One on One Express: Interview with activist and author Miko Peled

Israeli politics is dominated by the right-wing with politicians competing on who can be more hawkish when it comes to the Palestinians so where does that leave Israelis like Miko pellet he's an anti Zionist activist the son of a former Israeli army general and served in the military himself I'm up with a crush on my hey you're watching TRC world and this is one on one so Miko thank you for joining us we're currently hearing talk about Donald Trump's deal in the century along with Jared Kushner as well what's the likelihood that Donald Trump is going to be able to bring peace to Israel and Palestine absolutely zero not a single chance in the world that Donald Trump can bring peace the deal of the century is a is a program that was put together by Benjamin Netanyahu Jared Kushner perhaps David Friedman the American ambassador in Tel Aviv people who have a single agenda which is to deprive the Palestinians of the rights of their land of the water of their of their life and is that why Donald Trump perhaps is so popular amongst many Israelis yes of course when he came to visit in Jerusalem I think if the two years ago I was actually there and it was a lot of fair it I've never seen such a love affair and the reason they loved him so much this is what they said there was in the news it was everywhere he did not bring a peace plan he did not bring a program he had no suggestions he had no deal he was just there to tell them they can do whatever they want and be happy you've got Netanyahu on one side you got Trump on the other side Netanyahu himself – recently reelected as Prime Minister again very popular what's the secret to his popularity in Israel amongst Israelis well he's a very smart politician he knows how to play the game very well he's got more experience than any other Israeli politician and he has a list of accomplishments that no Israeli Prime Minister has ever had he managed to get the United States to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel he managed to get the United States to to break out of the deal with Iran he managed to get the United States to stop funding on rather the United Nations agency for Refugees and basically to say there are no refugees he managed to get to United States to kick out the palestinian mission diplomatic mission from washington DC on the anniversary of the Oslo agreement almost the 25th anniversary of the Oslo agreement all most of the day is when they closed the mission in Washington DC now you've got a big badge on there says BBS of course in reference to boycott divestment sanctions the call to boycott Israel how successful has the BDS movement been it's been so successful that in the last presidential elections in the United States every candidates had to speak up against it in other words it's come to a point where it's recognized globally internationally as a relevant part of the Palestinian resistance as the Palestinian fight for justice and freedom and equality now you yourself have been accused of anti-semitism by some on the per Israeli side in the past you made certain comments on Twitter for example I think compared or saying the Jews perhaps have a reputation for being sleazy themes on those kind of comments detrimental for the Palestinian cause when someone like yourself as a Palestinian defender makes some of those kind of comments no I don't think I don't think there was anything wrong with the comments I made the comments I made were truthful what I said was and I'm paraphrasing when Israel receives four billion dollars a year in foreign aid Israel is a rich country it does not need foreign aid the only reason they receive the foreign aid is because of the mafia-style backhanded politics that they engage in now regardless of that and speaking of anti-semitism Jews have had a have been characterized as sleazy as thieves as money loving and so forth now of course this is a racist slur at the same time it exists this is exactly what the State of Israel is doing it is behaving in a in a sleazy manner when it is when it is demanding this money from the United States they don't need the money they don't deserve the money so are they being sleazy absolu and they are behaving like sleazy thieves absolutely that doesn't mean that I'm not saying Jews are sleazies I'm saying there's this reputation and now Israel is behaving in that way because I did thank you very much for joining us on CRT old thank you you

1 thought on “One on One Express: Interview with activist and author Miko Peled

  1. Well done Mr Miko Peled!
    True and brave comments.
    You stand up for PALESTINE you stand up for HUMANITY
    You should run for the PRESIDENCY of Israel and the region would finally ENJOY PEACE
    A Chávez

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