Hey guys! It’s Karina.>>It’s Ronald and we’re from!>>SIS vs BRO! And as you guys know
that I am the older sibling and Ronald is the little little tiny
little baby who cries all the time. And today we’re going to be showing you
how it’s like to be the older sibling and how it’s like to be the…
>>Younger sibling.>>So let’s get right
onto this video! Whoo! Dad I’m going shopping
with my friends later today. Can I have some money?>>Sure. How much do you need?>>Like a hundred?>>Sure. No problem. Here you go.>>Thank you!>>Hey! I’m going shopping too. I need some money.>>Ronald, you can’t have money
’cause you’re going to lose it.>>Good point.>>Hey I want some chips too!>>No way Ronald. Forget it. They’re all mine.>>Dad! Karina isn’t sharing.>>Karina, share with
your younger brother.>>Alright.>>Two hours later.>>Ronald what are you doing? Ahhh you got Ferrero Rocher! Give me one!>>No way it’s mine!>>Dad! Ronald’s not sharing!>>Why would you want
to take chocolates from your little brother?>>That’s not fair! I had to give him some
chocolates and sweets, but he doesn’t have to give me one. Dad! I’m going to my friend’s house now.>>Okay but take Ronald with you.>>Why?!>>I’m busy now, and he’s lonely in his room. Just take him with you. He’s your little brother. Take care of him.>>Ugh fine.>>Six and a half hours later.>>Ronald can I play with you?>>No.>>Why?!>>Because this is mine and it’s only mine.>>Dad! Ronald’s not letting
me play with him!>>Leave your little brother alone. Stop bothering him.>>That’s no fair! Dad! Can I watch this movie?>>Let me see. Oh no way. This is PG13. You’re not old enough. But I’m almost 11 years old and I’m only two years away
and all the other girls in my class watched this and they said it’s really good. Please?>>Okay fine.>>Yay!>>I’m watching too.>>But only with your sister
and don’t complain if you have nightmares after. What?! That’s not fair! He’s only eight years old!>>Guys what are you doing?>>Homework.>>That’s great.>>Dad can you help me? I don’t know how to do this.>>Ask your older sister to help you.>>Why?>>You already did this
two years ago. You can help him. He’s your little brother.>>Fine.>>How do you read this?>>I don’t know how to do this. Maybe I could just
search it up on Google. What’s wrong Karina?>>I can’t do my homework! I forgot how to do it.>>Come on Karina. You should know. I mean, this is your homework. You go to school. You have to know
how to do this. I can’t do the homework for you.>>I guess I’m not going
to do homework today.>>I’m going to the front!>>No Ronald you’re not allowed! I’m allowed to go to the front though.>>Okay Ronald, Karina’s
going to seat on the front. She’s older.>>See? Dad, can I have a phone?>>No way Karina. You’re too young for a phone.>>But all my friends
at school have a phone!>>Who has a phone? Nobody.
>>Everybody!>>Your friends at school?>>Yeah.>>All of them?>>Yeah!>>Okay I guess I’m going to
have to buy two phones now.>>Wait,
that’s not fair! Ronald’s only eight years old and
I have to wait till I’m 12?!>>Excuse me I’m 9.>>That’s not fair! Ronald has to wait two more years
because he’s two years younger than me!>>But it’s not going to be fair
if you have a phone and he doesn’t.>>Well, Ronald gets
a phone when he’s eight!>>But he’s going to be
lonely without a phone and you’re going
to have a phone?>>Yeah.>>Oh, and by the way, I got A
on addition in math today.>>That’s nothing! Addition is so easy. Everyone gets A in addition. I got A in division.>>Whoa! You got A
in division in math today?! That’s awesome! High five! Yeah!>>Okay, I’m done!>>Karina come back here. Take your plate to the sink.>>Fine!>>I’m done too. Wait Ronald you have
to put your plate back! It’s not fair!>>Karina leave him alone. He’s a little baby.>>So guys, hoped you like the video.>>Can you relate to it? Comment down below! We hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye!

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