Online Writing Tips for New Freelance Writers

oh hi everyone it's me Ella from Elle McCain comm and I'm gonna do a Facebook live to talk to you about online writing tips to help brand new freelance writers okay cuz if you're a brand new freelance writer and you need help on how to write online then I'll help you with getting some tips to help you so that you can gain some good clients and you can you know raise your service rate if you want alright because as a freelance writer the best thing is to show prospects that you write really really good and then your service rate can go up and up and up alright alright so if you're here say hi let me know you're here cuz you know what my biggest biggest fears is that I'm talking so much and no one can hear me and this is just for nothing okay so hopefully you can hear me I did post in my facebook page some questions so you you guys did ask me some wonderful questions not all of them are related to writing they're more from marketing as a freelance writer so I don't know if I'll be able to cover those as this that would be a hodgepodge kind of face book lesson so I thought I'd I want to stick mostly to online writing tips especially in the whole blog post writing article writing I guess service I really don't want to talk more about like white paper writing tips or email writing newsletter tips press release writing tips those are all very niched down to your type of service and I have most of my experience in blog writing in general and I feel that those types of writing tips could help you with other types of services that you provide I just gives you sort of like I don't know like a blueprint like a like almost like a template sort of kind of thing so yeah if you guys are here just say hi let me know what you guys are doing alright so what I think I'll do is I'll I'll go through my tips and then I'll start answering your questions and if you have any questions about online writing tips specifically for clients I just pop them in the comments right now and I hopefully will get to them alright so there are a couple things that I like to do when I start writing for a client if a client doesn't give me a content brief if they'd really give me any information and that often happens a lot I don't know about you sorry I don't know about you but like um a lot of the clients that I pick up I mean they rely on on me to provide any kind of topics and they leave it up to me to outline my blog posts they leave it up to me because they they refer to me as the expert and you know what I'm actually totally fine with that I really like having that I don't know that freedom of writing a an article for a client in the way that I feel would represent them the best I like having that control that's just personally me but I know for a lot of new freelance writers they have no direction and so having some kind of like outline would really help so what I would do is once you've discovered that topic um it's really good I have my notes here so I'm gonna be like looking really lyrically down I guess here right is to have to create that basic outline alright and one of the things that I like to use is if you have like a Google Doc or if you're using like a planner start writing on that your article topic and your outline I'm I don't know if you guys know but I really like Ashley's productivity planner right here and in the planner she has this article planner our article so it has all these things and I like to fill this out when I'm writing a blog post as you can see I'll drop a link to the blog post that I talked about this planner I create my goals in it and I do my weekly tasks for my freelance writing clients in this specific planner that I really really like so what I like to do is I like to just denote all of those points you know what is my proposed headline for it what is the general topic idea sometimes I might have to put the audience because I have b2b clients but I also have b2c clients as well not many b2c which is business to consumer so those are more product based businesses versus b2b which is business to business which is more talking to other business owners about the behind-the-scenes of business marketing in general so I might have to you know quickly put the audience you know am I am I most talking to marketers or am I talking to consumers kind of thing and then from there I like to I like to formulate a rough plan of what I'm gonna be writing about so for example if I'm gonna be talking about how to use Instagram marketing for businesses right everyone knows Instagram they know it's a social media platform but how do you use it for business so in my mind I start thinking about my ideal reader if they're brand new to Instagram so mostly a large part of my audience which are business owners they probably don't know much about Instagram because frankly they're older right just like I don't know much about snapchat you know it's not in my age bracket right so I would think of those types of questions you know what is Instagram what are the the basic Instagram marketing strategies and then how can I use that for business marketing purposes right so I like to create an outline that's sort of like a like a funnel so like broad broad broad in the niche down and then the whole blog post is about those topics so I really set that idea and every blog post that I write and I create subheadings so I write out each subheading beforehand before I write my blog post so that I have an idea of what's going on you guys have any questions about that I can go into I think on one of my blog post I have a little template that I actually visualized that helps me with my blog writing so I'll just grab it for you guys and if you guys have any questions just pop them in this is actually a very long blog post so I'm going to have to scroll fast let's see if I can find it do-do-do-do do-do-do-do course not it's not at the bottom hmm where'd it go I thought I had it here I just can't find it quickly let me see if I can I'm sorry I can't find this little template that I created I created a nice little visual no I'm sorry I can't find it but that visual has a blog post template so it has like a visual of where to put the image where to put the headline your how many subheadings and what to do for your conclusion kind of thing so I'm along with my outline of a blog post for a client I like to keep in the realm of how to write a blog post for online reading right that's something that freelance writers should understand and should know how to do because it's quite different than if I was to write a blog post personally and you know on on some of my blogs I do write blog posts that are personal to me so they have a different type of format maybe it's it might it may not be like a rant but it might just be like storytelling and so the subheadings are just gives it a bit more context kind of thing so outline your project first and foremost and then you need to do some research for your clients and that's one of the biggest things between a personal blog post at a blog post for a client they need credible sources and I actually did a facebook live I don't I think the one before this is about credible sources so make sure you check that out but finding those right sources those stats that are credible and that can highlight your writing and your knowledge of the topic that you're writing about is very important and one thing to note once you start gaining more clients especially bigger brands to not link to competitors of them all right so if it's in the same niche I would be careful of linking to some another competitor site that is popular hey Joanne glad you can make it alright so she says I write b2c digital content that's awesome so business to consumer that's great Elna I have been Oh unsuccessfully cold pitching for awhile I want to approach local small businesses how do you suggest I do this written letter their Facebook page you know what Joanne I would probably check out their Facebook and social media profiles first when business hire writers they may have a marketing strategy online and you can find out their marketing strategy by looking at their Facebook page profile do they have a lot of followers what type of content are they sharing look at their Twitter okay go go and see if they even have that business has a blog you're gonna have better success pitching to clients that have blogs than those that don't because businesses that don't have blogs then you have to totally convince them of the whole idea of online marketing and that's a big order to film right like that's something huge and personally I would never do that it is so much easier to gain clients that already know the value of content marketing and content writing so I would I would do that I would go to their Facebook page I would engage with them share their content if they have any questions social stuff answer them things like that and then I would I would do warm pitching I mean I'm more successful with warm pitching honestly so Joanne like if you're a core student of mine go into the private Facebook group and ask the other writers that are totally successful with cold pitching they might have some insider tips that I'm not familiar with but I'm so much I'm better I die convert better with more pitching than anything else for me so that's my whole idea all right so research as I was saying so do not link to competitor sites so for example if I'm a writer for let's just say I'm a writer for Neil Patel I'm not gonna link to his competitors which would be like um like like smart blogger or for like blogging wizard or things like that I probably wouldn't heavily rely on those other sources I would have to rely on other digital marketing go to sites so you know possibly HubSpot I mean I would have to ask the client first if those are credible sites that I could link to I would also go to his blog post and look at the sources that they're using what are his writers referring to when they link to stats and stuff what are those I mean are they doing other types of online businesses and marketing platforms that aren't as popular but still are the go-to sites so I would do my research especially for my digital mark clients on the sources that their other writers are linking to that gives me some help some of my clients have have given me a list of credible blogs to link to which is a really great help right some other clients had given me a list of blogs not to link to so you're gonna as a freelance writer you're gonna have different clients that give you different information you can casually ask as you're writing this blog post you know I'm writing about Instagram marketing is okay if I link to these sources and then see what they say kind of thing so research is is important and if you haven't checked out the blog post about credible resources I'll just link it in to the comments let me just find it and thank you guys for showing up I know I didn't I just like blasted you I'm like I'm alive right now all right here it is let me see if I can add it to the comments yes I think I did all right oh great you're on I'm glad that helped you hey Tim warm pitching question warm pitching for me is sort of the like the dating phase of getting to know someone its relationship building right so you know you I scratch your back you scratch my back it's it's the whole networking principle I find and so for me warm pitching means you know engaging with potential businesses online sharing a lot of their content featuring their content on my blog posts things like that are very helpful so that's what I attribute to warm pitching and then I get email as months later of the people that I've I've engaged with on social media to ask to be a writer for them so I know this process works it's a longer process but it is more sustainable more sustainable you have better clients that way let me find you the post about networking and maybe that can help you with some tactics for warm because it's warm pitching it's it's it's it's warm it's not cold you're not a stranger by the time they you talk about you can pitch to them and you want to be a writer you can pitch them you want to write on their blog things like that by that time you have developed a really a relationship with them hey evil on OHS I'm to your make your first Hester what does that mean great my Maura Maura I'm in the UK and we'd really like to know how reference how to reference quotes and research correctly article blog post so referencing quotes and articles okay so let me go to a client post of mine so I can show you well I'll show you referencing first I don't know I don't know if I quote many people in my blog posts actually that's not something that I we do all the time I can find another client post okay so let me see um okay I don't think I added that one let me see if I can give you okay so here here in the beginning I give stats so the average ROI for email campaigns in the US is forty four dollars for every one dollar alright this is a stat I didn't just create this out of my mind like I had to reference this so when you're referencing actual statistics you have to back that up here according to HubSpot and then the oh I guess I did reference here with quotations about forty nine percent of business businesses use some form of email automation and I decided to reference this as sort of a quote maybe because when I was writing this paragraph I did I couldn't find a way to write that in my own words because I needed to to relay exactly what HubSpot spat said so I just quoted what they said so this is how I would I would do my quotations and referencing so in a recent study by HubSpot according to HubSpot things like that that you can write in your I would do and then if it's like a big let's say you're doing case studies then as long as you link to the the blog about the case study and then you know let's say through email you interviewed someone then you can as long as you refer to their company and say you know I sat down with such-and-such of the company that you're talking about and I asked him such these questions and so then you start pinpointing those questions and you know quoting them in a quote so as long as you in your blog post before you start talking about those quotes that you reference the the person their brand their blog their company whatever it is then you can do it that way as well so I hope that helped um alright I hope that helped my my room oh good Tim I'm glad you like that alright so we talked about the research of gathering those sources making sure that you are backing up your writing so you know I have a contributor blog and perfectly perfect mama so I have mom bloggers write blog posts for me and it doesn't matter to me if they link to Parents magazine or if they link to the baby center it really doesn't oh my hair is being really static you right now that's not good because it's a mom blog and so it's okay if they link back to other mom blogs and they link to other their own mom blog I'm fine with that right because it's just this is the blogging world now I also have freelance writers that have guest posted on imperfectly perfect mama and they do use credible sources because they're using that as a sample for their writing right so there's a big difference if you're gonna create a sample of your writing then you have to show clients that you are credible and you know how to link to credible sources right so if you land a guest post on scary mommy as a freelance writer right in a way as if it was a client you know if you're talking about postpartum depression as a mom share your story but then back it up with credible sources you know postpartum depression affects 38 percent of new moms that the link to that with a credible source kind of thing so you can you can turn guest posts that are more personal into a sample by doing sort of that switch oh great I'm glad you like that great all right so that's the research part of your writing so creating that outline is important and then creating getting those sources I like to do that as I'm writing I don't personally I don't know what you guys do but I don't I don't gather my sources I do have a swipe file actually I can't show you it right now because it lists all my clients but um I do have a swipe file so I any kind of blog post that I read any kind of new marketing platform that I learn about I just copy the link and put it in my in a digital format that's easy for me so you can use Evernote I just have my notes on my on my desktop so you can use even Google Docs if you want to so find a way to I think pocket is another one where you can just you know grab and store kind of thing like one of those apps those are really handy for freelance writers and that's handy for me too as I'm online reading content and I like it it has some good and if that content has really good stats I'll use those stats I'll use their references because I know they're credible right so it just it cuts the time for me if I'm researching as well that's okay you can use the same resources because those are credible resources that all other types of blog posts are using about postpartum depression or about email marketing or whatever your topic is all right so then the the third writing tip that I can offer our headline tools so your headline is important for your client your client may have already given you the headline and that's fine so that's great but there's gonna be clients that don't they just you guys agree on a topic and then you're given the freedom to write a headline so depending on the client's need you know they SEO focused or are they brand building SEO or s mo focus so social media marketing focused that will tell you the type of headline to use so for example for my my blogging wizard client which they rely heavily on social media and they do gain google ranking but I think Adam gave me headlines that were that he gave me so I believe this is his like that's that's his I mean I could have been David's I don't know if David you're watching this did you create that headline because I'm pretty sure sometimes Adam gave me the headline um I for one thought that was my blog post so I was showing you anyways he let me see if I can find my content because when I first landed this gig I I was given a lot of freedom actually to write let's see let me go here yeah so a lot of these I think I created how to be bloggers block with on this blog post ideas these are like one of my first content headlines and I think over the years yeah are you making these rookie blogging mistakes here's how to fix them those are generally my my topics but as you can see I think Adam was giving me more more headlines like to use instead oops so yeah I think that's what ended up happening but anyways regardless of that you can use headline tools and so I like the the advanced Marketing Institute headline analyzer that's kind of a nice baseline I mean you you don't have to use these headline tools as a make or break but I mean if you I don't know if I like add this let's see if I add this headline you pick a category then you submit it so I mean I'm giving a 33% so they say that you know for most copywriters they should be between thirty to forty forty percent so I sort of passed thankfully I'm showing you but yeah you want to sort of strive for that of course the most gifted copywriters will have over fifty percent so again that can give you some motivation to work and tweak those headlines so yeah I mean this is a nice little tool I like to use this when I first started just to I don't just to see if I'm like am I really a good writer like am i doing a good job here is this what will work sorry my microphone is like totally bopping me when I'm talking I'm like too late yeah okay so there's that one and then what's that other one yeah Co schedule that one schedule is a nice one so this one gives you a breakdown of here I'll pop it in here of your content so again if I copy this one let's see what Co schedule gives me they may not really like it too much because it's not pizzazz you know and they've changed this where you have to like add all this stuff now I let me just fill this all out so opinio we're just me sure sure alright so I don't know if you do that every time you submit your headline it'd be kind of nuts to do that every time okay so I mean I got a 67 which is you know not the best or whatever but this gives me scores on a lot of factors so I can tell you right now that this headline was for more for Google than for gaining like social social media audience kind of thing so um yes so it's like a neutral sentiment because I'm not I'm not using emotional based words in my headline so again looking at the clients and their needs I mean if they're a dentist blog are they looking for some pizazz in their headlines you know you know wow you know use this toothpaste to wow your next date you know like is it emotional based you know you can you can up that versus you know you know the five best toothpastes for you know for your next date I don't know like something like that where it's more SEO driven it's more informational driven so you need to play around with that based on your on your clients needs and what they want from you so as you can see I do a mix of headlines that I want to rank in Google and then headlines that are more for the readers so it depends on that need so hope that out so that's that's your headline tools those are some headline tools that I like like I said I've used hi everyone and then then the whole writing part of it the conversational aspect of writing you know I just wrote a blog post about how to write how to write a white paper and you know I learned through my process of writing about that blog post that white paper writing is more formal right it's it's less conversational but at the same time it is it is conversation to a point because you are turning like dry dry information into readable information so it does have to have some sort of conversational ism some sort of that type of writing and so for me I mean practice practice your writing practice telling your story I know for a fact that I'm not the best like in-person storyteller it could be a confidence thing for me I mean I'm an introvert so you know like this past weekend I went to some parties you know and I I'm not the the loudest person there I'm not the one that's chit-chatting constantly to other moms I'm quiet and I listen and so you know take take take it as it is you know that'sthat's just me so I'm more comfortable just blabbing to myself right now than anything and it yeah it could just be a whole confidence thing for me so it might be for you when you're writing that it's a confidence thing and all I can do is share with you – just keep practicing you know I I still go to those birthday parties I don't drop off my twins I still make those playdates I still engage in conversation with other moms even though it is very difficult for me to connect with them because I'm simply such a different type of person than these other moms um so I do my best I really do my best and so that's that's what I tell you it was a writer do your best learn from others and adding that conversational piece so for me I like to use like I think Brian Dean of backlinko talked about bucket brigades it's a copywriting technique and bucket brigades is a sort of curiosity thing it's it's to get the reader to keep on reading so your goal as a freelance writer when you write that for a sentence is to make that reader read the second sentence and the third sentence and the fourth sentence and your whole entire blogpost granted online readers scan most of the content online so they are scanning but I know for a fact that a lot of my my blogs people actually read my posts they read it because they reference it and they enjoy they say they enjoy it so taking a look at how to incorporate that so so bucket-brigade is is like you see a lot of that on smart bloggers actually so that's a technique that smart bloggers bloggers and like even like John Moro does so I'll give you an example of that if I can find his writing let me see a good blog post hmm here's one great so he starts his blog post it's hard right like you want to read what's next this is what I mean by bucket big raise I get something like okay it's hard what is hard what's going on here so then you have to read the second sentence and if that is interesting then you read this the third one and you go on so that's what I that's what helps build that engagement and that curiosity base so that people want to read your writing hey Maura I was wondering if you need to train as a journalist or have certain qualifications to write white papers or not you honestly I don't think so no I know there's a lot of my core students they pick up white paper writing and you don't need I personally don't believe any qualifications it would be helpful if you want to and if you are a journalist then I'm sure but you don't need to I was asked to write a white paper early on and I did that and I realized after doing that I didn't like it I don't like writing about you know employment what was it about like hi it's bad hiring mistakes for employers like I just I wasn't interested in that I was more interested in the whole online and blogging aspect so um but that's good I mean I learned through that process so yeah so that's so when you're writing especially for doing online writing articles writing blog writing these types of things even like even newsletters you need to hook that reader and you do that in the beginning so I like to use bucket brigades I also like to ask a question so it's similar to asking a question you know oh you want to make I bet you're here because you want to make money right you know question mark well yeah I'm on this blog post because the title is how to make money as a mom blogger yeah you know like I like to ask those questions that make the reader nod their head if I'm writing a post about organizational hacks you know like I might say in my first sentence you know if you're anything like me then you're looking right now on your desk you know coloring books and pencils and and water bottle and three hair ties you know like I'm trying to relate to that reader so that's what I do when I when I write sorry you guys are not seeing me when when I write content I envision myself as the reader and then I ask those questions and I know the reader is agreeing to that gives me what's the word that makes me know that I'm writing the blog post for that person so that's that's my exercise of doing things so when I'm writing a client piece I really have to sit in the shoe of that audience so if they're bloggers and marketers I sit with them as if they're they might be knowledgeable in the prop in the topic that I'm writing about but they don't know how to connect the dots right that's where my writing can break down that process and help them and I find that the clients like that type of writing when you when you can connect the dots and you're writing to help that reader understand more about their brand more about their process more about their credibility in whatever niche they're writing about so I hope these writing tips helped you and I told you I would talk about the questions you asked me so let me look at the questions here for SEO purposes what is your minimum amount of words proposed when it comes to your blog I don't have any minimum amount for me at least I mean it has to be a thousand words I think right now the online marketing survey stats say it's like fourteen hundred words is like the base to start with my most recent client wants me to do a heavily SEO post based post and their word count is three thousand words so it depends on the client for my own personal blogs I I write at least over a thousand words if you want to rank in Google then you want to have that valuable blog post and usually valuable blog posts or long debt like in-depth long-form content all right another question how do you do research that support the topic ideas I think we talked about credible sources check out that video before because I show you my process of finding those stats I like to create that outline first so I know what I'm writing about and then as I'm writing I might thinking I might write like I'm talking about Instagram I'm gonna link I want to know when when did Instagram start I need to find that credit so as I'm writing I might think of a question I go find that source and then I link to it kind of think that's how I I build my sources when I'm writing another question is about freelance writing jobs so this is not about writing another question what if you don't have any of your old samples related to what a potential client has asked for do you simply write a new one do clients tend to ask where your work has been published no I haven't had any clients ask me where but at the same time I have given them my samples page so give them your portfolio page even if it's unrelated content hopefully a client can look past that and look at your writing quality and not your what you're writing about right so like I said I've I've landed clients on my freelance writing blog and it's all about freelance writing it's not about you know whatever they hired me for if it's about email marketing for example so they can see the quality of my writing so hopefully they can for you Emma so I would I would still link to your portfolio page or your sample page okay how to write WoW intros of 200 words the type of hook the reader so we did talk about bucket big group a great bucket brigades and hooking your reader in the introduction so try to make it your goal when you're writing to get the reader to read the first sentence and then get them to read the second sentence and how do you get them to read further how are you gonna do that present the problem walk in their shoes think about the questions that they're asking and put that in your writing okay I hope that helped apart from Google where else can I do my research you can you can search on Pinterest if you wanted to but another place that I like to use is Google Trends actually is a nice little place just to see if what you're talking about is worthy of writing again another thing that you want to do with your clients you want to have relevant topics you want to talk about relevant things that are happening you know our hopefuls still popular they were in January are they still popular now in the whole you know healthy niche content you can take a look and see once it shows the little graph of the past I think this is the past 12 months so look it's on up its going to be on an upwards trend so if you have a health client and you need to write about healthy stuff right about poke bowls they're popular right now right these are things that you need to you can put in so and it's it's it's based a lot on your niche so like for me digital marketing I mean I don't know if there's too many new things but there might be a new tool a new a new platform something new or whatever a new like topic that's happening a couple years ago I believe was it Twitter they removed all the shares or something like that like that was a big thing back then so I'm pretty sure that would have been trending on Google all right so if you notice something check Google Trends see if it's an upward trend and see if you want to talk about it in the blog post but you know ask the client about that if they're really interested in like so more of like current topics because again if they're writing evergreen content which should last years and years you really don't want to pepper your blogpost with like you know what's happening right now so I use Google Trends sort of like as a way to pitch the topics that would be happening I would mention that out you know I say I know a lot of people are talking about poke bowls right now on Instagram and on Pinterest you know here are some topics that I can write about if you want that on your blog right it's just a sort of an opener an icebreaker if you're pitching to potential clients it could be something that they like all right let me um go back to the questions okay follow up on the white paper guy guide any suggestions on where to find ideas to use his white paper samples it must be a bit tricky to write an effective paper without access to the business side data yeah it is like I said I'm not knowledgeable in white paper writing because that's not my area of focus but I believe you can do a mock up I mean in my blog post I wrote a little mock-up of a company the sleep aid tech company I mean you can build something off of that you could also reach out to a business and maybe do a cait like do a white paper on them if they're interested that could land you work I mean there are creative ways but I would I would try to if you really want to break into white paper writing I mean I found this success with your already clients and up in your service that way that's what a lot of my poor students are using they're using their existing clients and then they're getting white paper writing services from that so that's an easier way if you don't have clients then I would look at other white paper writers online see what kind of samples are having see if their mock up or if they're real reach out to them maybe they have some ideas but personally I would do something fictional oh I would I would highlight I would pick a brand and highlight something and then make sure in your sample you say these are just mock-ups of what I could write about yeah it's it's a bit tricky I think with the white paper writing hopefully that helped alright I think those are all the questions Oh Tim I have used content mills but haven't been successful as as I thought any suggestions well yeah I I wouldn't use content mills in general they're low pain but clients there don't value content at all so I would I would stop looking at the content mills look at job boards have that wider website create that presence online and so that you can make a living out of this that's that's the best thing for me if you if you feel like this is just sort of like a side a side hustle and you don't like make this long-term Tim then start getting paid for guest posting so like I know if you just type the best place to get paid to guess those I don't know there are a lot of blog posts out here so like AOL comm has something like the best places to get paid so here if you guys already know 25 sites that pay for guest posts so research that on Google and find these sites I even have some on my blog actually I don't know why I didn't show you guys that but I wonder who wrote this let's see if it has an author bio no it doesn't name see this is interesting AOL has sort of this portal here be cool to write for them a they have all these different niche topics so again these are things that you can do warm pitching share this content share it with your audience engage with them on social never know if they find out that you're a writer maybe you can write this stuff for them that's pretty cool I personally like to align myself with big brands it's a lot easier to snatch up new clients when they know oh you're a writer for AOL oh you're a writer for you know all these big sites like yeah that makes that boost up your credibility like a lot anyways I'm going beyond that point but ya find these sites if you don't want to use content mills try job boards and try getting paid for guest posts and then building that platform building your own writer website to show sample is to show that you're credible hey Patsy hey how do you pack it yourself as a professional writer have a website how do you approach a new client cold emailing yeah all of that stuff is a step by step I mean I do have my own writer website which is innovative Inc this was my first website that I created and it it is has given me like tons of work so I strongly believe – when I talk to new freelance writers to have that platform it will help you look credible and established as a freelance writer I've had clients when when I just launched I think within the first three months they thought just looking at my website that I've been a writer for years that's how it looks to a potential clients when they land on your site how credible you are and they look that like whoa you're a legit writer so I do teach that in my courses in on my blog so if you're interested you can check that out if you want on my site on the cane as far as proposals I personally don't do proposals although I'm gonna I'm gonna eventually write a blog post about proposals because I'm finding that a lot of new freelance writers are doing this so this is something that I might incorporate later on but for me I i market myself through my writer website and through guest posting and my author bio engaging on Twitter there's a lot of things so if you want to pick up my free course I actually have a free course that walks you through all these different steps so maybe you can try that Patsey if you haven't already that actually has some really good tips on like the roadmap of what you need to do I really like that Gavi so a content mill is not even worth the time I personally wouldn't I mean it depends on your what you're happy with III believe content Mills pay are really low pain you can land like if you go to like a freelance job board I mean you a lot of blog posts are 250 dollars versus content mills are like two cents you know so wouldn't you rather have more money that way so I would I would focus my energy on the biggest places that give you the biggest ROI those are job boards that is guest blogging that is building your author website those are the biggest things that can give you the biggest ROI down the road all right you're gonna you're gonna put that work up front to become a sustainable writer over time I created that write a website almost five years ago I'm still gaining clients and that site doesn't get a lot of traffic it might get 200 visitors a day but it converts the most out of all of my blogs because it's targeted right it is a very niche site so if you can create something like that then yeah your visitors will convert over time all right so enroll in that free course I mean I also have I talked about the right of website because it's like super super like for me is my lead generation it's like my number one way so if you don't know or if you want something that's totally budget-friendly the right of website in a weekend shows you how to create that right a website I give you like like so here's an example of one of the students very easy I have a lot of I don't know if I have another example in here but that's something to consider I give you sort of the tech behind of how to set it up but my other courses give you the copy the more of the the marketing aspect but this at least gives you a visual identity a visual representation to start gaining clients so hopefully that helps hey sore oh thanks her course is very detailed and provide wealth of knowledge thank you so much yeah I'm glad you liked it alright everyone I gotta and I honestly I don't want to be like marketing right now and I lost my facebook did I even show you I don't if I showed you okay it doesn't matter if I didn't show you did I show you this already the right a website so here it is I'm sorry if I didn't show you the this is an example of one of the course students right here how she was able to create their website within the course so sorry I didn't show you that all right I think I answered all the questions if you guys have any more just let me know these are just online writing tips to help you with gaining clients and I did talk a little bit about some marketing aspects so I think those are all the questions from the previous threat and thank you so much for joining me thank you thing q thank you I'm hoping to do a couple more Facebook Likes because next week is the last week my twins are in school which means they're gonna be home everyday which means it's not gonna be so quiet anymore so if that's so I want to get a lot of videos done a lot of facebook lives to help you guys I enjoy doing this so if you have any big ideas then just pop them in my thread or in the in my on my Facebook page somewhere if you like really want a live on such-and-such topic so um yeah just let me know all right have a good day everyone

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