You Millennials are entitled lazy, just a waste of space .If you even have a job you always show up late. You don’t care about anybody but yourself Just a bunch of flakes. You’re the worst generation ever. What could you possibly have to say? First of all, we didn’t just land on planet Earth. Don’t be a jerk. You were the generation before us so it was your duty to educate and support us We don’t want to hear it. If you have a problem with our generation look into the mirror. Oh look! he’s triggered. But seriously, not only did you guys kill chivalry, You also killed the acts of taking responsibility I guess that’s the Millennial way. boy, I tell you things were a whole lot better-I know I know back in your day That’s what you always say, but get a clue this new generation is a whole heck of a lot better than you Please you’re not better than us. there! You fell into my trap, sir What’s that? shouldn’t every parent want their kids to be better than they were? I know how it sounded but think about it Don’t you want to leave this planet Earth a whole lot better than how you found it. Anything else is criminal It feels like you’re not hearing us if you have a problem educate us, do not belittle us. Well, we’ve tried to talk but you don’t listen, too busy on your mobile phone taking pictures? You’re all addicted. See pay attention always taking selfies Selfie probably stands for selfish, self-absorbed, and self-centered. Our generation invented things, you invented memes. Yeah, we’re old but we got soul. We came up with the phrase “dance like no one’s watching” Because we’re bold. When you dance no one is watching because everyone’s on their phone. first of all, it’s mobile phone, second, stop with the white lies and if you keep lying I won’t be there to help you to connect to Wi-Fi . Our generation is making strides and a lot of things from fair wages, to rights, to gender equality, And you mentioned the good old days ?I sure did. That adorable You mean the days back when racism was normal in that era where domestic violence was a part of marriage? No You can keep those days because we Millennials refuse to do things according to society’s old ways like getting married or buying in a house by certain age Jeez, Louise just do what you’re supposed to you’re scared to grow up. You probably still live with their parents, don’t you? So what. nothing wrong with saving money, last time I checked I got student loans Why dig myself deeper into debt? blah blah blah. You just want it easy You wanna coast you need to save your money instead of buying that avocado toast? I guess you’re not having kids either? nope Why would I think to have kids? why create another life before I get my own life? Well, I guess your generation is perfect then and there’s nothing wrong. Not true we do have flaws. many of us feel depressed and hopeless, we hide emotions through emojis and Appreciate life more than moments, we compete with each other too when it’s bogus Hmm. We are the same thing. It was called “keeping up with the Joneses” well now is “keeping up with the kardashians” same story,different chapter. That’s why I hate this whole generational battle.We’re so similar, but for some reason on this planet Every generation hates the one that comes after. they always say these crazy kids are ruining the world You remember the 60s? That’s right,They called us hippies. So let’s break this cycle and stop being controlled. There are no generations There’s just people with hearts and souls so let’s help each other and stop complaining, you know, what will happen if we combine your wisdom with our imagination We can reach our potential and make ripples. We are in this together, that’s plain and simple So let’s end this battle once and for all And stop being so damn judgmental Young man I’ll Just say it, but what you just said is… Lit Nah nah, that’s woke Okay, woke. I’m gonna learn these words one day You’re right. We need to come together. That’s the only way truce Truce we gone- we gone work on that Wait , wait before you guys click off of this video, I want to give you a free gift So as you know, this life can become stressful and overwhelming So I created a 7 day mind detox to help This detox will give you the tools and strategies You need to be a healthier, happier version of you It’s totally free, just go to ‘seven-day mind detox.com” and start today peace.

100 thoughts on “Okay Boomer! RAP BATTLE. MUST WATCH

  1. Thanks for watching guys!! Which line in the Battle was your favorite?!

  2. I'm from the new generation but I envy my father's generation it's so much better. I disagree with all price said. Who all agree leave a like

  3. Shouldn't every parent what their kid to be better than they were?

    Me: My parents did everything they could to try and give their child the same stable upbringing they had.

  4. I think my favorite part of prince ea’s videos are the comments. People are so happy and nice, and it seems like the comments under all the other videos I watch are just a bunch of people fighting.

  5. My son is gen Alpha, he’s gonna lay to rest all this generation fighting nonsense. By then we will be smart enough to figure out world problems and fix shit.

  6. Do you know how much we love you here in Iran 🇮🇷!? You have taught me and sixty of my university classmates here in Tehran university many things. We use your videos to live and teach high school students what we learn from you. Thank you. With lots of love and respect from here in Iran 🇮🇷

  7. Boomers are over sixty? My parents are 41 and im 22. So I idk

    "Shouldn't every parent should what there kids better then they where?"
    This is and still is my dad goal. He told me long ago. I'm already 3 years through college and he didn't even graduate highschool. He push me through high school and now college. I thank him for pushing to do this. He very happy what a accomplished that he failed to.

  8. Actually baby boomers did educate us … we were just to caught up in ourselves and lazy to listen or pay attention….. lol

  9. instead of using this websites plsss develop some apps for these videos or something more clear…..

  10. Early Boomers raised Gen X and Y. Late Boomers raised Gen Y who were the next greatest generation. These are the ones who left college to go fight the Islamist threat after 9/11 and created the 1st all volunteer military. Gen Xers primarily raised Millennials.

  11. Tell me what what rights men have that women dont. I'm a millenial and some of you pussy millenials piss me off with your "emotions come before rights" bullshit.

  12. Satan has been gradually making our earthly society more evil over time. Thus, each generation is conditioned by the society in which they are raised. So instead of blaming each generation, put the blame on the one who is actually responsible, SATAN, NOT ANY GENERATION. Satan is the true enemy!

  13. Eminem, LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, 50 Cent, DMX, Ludacris, The Notorious B.I.G, 2Pac Snoop Dogg, Scarface, Ghostface Killah, Common: ALL GEN X. Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say
    , but nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of gibberish and motherfuckers act like they forgot about Dre.

  14. XD I thought of that recently keeping uo woth the Johnsons same as keeping up with the kardadhians. But you know we shouldnt have an image to look up to.

  15. Me: Well, At Least This Generation Battle Can’t Get Any Worse

    Everyone: ok boomer

    It Was Time For Ea To Leave, He Had Seen Everything

  16. Bunch of non sense from two of Human kinds worst generations boomers and millenials

  17. Our elders are here to education us into making the world a better place and not being a disgrace to Human race instead of turning the world to dust they have to help us turn the world to love

    This can happen with their wisdom and our creativity

  18. I bet the majority of the people that didn't like this, didn't even watch the whole thing lol.

  19. 0:08 that lady behind the man's hand looks familiar in one of Dhar Mann's videos. The insecured woman that bumped into a stranger which changed her entire life video. The lady was also in the part where she was staring at the woman's outfit.

  20. Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer Ok boomer

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