OH FOOLISH MAN – Poem by Paul Lanman

Oh Foolish Man
What abominations hast thou committed in my Name?
I bestowed upon thee, and thine, the gift of life,
And the gift of infinite fatherly love! I set thee, in the centre of a paradise true.
Fashioned by the work of mine own loving hands, For thou alone! And yet, thou has brought
naught But desolation, to this thine home, and to
thy kind! I weep the despondent tears of a grieving
Father. As mine eyes look down upon the hollow
souls, Thou hast become, in thy greed, and thy lust for power. I fashioned thy kind, in love and reason!
Yet thou manifest niether in thy thoughts, nor actions!
I have sent to thee, many enlightened ones, Since your first generations, seen as prophets, and teachers. They came to thee to plead, in my loving name,
To correct thy crooked and evil course! Then thou takest their words of love and goodness,
And twist their meaning to fit thine own evil deeds!
Thou hast become such a bitter taste in my mouth.
And my love for thee, is shaken to the very core!
But for, the flickering torch of love, I dimly still see,
Amongst those few, whose struggling glow, yet prevails.
Like weakly burning embers, nearly lost in the black ashes
Of the fire of desolation, thou has chosen to follow!
I would cleanse thy fouled garden with fire And all the darkness that walks within!
But it is yet my hope! That the winds of righteousness Might yet rise up, and fan thy burning embers
to life. To become once more, thy great flame of pure
love and light. As a beacon to thee, to walk in the light
of truth, and To love one another
Just as thy Father has loved thee!

2 thoughts on “OH FOOLISH MAN – Poem by Paul Lanman

  1. This video was very powerful to me… Thank you so much for giving my words and your video to the world… I would hope beyond all things that it will begin to make some changes in the way people think!

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