Only You Can Save You | Spoken Word Poetry

how many more
rhymes do you need to be sung for you to build you through, to motivate and
buckle you up, to hustle you down, to spring you around, to make you see the stars, where is your own sound? How many more stones do need to be pelted at you?
To defeat you and inspire you to fight for your right, to make you see the dark
before the bright light. How could you think the sea is strong enough to empty
into it millions of lakes and rivers without whirlpools in hurricanes?
creating sand from the grains, can it Tell me, can the sea dry their tears while
crying its own brains? How do you think the Sun enlightens the entire universe
millions of hydrogen bombs exploding inside that Traverse
to give you the sunlight, without going through the curse? Without burning on its
own, until it blurs.
How can you think he won’t find obstacles in the path he
chooses, expecting lack of pain in any bliss, you cannot be afraid of thorns if
you want to build a bed of roses. Tell me tell me how will you conquer the world
if you expect others to care, to provide you strength when all you need is a
mirror into which you stare. Being strong is the path where no one ever goes wrong. Something that changes your life it’s that song. They say only iron could weld
into iron, diamonds cut through diamonds I say only strength could create more
strength, well yes this is true only you can save you.

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