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Hi y’all, welcome
to the Nuyorican. Yeah! The Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe is
a home that welcomes all people to express themselves
through poetry, music, comedy, and all the arts. It first started
out of necessity. CARIDAD DE LA LUZ:
Puerto Ricans that were displaced and came
to New York City found a place to speak their truth. It started with Latinos, but
it’s part of the entire New York City history. There were a lot of people
within the community that weren’t having the
kind of opportunities to showcase their art, so
this gave them that space. J. F. SEARY: [INAUDIBLE]
has been integral. I remember when I did
my first show here, there were so many people,
friends, and family that came out because
I think they also valued the importance of getting
up on the Nuyorican stage. It’s also a place where someone
can be in the nascent stage of their work, and start to
put it in front of audiences and see what they
can do with it. The first time that I came
to the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe and wrote my name on the open
mic list, I was so, so nervous. You couldn’t enjoy
what was really happening until you were done. And I got a standing
ovation my very first time. So I was automatically hooked. Everyone is coming to
the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe. We had hip hop, blues,
salsa, international music. The energy is infectious. You see how
well-supported everyone who gets up on that stage is. There are a lot of talented
people in this world. And I get to see
them in the open mic. (SINGING) [INAUDIBLE]
I’m handsome. [INAUDIBLE] handsome. Those girls got a thing for
me, because I’m handsome. Nuyorican Poet’s
Cafe is a sanctuary. It’s where my dearest
friends hone their craft. This whole place is just
made for people with drive. Everyone is just so welcoming. And they do a beautiful job. They really know how
to make people feel comfortable being vulnerable. One way that we can really
think about Hispanic Heritage Month is looking at it as
a springboard to learning about Latino culture. There is no American history
without the history of Latino. If I could sum up the
Nuyorican in one word, it would have to be home. If you want to come
and share work, even if it hasn’t been revised
yet, even if it’s not perfect, you’re going to
come, and people are going to listen and more than
likely resonate with someone. The Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe
has a little bit for everyone, even if you’re not a
connoisseur of the arts. Everyone is welcome. This is the soul
of New York City. This is really where the stories
get told, the truth gets told. If you’re looking for that
positive energy, a place where you can authentically
be yourself, come to the Nuyorican
Poet’s Cafe.

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