Now I’m always smiling | The Dark Knight

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen We are…tonight’s entertainment Only have one question Where is Harvey Dent?? Do you know where Harvey is?
Do you know who he is? Hands up, pretty boy Do you know where I can find Harvey?
I need to talk to him about something. Just something little. Huh? No? What’s going on out here? Wayne? – Oh thank God, he’s got a panic room.
– Hey, wait. Uh, you’ve got to be kidding me – You know, I’ll settle for his loved ones
– We’re not intimidated by you thugs. You know…you remind me of my father. – I hated my father.
– Ok, stop. Well, hello beautiful You must be Harvey’s squeeze. And you are beautiful. Well, you look nervous. Is it the scars? Wanna know how I got ’em? Come here. Hey.
Look at me. So, I had a wife…beautiful like you who tells me…I worry too much Who tells me I oughta smile more. Who gambles and gets in deep. The sharks… Hey…one day they carve her face.
We have no money for surgeries. She can’t take it. I just wanted to see her smile again. Hmm? I just want her to know that I don’t care about the scars. So…I stick a razor in my mouth…and do this…to myself… And you know what? She can’t stand the sight of me She leaves…now I see the funny side Now I’m always smiling A little fight in you? – I like that!
– Then you’re gonna love me. Drop the gun. Sure, you just take off your little mask and show us all who you are…hmm? – Let her go.
– Very poor choice of words. Are you alright? Let’s not do that again. – Is Harvey ok?
– He’s safe.

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  2. Joker is misleading cos earlier in the film, he gives another reason for his scars. He says it was his father who made it.

  3. I like how batman dosent kill joker and how the joker never kills him they really are destined to do this forever

  4. France Interpol : Philadelphia police : protect the Caucasian lead actor in this video clip YouTube immediately

  5. 1990 joker – made from a car of chemicals. 2019 joker – made from society.

  6. Do you where he is. Do you know who he is? 👍🏾👍🏾
    And thumbs up for joker throwing Rachel out the window. The 89 joker would’ve danced with her.

  7. Oh cmon this is the worst Batman by far just look how robotic he is and his fighting style is really dumb. I'm nit hating, but It's truth at least hire someone who can fight. 2:53 Like WTF how stupid is that.

  8. What’s so terrifying is that we can only imagine what his wife would’ve looked like

    Edit: I forgot to type wife😂!

  9. that was so…..

  10. 2:44 when I see my bully picking on my friend and fight my bully in the crowd

  11. What's crazy about Ledger's Joker, is that when it first announced, I just couldn't see it – there was no way I thought the guy would be able to pull off the character. If I remember correctly, most of the comic book community wasn't on board when he was cast. Then I see the Dark Knight, and his performance haunts me. It's perfect. Jesus, he became the Joker.

  12. Best Batman movie ever made. Heath ledger played one of the best villain ever among Jack Nicholson

  13. Just realised he's holding the shotgun that he took from the banker in the opening scene.

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  17. this nigga batman has no superpowers and was able to survive a drop from a building that who knows how high is like holy shit batman is underrated

  18. Best batman snd joker bale looks like a bruce wayne.but they fight nothing like batman

  19. Batman: let her go!

    Joker: very poor choice of words!

    And for once the bad guy is right😂

  20. Joker: a little fight in you I like that !
    Batman: thEnAujfjmfejngMe

  21. Real joker is alive in our heart 🤡❤❤❤❤❤ .R.I.P. heath ledger like if you agree

  22. oh boy you shouldn't call the joker thug, he hate that and if you see his eyes you can see the instant hatred for his father

  23. Then you're gonna love me.

    Nobody's going to talk about the intense of the BGM!? 🔥😍

  24. When they were shooting this scene it was the first time Michael Cane (who plays Alfred) saw Heath in his Joker makeup. He was actually supposed to say a line at that point but he was terrified of Heath. That look on his face at 0:01 was REAL shock.

  25. imagine when he got cast and you cunts claimed how he would suck at this movie. dude DIED, giving his best performance ever.

  26. “Oh thank god you have a panic room”
    closes and leaves them
    “Oh you’ve gotta be kidding me”

  27. Joker: you look nervous, is it the scars
    Me: no it's because she knows what you did with her brother

  28. how joker can out of this building ? batman can hold doors and elevator below

  29. 1.3 пидары учите английский а не ставти дизлаики

  30. Was a great scene until that silly slide down the roof. That looks more like the Adam West Batman.

  31. She looks like the joker and u want to fuck the joker with his make up on and him naked … but scared as hell of Rachel the big puffy zit head face … her face needs to be poped like zit ..!!! She’s scary looking ..!!! All I can think about is fucking the joker and running scared away from Rachel the human zit ..!!!

  32. I am more beautiful than her by farrrrrr…!!!!!
    U have no taste in women … u have no class obviously …!!!!! She looks distorted and de formed as fuck ..!!! Ewwww

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  34. I think u used a girls face with diabetes that just died and her face was puffed up at the morge .. and then photoshopped it to play the role of Bith Rachel’s disembowled from the mortuary ..!!
    It’s gross looking ..!!! U really think the world wants to see the iconic gorgeous bat-fuck wit this ugly girl who is not beautiful at all ..!!! Iconic gorgeous couples in movies together is what sells out into the public and ticket buyers … not this ugly bullshit here .. Rachelle ..!!! But I like to look at the mistakes of the film makers on this shit … it just seems to get worse and worse as the movies are made these days … !! Good or bad intentions or not ..!!! It’s your buisness ..!!! I don’t care if Rachel or mike Lund is really Britney or s guy or girl it Rachel Dawes in this movie ..??!!! It’s very hard to watch her in this movie … she’s very very ugly and strange looking … not in a good way either ..!!!!
    So if u liked her look sooo much ..? Why not put her in a lot more films u make ..??? I mean she is bat mans women ..!! In real life I bet too..!!!
    U have an ugly chick bat man so that all the attention is on u ..!!! I get it ..!!! I got it ..!!! But to bring it into the movies as Rachel is just poor taste at that …!!! Whatever u do in your future films …
    Do not use the face of my beautiful daughter .. after seeing this disasterous puke here Rachel …
    go use her face again for upcoming films … u don’t deserve to use the mist beautiful faces as my daughters face etc..!!! Not after this joke of a joke !
    Related ..??? I am not related to Rachel looking thing on here as bat Fucks puffy faced puke ..!!!
    How embarrassing for u ..! Scott is still alive and so is mike and tony Dave Kent heather etc.. mike Lund is Britney a girl with a boys voice … and the joker here heath ledger has a chin dimple like Dave Clawson ..!!! There were two different Dave Clawsons growing up that I saw ..!! But why ..????

  35. This is a story about cancer victims and the jokers and treatments huh ..??? How cancer the joker invades everywhere … gets up after chemo sometimes and comes back to invade … bat man the hero is the rich bachelor trying to kill it out of humans bodies etc…!!! Life savers in Star Wars are the light beans that can zap cancer cells if caught soon enough that invade by the smiths ..!! They do it to people on purpose .. give people cancer so that they can make the do cslled expensive treatments to help cure it and put doctors into buisness ..!!! They target 🎯 people not the smiths but the good Jedi’s in the movie ..!!! Or is it the other way around !!! U bad people put cancer into victims on purpose and other diseases etc.. into the human population and gene pool … and enemies who won’t join the church etc..!! But u targeted one too important for your bullshit ..!!

  36. “You have fight in you, I like that”

    So that’s why he loves Batman a lot.

  37. Starting from 1:30, i felt like i was the one getting intimidated by the Joker and got super uncomfortable , this man was a legendary actor

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