23 thoughts on “O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman (read by Gilberto Graywolf)

  1. Dear Gil,
    You read it beautifully and its a great surprise upon my visit as it is the first poem that crossed my mind when I heard the sad passing of Mr. Robin Williams! I started a sketch on his honor but was slightly too emotional to finish so I just let it go….perhaps at some other time will finish it. I do miss him! – It is that scene from 'The Dead Poets Society' when students grant him the highest respect by standing on top of desks calling 'O Captain! My Captain!' ; such display of human emotion is beyond comprehension touching and truly glorified cinematically Whitman's poem too. Again, you read it beautifully and I enjoyed the ships you used; wonderful setting. Thank you for sharing your talent – Greetings

  2. You MUST try listening to this poem with the mr. bean soundtrack in the background. It sounds like they were made for each other. Just type in: "Mr. Bean Intro Soundtrack / Theme" and let them play at the same time, with the soundtrack maybe a couple seconds ahead. I promise you will not be disappointed.

  3. perfect for my declemation for enghlish I am
    James grade 5 Narra

  4. Thats is my poem of my school in grade 5 contest o captain my captain

  5. its beaitifully recited…
    although it was meant to b recited in this tone still…it is really beautiful..in ur voice….i nvr flt it lyk this way…👍👍

  6. Do people in the Southern United States understand this means that the Confederacy was bad?

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