NYBG Kids' Poetry Reading

and I'm thrilled to be here it was an honor to read the poems of the winners we read as Alice's lots and lots and lots of poems and when I was judging the only thing I knew about you young poets was your what grade you were in I didn't know what gender you were what your chosen gender was I didn't know I didn't know what your race loves I didn't know what your economic class was I didn't know anything and I just said to myself I hope when I meet the poets that they represent New York City so it's so great to be standing here in interphase with such a mix of people of young people all of you so brilliant they get unbearably hot so you blow and blow and blow look so look I wouldn't turn out to be the Sapphire we're like whistles coming alive from all different directions a star the work is a start the artist is the star black is a star how can I just believe that art to be made of glass and icicle like spires can make me feel something inside your me and of glass you listen he is blue as the water so stay with me [Applause] you

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