Obscura | Perpetual Infinity – Official Guitar Playthrough by Rafael Trujillo

34 thoughts on “Obscura | Perpetual Infinity – Official Guitar Playthrough by Rafael Trujillo

  1. His guitar playing is so fast, it's like a stop motion picture. Like I'm watching Wallace and Gromit Shred the Hell out of a Guitar.

  2. Wouldnt it be hilarious if after dropping a quadrilogy based on cosmology if the guys drom obscura ended up being flat earthers

  3. Sons of America (Mexico) and Europe (Austria) creates monsters… in the good sense!

  4. That's Awesome A's Hell Love It. 🤘 Whit Dose 🎸 You Make The Videos I Will Watch Them. keep 🤘.. Troyster.

  5. What a clean player, glad to see they got someone to pick up in Muenzner's place. I want this guy's guitar so bad

  6. My head just fucking exploded of thinking of Trujillo and Fountainhead in the same band!

  7. Holy hell… first time listening to this guy and I’m blown away!!! Amazing work!

  8. Rafael is amazing. Probably one of the most creative Heavy Metal guitarist in recent time. He understand harmony and melody and don’t play generic like many metal guitarists play.

  9. fuck the guitar tone is so fucking tasty.. i want to consume it

  10. What do you choose between Ibanez Guitar and Kiesel Carvin Guitar?

  11. Who could imagine that I didn't felt sad about the Muenzer absence?

  12. My kind of band, love see nice melody with weight without losing body of the lines !

  13. This song and fractal dimension are amazing, hell the whole album was phenomenal!!

  14. AaAAaaaaAAAAAaaaaa I need more, more, more. Virtuoso as hell👌👌👌👌👌

  15. Obscura are just one of those bands that just know what the fuck their doing and never disappoint. Would absolutely love to see a guitar cover of Akroasis from them, though. Nonetheless, this is an amazing song, great album and superb instrumental writing.

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