you a soap set you got two pizzas I did order pizza because I thought I was stuck with this I but no it's fine we're back to normal you have to say because I was feeling a bit ill that might have clouded my judgment of the last film maybe sure maybe yes well yeah I'm news update yeah a couple of updates and we haven't talked about name of the Rose TV series for a few episodes so well no cuz there is still no date to do broadcast but I know but it's 100% ain't gonna be in English okay it's eight episodes eight yeah that's all I can find out but the BBC have not have done they don't have a date for it yet okay that's a bit disappointing okay what else happened also well I was will say about this when I met Camille carry a jewelry I don't know who plays Tom Jones mum history of Tom Jones apparently one of our earlier episodes which is a very different thing different it was um so that was like a 1997 costume drama that we did a while back yeah and so I met her at this event and I said oh you Tom Jones mum in the history of Tom Jones and then I explained about the podcast and she did well she listened and she was polite but I don't think she really cared no and then I cuz I said we went we watched it without knowing anything about it and I said the style and she said it was fun and she was like yeah we filmed that 22 years ago so I don't know if that kind of upset her that it was like a long time ago but I did tell her about it and I said that it was you know it was a bit of a shock there of the style of it because it was quite funny and she said Peter Capaldi was in it I was like yeah I know I was a conversation so there we go yeah that was exciting yeah yeah I have to get to sign that next time I see yeah I almost got to sign it I thought no maybe not she she is she's not in it that much really she the beginning and then at the end yeah yeah but some yeah that was fun yeah that's about it for news actually nothing else no no it's what it's news to me too okay there we go let's go straight into today's film yak and we didn't really plan on this one did we I don't know how this happened it just and I came round and went give me a film yes this one coz is quite a modern film adaptation and oh here we go I keep pronouncing this wrong sweet francais sweet sweet francais is that right sweet frosting sweet sweet francais sure sweet front side sweet France sweet francais yes so that so it's a sweet front sight I've never heard of this one at all yeah as usual this is that not much it's not it's not modern it's not modern yeah but it's well well yeah well yeah we'll talk about that well I'll go into my we haven't got a name for my research corner yet but we'll call it research corner call it marks corner Mark's corner that's what we call never know I think of that in my head it's like her slow music and it's like you with some glasses like my head so um sweet français was written by a lady called Irene nemirovsky okay nemirovsky and she was born in 1903 in Kiev and in 1917 because of the Russian Revolution her family fled Russia and they moved to Paris and she grew up there so she spent most of her life in in France in Paris and she think particularly get on with her mother and I think I father worked in a bank and she began writing at 18 and then she got married she had two daughters in 1926 maybe not like in the same year from 1926 it's a little I was quite surprised actually so she was pretty much a successful author yeah straight away she wrote lots of books and she was well-known as an author because some of these ones they like they write for ages and they do other stuff yeah you know but she was hey that was her job an author and so one of her first books was called David Golda published in 1929 it was made into a film in 1930 so she's she's she's doing the film adaptations before you know Waverly got there and then in 1940 see you've got kind of the war starting yeah yeah yeah and because she I think she was half Jewish because of that her books weren't able to be published anymore husband lost his job it all got a bit you know yeah and then so you get the Nazis come in invade yeah Paris so she was arrested in 1942 and she went to Auschwitz and that's where she was that's where she died aged 39 yeah so this book that we're looking at was actually published in 2004 yes yeah I read that it was like so she had it so many years she had these note notebooks these notes and she puts she'd kind of written these it was especially like five books and this is this films based on the first two and she'd written these notes in this in tiny handwriting in his books and she handed them to her daughter before she was kind of you know arrest yeah and killed and then her daughters they kept it they thought it was just a diary they didn't know it was a novel yeah yeah and so they didn't look at it until like 1998 they just yeah yeah bother and then they read it was like wow actually and then got it published and then it became a best-seller in 2004 yeah so you know that's like a story in itself you can make a film out of that in itself that's one of the things that people have like said about in in some ways like nowadays books about that time will only ever be a reflection here where is like at the time this is of the time this is a true she was like in that and it's it's a book that's happened it's it's come up now so it's new yeah at that time yeah it's it's just wait yeah yeah yeah yeah so um so yeah I didn't know any of this when I it was a real you know it was a shock when I was like yakking at this and then so because of that I really there's not in terms of adaptations of the film we've only got this this is okay in recent films of the film we look you know is the 2015 yeah release yeah which I completely passed me by yeah when this was a great cast yeah yeah be good really good a great tragedy has overwhelmed our nation you are defeated and we are now in charge damned if I'm living by German time have you an officer good evening we don't look at him we don't speak to piano is yours I imagine I see everything that goes on in this house which are in my heart after they office of illicit I don't speak to was not whatever can i play you something this German is our enemy do you understand what should I believe that you're any better than those men ah nothing in common with these people the only person have something in common with SEO so it's a film of the same name and it starts Michelle Williams in the title role which I know her from my week with marylin cheaply Marilyn my yeah I don't I know the name I feel like I know Martin oh yes yeah she was with Heath Ledger yeah she was Heath Ledger's partner I make all kids yeah yeah yeah you a lot of stuff I know from Dawson's Creek right okay yeah I didn't watch Dawson's Creek yeah it's just it doesn't scream quite a lot of stuff bitch she's a very good actress and we've got Christian Scott Thomas as well yep which I know her face and I know her name but looking through her films like she's in the English Patient which I think like she's one of those people you'd recognize but you might not necessarily know exactly what she's be she's and she's that age isn't she yeah yeah and then we'll get to the other people but the other one of the other guys I don't who Sam Riley it was who will get to he's a guy from Brighton Rock is he yeah but but the main star is Michelle Williams in the title role yeah so modern film I know let's just start off I really enjoyed it I enjoyed it too it was yeah it was really good like I kind of had a bit of an inkling I knew it would be where it was set so it's set in World War 2 France yeah like I wasn't sure if I was expecting like a war film it's more like a sort of love story type remember yes it's a love story that's not a love story isn't yeah it's a bit of a it's a look so that can't be a love story yes okay I kind of like an unrequited love that is it knows how to ice wine isn't it so whoa let's try me let's try and explain explain what we laughs so we have Lucille Lucille Lucille Lucille who is Michelle Williams yeah and she lives with her mother in law yes in a big country house so it's not like in Paris it's kind of like a country it's it's more in the country isn't it looking more like a little town yes yeah and they own lots of properties like a big house yeah and yeah and they rent and they own yeah yeah so Michelle I'm sorry Lucille is married and her husband is off in the war yeah so you've got her in the mother-in-law staying at the house and there it's Gaston they call him doing that yeah yeah which makes me think could be in the base well Gaston was like just been like Lord or something in French but they call him that yeah I don't know I don't know anyway yeah so he he's whatever yeah and she's not really I don't think she's not really in a happy marriage from the sounds of it but like I think like she likes him like she just care about him and she's married to him but she really hates this mother-in-law and she's like yeah they don't get on so they're living into the same hat right yeah not only agree with like the mother-in-law's methods I guess and the mother is Christian Scott Thomas yeah and I think that relationship because the writer she didn't go with their mother I think that's yeah that's what obviously reflected in yeah yeah in the writing yeah and then it starts off you kind of get to know kind of town because they're going around collecting the rent and the farm houses and you get to meet a few other kind of sort of little characters that they know yeah and you see well there's lots of people fleeing so they're out in the car and then loads of people are going past with like suitcases and luggage and stuff like loads of like town folk yeah and are they fleeing from Paris to the country or no they're fleeing out of the town because then the Nazis are coming in to be conveyed aren't like so at the moment when we find them there's just the normal town as normal and then you see all these people trying to get away yeah with all their belongings stuff yeah and then like but they stay yeah it well there's like some planes come down don't they yeah my bomb them and stuff it comes clear that like they're not the nuts is going to take over that yeah the time yes but they kind of stand not stand ground but they stay and they are tasing I just have to like the mayor of the town is like right there coming and like this is taste you know they they meet up with the leaders and stuff and they have to do it and part of it so all the town's folk and everything they have to have all these Nazi officers like live with them and stuff no like a sign so literally just at the door they like hi I'm coming to live with you or not see officer we've taken over we are now living in your houses and all this stuff but they live in there as well kind of thing yeah it's weird yeah like yeah it's we has no I guess like I don't know maybe it was like to watch over them as well yeah you keep an eye on them and stuff it's probably a bit of that as well but like just all like a science and I guess I don't know I don't know maybe it was sort of like this sort of idea of nothing's changed and we'll we're all in this sort of like we're here it's a well part of the same community we're also like an idea but actually this is what the dark undercurrent to it as well as it is so they they have a German soldier live with them who is called Bruno von Faulk yeah Bruno Bruno let's just come Bruno yeah Bruno so he's quite high up officer there's lead them and cuz they're quite well-to-do so yeah they're in like the nicest house in the town yeah the same and the mayor yeah and then there has like the main yeah the mayor and his wife for like hosting all that are the offices and stuff yeah grand house kind of thing yeah and the mayor's wife is and the mother entertainment ah recognized her yeah then what happens what happens is she well that you there's something I don't like cuz I didn't I didn't spot it to begin with and then it made sense later so the mare comes and asks because he brings us cigars and his like uh my wife's bothered by the office anyway that they could basically not stay in the house yes and he's like well no so he like agrees that the officer could go move somewhere else or something like that living at them and everyone in other words the mayor's like do I have to do this yeah and actually further down the line ends up doing him in yes yes so they laugh so everyone's got these offices and then the man moves his officer out he sort of like yeah very like falesha but it says a lot about his character doesn't it that like he sort of like do I have to obey the rules you know he brings cigars and he's trying like sweet-talked nazi whatever yeah yeah so it's like yeah yeah so then that officer is sent over to just one of the local farms yeah to live with a husband and wife yeah and the husband's there because he's like lame yeah I'll aim like go back so he couldn't go out and fight yeah and he's Sam Reilly the guy from Brian Rozier's I didn't it was only really when I saw the credits cuz he looks different got a bit of a beard and stuff but he's our main guy now you've said that yes he looked a bit like Brendan Fraser to begin with I was kept thinking burn it so he's he's there and he's a bit not he couldn't go and fight so he's working on the farm with his wife yeah kind of the poor end I know he's got a Nazi officer then they get this really annoying guy that living with them there's Nazi he's like winding the mark the fact that he's now out of anyone he's now living there yeah yeah so and so then that situation starts yeah so you've got that situation of the farmhouse and then you've got Lucille and the mother at that that house and then you seal starts to kind of make friends with Bruno yeah a little bit well Bruce is quite quiet he's quite quiet he plays the piano yeah and he's a he doesn't really want to kill any he's you find out doesn't really want to kill anyone yeah he doesn't get in their way he's not super athletic isn't he yeah he doesn't well that comes out later but I think to begin with he's not rude to them he hundred I think appreciates doesn't either he's probably an inconvenience in their life so he just sort of like he's polite hmm but not over polite and he doesn't get in no way and I suppose the piano and goes to bed and just and then he tries doesn't he say tries to approach her try or tries to be helpful because she's carrying her bags one day since she's in town and he says like can I help you there and it's in front of all the offices and she like take sort of a fence or something yeah first obviously because you would be if they've invaded your village they like ignoring them yeah but not on the road but just be like not normally they're all like being a bit like oh you know like they say don't in their thing oh she's like we haven't seen men in the towns yeah a long time and then suddenly all these like men have appeared who are tops often yeah yeah yeah yeah so um so there's bits of kind of narration of the sound just over the top of kind of what's happening when the village gets taken over yeah yeah and then you find out I got a little bit confused here because Bruno is in in the house and he's got he's opening lots of letters and it's his job to read through these letters about sort of like and she explains it like gossip yeah at the villages and stuff he's basically like the post yeah but but she so she finds out that she's looking through his desk and everything I was like what and he's like look this is and he's quite upfront he's like I've been told to read through all these letters they were about everybody in the village and stuff and she says something like other people trying to get their own back and all this kind of stuff I was trying to think who wrote these letters of the it seemed to me that either people in the village are right in like gossip about themselves like they wouldn't do that who's writing these letters about people because it's like also and so said an affair with so-and-so or so and so it's done this I got confused I who's writing these letters like and like I think it's just letters to loved ones so like you know my husband's off at war and you just cover you just corresponding because some mother says like he's lost and like Gaston the husband yeah he's lost and they doesn't seem like he is does it because she's so corresponding with I don't know I just got really confused but I think it could be something like I don't know I'm guessing because she says the mother-in-law oh you should see what has been written about you kind of thing yeah yeah who's writing about these people I think it's just so like odd cut because like it's kind of like the way that we text message maybe now it's like you write letters to like their loved one away and it'd be like sort of like I don't know like here in the town today this happened and she thinks she's like so you know she thinks she's the best and she doesn't even know that this is going on in her life does it probably more that okay it's probably more that I reckon like this is what's going on in my life sort of thing I really miss you send it off to my loved one I'm right back and forth you know right I see I I get I guess so yeah just confuse me a little bit like woohoo and she yeah it's probably a lot and she's that are they just oh so gossip what they're just saying anyway yeah so then he's they differentiate develops and they had the love of music so they talk about music and yeah and the piano and stuff he's actually writing music yeah in his spare time yeah yeah being an artsy write into music reading some lettuce busy life CT and then really the plot then kind of steps up when the Sam Reilly the guy on the farm he's he's been stealing like they're really really poor and they don't have much food so he is caught by the mayor's wife stealing like chickens from their shed or something yeah yeah one night and she's like give that back you know they're not and then he's he says how's it go basically he's not look like everyone does they get out she goes and tells her husband the mayor and she very much she's like sort of who did you like you know I'm the mayor's wife sort of attitude and this is her big mistake because then she says to the mayor but the mayor's like what I can't do anything about it kind of thing and she's like yeah yeah and then she's like well he tried he'd like threatened me with a gun yeah yeah she's got a gun yeah and he was like yeah people have everyone's that because I had to hand in their guns when the Nazis took over but everyone's like hidden them and like you know and then she lies to him and says well he threatened me with a gun and that's when the mayor's like right we need nothing about this so then the so he tells the the German officers doesn't eat and they go to the farm yeah and then he's a runner does a run-up but he kills an officer yeah he does a runner yeah goes out so they're like right we get they're gonna kill him yeah yeah and the wife is he's got wife and kids and stuff yeah so that kind of ramps up that so he's on the run and then we flip back again to Bruno and Lucille and they like so they have well they kind of have sex in there there's that bit they basically start a proper affair don't oh yeah cause it goes this out well that was it as well so because someone knows that doesn't come out yet oh no no he does because basically Lucille is like walking and she sees one of the girls in the town having sex with an officer and she goes don't you judge me and she's like well dont you judge me she was like you need to read this as everyone knows what your husband's doing everyone knows about that so she goes back but she reads all her letters she finds out that Gaston actually know me as a fab but as like a hold of a family yeah and so she goes nuts and he's like so like the mother like you knew this new you're this and and so that's when she sort of allows herself to be a break that wall I think like she'd solve like been intrigued does it gives that pressure you've been intrigued by Gus and I maybe knew it was wrong yes she's married and of who he is and then she allows herself to like and so yeah you're right they just like house and then they like f6 in the living room yes go upstairs because they like right there next the front door when the love is about to come home so that happens and then the mother's gonna go away for some reason so she's so then Lucille is like we're getting ready for dinner and candles and yeah a nice meal for them the officers to come home yeah but then instead it's the farmer's wife yeah comes Tara says he's on the run you need to help me yeah and she's like I don't want to help you know like she doesn't want to help initially does she yeah she's waiting for this for what's-his-name to come home and a romantic dinner and everything yeah but then he's out on that he it's because he's like the lieutenant he's out on the search party yeah I find this going get him and she's like and this farm was like where are your priorities like he's the reason that like my husband's out there and yeah and she's something else it's like yeah so she does help in the end yeah and they have hide him in the house in like a secret just to explain we would we have just stopped and had takeaway so now we just coming back into it I was just about to explain that if we sound a bit lethargic now yes tired why do we always do this don't we always it was good yeah and actually just sorry we've stopped doing snack seven weeks well curry was yeah we have the last couple episodes we have we would we we would have had something French yeah well we did French for lame ease didn't we here would it Bri Bri we've have cheese and bread again wouldn't wait yeah or like what do they eat you need a bit of chicken I chicken in my curry there we go chicken I had chicken in my car great without some chicken sorted anyway right so they have like a secret kind of hiding place behind like a cupboard yeah in in this house so the seal hides the farmer guy so meanwhile all of the Nazis in the all the German soldiers in there yeah village in looking so that's a decree don't they like he if he's not found so he's got to be found within 48 hours of why someone will be sacrificed yeah well otherwise the mayor will be sacrificed so that totally backfires cause that the wife was just trying to if she hadn't have said anything and lied yeah none of this would that wouldn't have happened and actually because he's not found they shoes Mme they execute him and it's Bruno yeah that has to shoot him and you can see he really doesn't want to do it and he's he is forced to do that in front of I mean he's got to do it he really doesn't want yeah I and is also think isn't nowhere like one of the offices is like I can smell other cigarettes and the house there's a little bit of fishing yeah and he kind of like I think he kind of knows that she could be because I think he knows that she's hiding him yeah but he chooses not to acknowledge it or he doesn't want to do anything about it doesn't yeah yeah because of why she would get in trouble as well yeah that she would be executed for having him yes yeah they're both weekend yeah that's yeah both of them really if they found out yeah yeah so the seals got the guy in in the house and the mother-in-law finds out and actually the mother-in-law she kind of she starts off quite of like you think I'll she's like a proper bitch but actually she she's like you know you should have just told me this and she's on board with it yes and she's an yeah she's not helping as well yeah so then they search all of the German soldiers go throughout they raid all the houses they raid their house so they know this is happening and there's that tense moment where are they gonna find them or not yeah and they don't yeah and they get away with it and they're like what we're gonna do then he's like well I can't stay in his house for the whole war and he's like I need gets Paris and she's like okay well gates parasite yeah but you're never gonna get through the border controls says she said I'll get Bruno it's get me up yeah so she goes she goes and shots of Bruno he's like is there anything you want to say anything you want to tell me and like you know I care about inches my and I've knocked enough enough deserve there's no problem he said okay I'll get you a pass so it gets her a pass yep so the farmer guy he's hiding in the boot of the car she was driving along to the checkpoint yeah and then that other sergeant who before was like I could smell cigarettes he was like yeah don't worry I thought it was a bit strange I could smell cigarettes so I put a note in the past to be like search the car I know so I was like no you can see me space you're like she's a really good moment that was Bruno's kind of like he's like yeah yeah am I gonna do now so yeah you're like and like she's completely unaware it yeah see and then so she gets to the checkpoint hands over the papers yeah there's two officers there one of them is looking at girl and he reads the note and he's like okay out the car let me search opens the boo-yeah and inside it's a Pharma guy shoots sheets to soldiers ready with the gun yeah shoots the other guy but he gets shot as well and injured the farmer going in like the tussle doesn't he yes yeah and then there's just someone about to shoot and the other soldier and then he gets shot in you're like what just happened yeah and what's he it's bruno coming up well you see Lucille gets the gun out yeah see someone's coming on a bike I thought she was I thought that was gonna be like the tragedy of it he's coming up to save her and then she doesn't know and shoots him I thought she was gonna shoot him yeah and then then when he gets there there's that moment where they look each other and it's like she's not then you think actually no she's not gonna actually kill him but yeah I don't think you have a moment well he looks at her and he realizes she lived on that I thought he was gonna go right he was gonna kill him yeah I really did think that's where he like realizes isn't ever like we couldn't be together this come here because yeah yeah that's that's the whole point that's the trattoria this is a reality of what our situation is and she realizes he's come all this way to save me but this is all this but I mean it's sad Oh yeah yeah definitely and that is also what it was well then she heads off with them farmer guide to get him across and there's just like a voiceover that says she never saw him again yeah and then she looked him up and dad and you don't really know what happens though it's probably because the original book only stops there and obviously there was going to be three more books yeah yeah to kind of carry it on so but it is a sort yeah he's tragedy in a way it's not but then gaeaf do you like bruno he is like supposed to be like a german soldier and he does kill people but you feel sympathetic for him I don't feel sympathy to him when it says you know I mean right he's like at the end of days like the hero characters sort of in the thing isn't he he's like no no you mean I don't you mean I'm trying to think how to like I would feel about him had to know it's a weird one isn't it cuz cuz she don't it's a love story that will never be a love story yeah and actually I don't even think it's a love story I think it's like it's war and it's two people like he's married it turns out isn't it and he's got a family and he's away from them and maybe he's not really in love with his maybe he's got well it shows both sides shows that away from family not with people maybe they're not happy yeah and they find each other in this situation they're quite similar as people they find something but it I suppose it's the I it's supposed to show like war affects everyone both sides and they're having that there's the same issues yeah both sides yeah and even though like so like even though he's a German soldier he might not see it it doesn't mean he's this young stereotype yeah which makes it even more when cuz she wrote me at that time yeah which makes it even more kind of powerful so you can see why this is in the list of on novels yeah yeah because of that cuz we always get the political and the social stuff I feel like this is even more yeah like important yeah absolutely my chiefest came out at the time I know can you imagine or even like five years after yeah like because up yeah it's on what this idea raised and I guess what history's put this idea and we have like this idea of what we just do I mean like whenever you think of the Nazis you have a specific thing in mind yeah and the reality is like anything when you break it down not everyone is like that yeah exactly yeah yeah it's like an example but it's like saying everyone is this one stereotype well that's not true no no you break people and so it's that breaks that point down but also like so it's just two people in a war in that situation both unhappy who meets in this similar circumstance come together but also can never be together I don't against each other yeah whatever way you look at it they are against each other hmm no I'm really yeah I've really enjoyed it actually I did it's really good I really enjoyed it yeah yeah yeah it's I'm surprised that I suppose I wouldn't when this was at the cinema I wouldn't kind of look out for something like this I realized something like this and actually the budget was 15 million and they actually box-office was nine point three so I don't think it did particularly well no it's more like you could if it wasn't like a blockbuster thing you see this is like a a BBC drama yes you're our drama type thing isn't it yeah yeah I didn't have to be like a Hollywood I mean it was great that it was and it looked good and it was well act did a great cast but you could have done this story as a BBC drama and it might have been a bit more it would have been just as good just as good yeah yeah cuz I actually I think it was BBC films was part of it wasn't the other thing yeah I remember the BBC yeah BBC films had a part of it yeah so you can tell Khan you is that kind of thing well yeah it don't you to be as big as it was no but that doesn't diminish it but like yeah I mean I think that says it all like we hadn't heard of it it would have been a big thing in the cinema is there a need no it doesn't mean need to be seen my thing yeah but it was really good and there was those moments of tension I quite like I have said I like kind of end of the world kind of films but I also like it sounds really weird like that kind of you know where like hiding him and there's like they in raid all the things or town is taken over look quite like that kind of thing yeah yeah even if like a war thing or if it's in space or whatever yeah I like that invader and the takeover and everyone has to be like you know I quite like that I don't know why that's just that kind of thing that I yeah I enjoy like I think I like that at the end though worried I like when when you question that sort of I like I like it when people are together I like it when I like it when people aren't right okay it sounds weird I like it when people aren't together as well like it's nice when people have like their romantic oh and this together and it's like Ryan I also like it when tragic yeah like the ending of atonement yeah it's really sad like actually that doesn't happen they didn't get together did that no no actually that whole ending was a lie yes yes you know what I mean like and I quite like I like that in a weird sad way I thought maybe Bruno might die I well I know like in the film yeah that very much I thought maybe yeah he would yes waiting for that to happen Anna Karenina that was that was an oh yeah oh yeah I've just you'll just come back to me yeah yeah Anna Karenina I'm trying to think of any other I'm trying to think of like the good ones that weapons in Jane Eyre does she they do get a lot of traditions like my prejudice they do because science hmm I do quite like it that's sort of where it goes against the grain a little yeah I guess yeah where it sort of questions your what's right yes yeah all it questions the sort of is it right yeah when like you could almost have at the end of this like and they were enough together and it's against oh yeah wouldn't have been surprised yeah yeah yeah I don't think yeah especially written at the time you probably wouldn't happen well it's it's been a successful one I would say yeah ha it is very much like its home in a niche Edgeley yeah actually let's just do our if you like this you like that would be on my list if you like this you it's very much like attainment yeah and it's very much like what she could to sit Anna Karenina like those two that you say yeah yeah if you like it's that kind of thing yeah onion as well like that kind of thing yeah whoa I don't really in terms of kind of war films if you're looking at that genre I'm not really sure I'm sure there's other ones thoughts about like because a time and sort of warriors oh yeah that that seems very similar the one pan scene one pan camera scene yeah exactly that's set in the war so yeah I would say atonement and Anna Karenina probably the yeah recommends with this like I was looking there's a director of this cuz this could have easily been am what's his name you should be director you're right Joe right you see Joe right doing some yeah yeah the director was saul dibb yeah and he hasn't actually done too many films actually I did have a look to see papers gone he did the duck chest with Keira Knightley oh yeah yeah that was his other kind of mange yeah that's it so maybe that's why I was thinking of like Joe Robert Joe right but yeah yeah I'd it was well you know well directed okay scores then some your scores calls out of 10 yes I think this might be quite high I want to say aids maybe I felt eight five eighths – hi well why why not you enjoyed a good story as you know I'm gonna go for AIDS yeah – it was a well how high if we got we haven't out of ten you have way you know thing I think we've done a nine for something what did I enjoy you need to keep the spring next time I will have this already yeah I did you know what I'm gonna say eight because it was I don't know if I would watch this I'd have to leave it a little while before I watched it again yeah you know I don't know sort of me I don't know if it's a sort of show you that story you'd lose a bit of that suspense don't you so that's a point actually I don't know how much of this I'm like I could watch I go okay so like atonement you know you just talk about that camera scene then I'm you know just thinking I can't I says no that's what we're saying about kind of the blockbuster there's no kind of set movie pieces like that yeah it's much more kind of drama yeah it's not real it'll bit of action we have you know chases and guns and stuff but there's nothing like a big kind of Wow kind of moment no but I like the story is because focuses on the story so I'm gonna say hey that's mine I'm sticking it up I'm just we need an a after bloom last time hungry the second or just because I of the reason I just said I don't think that after I've watched it and I could be wrong I don't think it's the kind of film that like have no I've watched it it's not a sort of film that I could be like oh I'll tell you a good film if someone mentioned it do you know what I mean yeah where is like if someone mentions like like Pride and Prejudice or atonement or those sorts I kind of think oh yeah like I let you and you said oh I think it's that is if you ain't said it maybe not be said I was like oh yeah that's a right yeah okay like I can picture certain things where I'm like I kind of I have to real I think I don't think that scene and I know we've seen I would think of with this but I don't think it'll stick with me long enough the seam rays coming up on the bike is the scene I think I stick with all right okay what'd you think of when you think of this film what's the one scene you think of if you were to pick out one scene of this film I suppose when they're raiding all the houses looking for him and I think they're gonna find it or not yeah or actually the mayor being shot yeah was a big scene was a moment because you didn't I wasn't sure if that would actually happen on our yeah see I felt it would happen I knew that would happen I felt like but it wasn't like I wasn't so I've really enjoyed that seen him riding up and like yeah yeah yeah but like by she was quite impressive that when they got bombed at the beginning yeah that was quite a bit yeah it was a good start to it but it didn't really then he went into the drama that yeah there wasn't really anything else that was yeah I know what you mean by saying aye yeah I'm gonna go to seven okay Mary Whitehouse has scale of morals and debauchery debauchery I think well yet there was a bit of definitely violence yeah and then he you know as I run the Kapler yeah and was amazing the woods and this affairs it's not that gory actually cuz you don't see him being shot when it's the mayor like full up do you just a little bit but it's not like that was I'll tell you what I didn't like and I think it where it went well with that actually because he shoots him and then they go up in check and he's still alive yes then if to do again and they go up and check any still life so that's when he has to do it yeah and that I thought was really good because like they've done it twice and he's like oh is it twice I can't member but they shoot him then he has to do so actually that forces him to kill someone yeah maybe doesn't want to do it yeah it's like yeah that was really good or is it my it's not just he's commanding them to do some was God doing actually Mary Whitehouse would not approve of that at all no she would not see I'm not approve essaouira marry me no she wouldn't like I'm gonna give it a 4 for ya because he actually the sexy was a bit like a tournament in a way it was not was bad no no no child walks in on it rape situation may proclaim what so what do we say for for yeah yeah yes I think for for Mary what yes yeah you sure you don't look cavalry mmm just thinking the violence it's not a lot of nice is not yeah no you're right for its me other than that other than that it's offering chef but yeah nice that one scene for then for Mary Whitehouse yeah that's it doesn't it yeah another one done nothing but it was good that was an easy one yeah yeah I knew that we'll watch shows like because it's more a modern film as well yeah I'm more of a recent one yeah they're our most recent one actually that we've watched 2015 yeah maybe is actually you are yeah 2015 Carly great cool well if you have seen this film and want to let us know what you think you can email us screen spheal pod at yeah or Twitter screens for pod or Facebook screen spill pod would you so dare do let us know and I'm not sure what we're gonna do next actually we'll have to have a you've watched me nice children I need to watch that again because I can't remember no before you forget yeah this is age this is problem we have for me yeah and it's pretty long it was together yeah we'll have to I will have to watch that again refresh my mind there we are and well um thanks for listening yeah also you can listen to us on Spotify just to say that we haven't said that for a while no or on iTunes as well where everywhere yeah we are everywhere basically if Mark could find it that's where we are yeah so yeah well thanks for listening and we will see you soon yeah okay

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