Nu Är Det Min Tur (Poem) – Shortfilm | Spit It Out Productions

I’m saying ‘stop’. And you say ‘keep going’. I say ‘stop’ again.. but you say ‘keep going’ again. I’m shouting stop but you ignore my scream and hope. Bloody and ragged I lay on the ground, exposed, restrained and small.. While you… In a power-frenzy, destroy my trust. You say, the most important is to hush my ‘no’ and do your thing. Off with the pants and shirt, kneel.. because if you don’t.. You’ll threaten to kill me. Afraid and powerless I lay unconnected.. Only your breathing is heard. You’re not finished. Panic-freak, here’s nothing angelic. Only a cold body. An inner voice screaming, crying, patronizing. Chained in the dark, it’s my fault. I should have seen it. Someone please take me to a hospital.. One.. Two.. Three.. Done and proud, you leave me sold. Afraid and despairing, I’m grabbing a razor. It feels like a fireplace, a burning soul.. ..that’s soon to be a farewell. The shame and hate that is growing like weeds.. while you went around, playing your part.. I’m stuck in the cage, no exit to be seen. I just wanted to escape. You took control, just like you wanted to. You wandered the streets, like a damn prince.. Nobody knew what you did. As a victim I’m silenced. Nobody listens, nobody wants know. So I walk alone. Always looking over my shoulder. Days, months and years have passed.. And my body is full of abuse, being used.. I really reached.. the bottom.. Society does just like you. They silence my shout, ignore my hope. They keep me quite. I just want to fly away and disappear.. from my trains of thoughts.. I beg and I plead.. ..when is this going to end.. ..sleepless nights, nightmares.. ..that never stop playing games.. a god damn.. ..slideshow. Again and again I punish myself.. ..for falling in your trap because I.. ..tiny me.. ..punish, degrade and hate myself.. But why? I just ruin, smite and interrogate.. ..but in the end it’s only up.. me. You run in your green fields, happy and proud.. because you just succeded to get away.. ..again. ..and again.. ..and again. Just like it was your appetizer, main and desert. But I’ve had enough.. it’s My Turn to capture the day. Now it’s my turn, out of my cage.. ..I’m not going to be anyones pet.. I break myself free and let myself go. I break away from the chains that held me down.. a dark room, that kept me mute.. ..I break free and will fight for.. ..womens bodies and get our own.. ..chapter in the book of law. I’m saying stop. And I will fight for a fair society.. ..where there is hope. It doesn’t matter if you’re naked, drunk, lightly clothed.. Nobody deserves to be afraid.. of being violently undressed, to then end up.. ..on a deathbed. It’s our turn to stand in the light.. ..I’m saying stop and no longer has any control.. And I will no longer be your ashtray.. Or a damn sex-shop. I take back my hope. And my own… .. Grip of life.

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