100 thoughts on “OneRepublic – Wanted

  1. I didn't know that Ryan had such a killer dance move. Those energetic move give me chills and positive mindset. The only problem is that this awesome song is too short.

    -Love from Manipur.

  2. Oh my God…this is freakin awesome
    Id never seen Ryan to those moves…its surprizing..😀

  3. this song its like sucker by jonas brothers :/ but, one republic its better for me

  4. These lyrics are emotional. I don’t care for anyone’s validation at all so I can’t relate to this song however the music video is killer.

  5. no one:
    me: I cAn rElATe tO tHiS oN aN eMoTiONaL lEveL and im also a nEeDY HOe

  6. I wish I could give it a zillion likes, hugs and kisses… That's how great this song made me feel

  7. wow😍

    IF YOU WANT TO LISTEN MY REMIX OF Señorita https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_zlFWSNLVE

  8. I wish this song was longer :(. Why do they always do that to a good song. Please make it longer 🙁

  9. Some people do what they do for love . U know that real and true love!!!

  10. Can't get this song out of my head.
    Also, <when you want to show your friends: HEY' I'M AN ArTiSt ~~~~~> xD

  11. I wanna hear this without autotune, and if it sounds good, then this is a masterpiece


    borrow some money from your friends and disappear for some time! Trust me it works!!

  13. Needed this video! Just spent a day trying to tell an insecure teenager that taking her clothes off at the expense of the boys telling her they'd like her, dressing like a prostitute, dancing like she's got a pole in front of her, and only being interesting in things that make her sexually interesting is only going to make her more insecure and nothing more than a temporary acquisition for the boys (one that everyone has had…). **Not being sexist, but young girls (and boys) resort to a lot of things to appear sexy and older far before they're ready. It's sad when it develops into an extreme state of insecurity.

    No sex in this video. Nothing fake.
    You can hear drama, insecurity, positivity, and basic human needs in this. It's so relatable and TELLS the story not SELLS it.
    Saw OneRepublic after the release of Dreaming Out Loud. They remind me of P!nk… Great, original sound and lyrics, and they endure because they call bullshit on anything that makes them conform to something else. They try new things, dabble, collaborate, and evolve, but they are still humble and stick to the great messages and storytelling in their music.

  14. I am Moroccan. Please, my dear brothers, to share my channel. I am sick and I need your support. God bless you.💐

  15. Wait a second. Vikings is coming back? —–When the ad is better than the music video.

  16. Man those dance moves are almost like The moves Joker (2019) was doing on the steps. Plus the song really goes in line 🔥✔💯

  17. if maroon 5's "memories" and francis and lights' "friends" had a baby, this would be it's video

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  19. Well, I have to say impressed with this video, great to see him express himself using movement along with the lyrics.

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