Object – Original Slam Poem (CC)

I am not your object I am not your pet I am not something for you to win I am not something for you to mold, to shape, to make, to form I am not a keepsake I am not a trophy I am not a cheap thing to be bought I am not legos that you can build up and push over once you’re done with me I am not a body to sell your products I am not points for a status update And I am not a catchy line in a song I am not a sum of my pieces I am not something to satisfy your needs These are things I tell myself over and over Things I remind myself about again and again Words I etc into my eyelids as I fall asleep But when I awake I am bombard with people and images, and songs, and sounds, and ideas that just make me feel like less and make me feel unimportant and it swirls around and it’s everywhere and it doesn’t stop Because is my love for life, and people, and the beauty that makes this world go round less important than the beauty around my face The beauty that holds up this shaky frame that will soon decay and leave me with time (blurred lines plays) Because in that case I guess I am your object.

26 thoughts on “Object – Original Slam Poem (CC)

  1. You have such an incredible and powerful way with words that translates in the writing and the delivery. Loved it!

  2. I thought: wouldn't it be better if she was lit up a bit better? Then I realised that that's exactly how you must feel, with your personality hidden by all those representations of women, so it actually reinforces your message! Well done!

  3. This is incredible. The way you were just watching the footage and we KNEW the exact reaction on your face without even looking at it is astonishing. You are so wonderful.

  4. Likex1000. This video and your Self Portrait are both super amazing and talented

  5. So. Damn. On. Point. 

    Love you <3 we're not objects and we never will be!

  6. The last part in particular was really powerful, how you grew silent and faced the images before your last line. This is solid, I like it!

  7. As a spoken-word poet, I get so excited whenever I see someone else do slam poem. I loved the tone of the poem, it was just so gorgeous. It made me have goose bumps. Great job! 😀

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