Nuyorican Poets Cafe – "Isms" (NPS 2013)

so what you talking about not another of this stage Mike wait I monster on the mic so what you talking about not another purpose racism home I deliver prophecies to topple Memphis awfully reaching the truth to all mankind SB my bow fit when i name the trauma hold it for what it was the shame beckoning at my feet my thighs still remembering the beasts faith and you called exotic what I call divine don't know the punch I sing to a black man home him no sanction by the state track back the cavil and purchase grave from you black nation poem not another me yelling at you this is search the house of somebody's Genesis redux word wrapped flesh so my savior when I uttered the word rape and a room full of poets I didn't know of course she did a rape poem she knows how to get the sores every poem I write is a black girl as an apology sounding thing so watch me once watch me minimize struggle fever to a call call me harlot vixen black boy now another racism poem sweeping from its noosa fried chicken any racial black death poem yes another black death poem till our bodies cease being the chambers of lead that will always be another one Josh I would read you the numbers but then this would be just another tonight there will be no meant and vengeful laughter nothing funny about a country that says black man don't matter not solids liquids yes no plasma resurrected behind a mic fulfill my destiny to submission glorifying God to show appreciation of my existence when I shared my story my wounded and shocked the sudden and violent blow when the impact became too much from my bones the Beast became to many different faces o story there's another poem alive us women story watch them feed your sorrows to the teeth watch them cry you lady wake all the woman out of you do not categorize a drama purpose races now whisper your malice this be catharsis how we shed our skin here like a slaughterhouse new Eureka

43 thoughts on “Nuyorican Poets Cafe – "Isms" (NPS 2013)

  1. Everytime i watch this over again, I gain another piece of it and it hits me harder and harder.
    "do not categorize us!"

  2. "she knows how to get the points!" wow. completely appalled. amazing job and orchestration to all poets.

  3. I've listened to this so many times and it still hits just as hard as when I listened to it the first time.

  4. Shit I almost cried.
    This is so true, especially when I hear people complaining about social justice, how people are always saying we're "complaining" or say we're "pulling the race card" or whatever other bullshit, because they can't seem to grasp that this is truth, this is our lives.

  5. Listened to it more than once and the power of it never fades. Just wow.

  6. I can be ALL Up night watching these videos, but I really have to take time to absorb! Haha, Cause it becomes so engulfing. Breathing in and out!

  7. It was like the 5 of them were this big monster and they delivered as they worked as one. Amazing

  8. that was so powerful and over whelming brought me to tears 
    so much respect for you guys young people don't get respect for things like this by there peers i think you guys are amazing  

  9. i'm amazed this isn't one of the most shared videos on Button Poetry. impressive and musical.

  10. I still can't believe this doesn't have as many likes as some others. I've watched it a few times.

  11. That was definitely something I needed to hear. Poetry that leaves you more aware of yourself and the world around you is the best kind of poetry.

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