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today's gonna be fine it's a good series just talent this talent all over the place you know it's about playing harder and putting your will on you know the game and I think we can go out there and do our job and play extremely heart and listen they have all-stars they have all NBA players they have all EBT talent they have a good coach you know I think they they come in with some swag and some confidence so you know we got to go out there and play hard and you know protect our home floor I think if you had a beauty contest if you had a mock draft for this series Philly might have a few guys get picked a little higher than the guys on the Raptors but this isn't about five best it's about who has the best five and in my opinion that's a dramatic difference again I'm looking forward to the intensity of the series because you make such a climb in the regular season that you get to a point as you're going up the playoff mountain it's like don't slip now because if you slip now you got to go back to the bottom in October and start again and I think I'm looking forward to the intensity the urgency I'm looking forward to some individual matchups go ahead do our job one on three what [Applause] Toronto Raptors get set to face a Philadelphia 76ers in the postseason for the first time since things have changed since 2000 last time [Applause] not a kick-out see [Applause] North Philly's finest [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Kawai [Applause] [Applause] this best-of-seven series so we're just again we're saying it's similar message right you got a couple days here at home everybody telling you how great you're off okay got serious business like professional attitude come on anymore get better okay listen defense was pretty good it can be better right and when you're chipping away on a little bit so let's let's come out ready to get in their faces we're not going home we're not going away we will we will dig in and come back better in game two Raptors have won five straight in the playoffs the Sixers the last time they won here in Toronto Stephen Harper was a prime minister Barack Obama was the president Donald Trump had a show called The Apprentice it's been a long time yeah always with the Raptors right now yeah more than even the home court advantage I think you look at Philly and the season they've had similar to Toronto where guys are in and out of the locker room and there's not a great deal of familiarity and now they're dealing with these depth issues if you can take two on them and you can get them maybe doubting themselves or searching for answers you know I think I think that kind of mental energy could be an edge in this series and you don't want to give up one at home so early kind of give them that momentum going back to Philadelphia if you if you go up to oh the series isn't over the odds are astronomical in your favor that you're going to win the series and certainly you get to push out any sort of doubt that you have in between games two and three headed down to Philly I mean if you're up to oh you feel good about yourself for entire week and and then you can look at if we get game three this thing's really over versus if it's one one you start to say like man like you're going to dwell on that until Thursday's game three and and then you say man we could be downed in series if we lose game three so it's a paramount game and I think everyone involved in the Raptor sidenote [Applause] [Applause] take your mind and I need to 89 [Applause] to try what a night comes to town they get exactly what they set out for [Applause] 25 seconds planning on the fourth as a 10-second differential between the game clock and the shot clock it's all Vince Carter and caught her with the shot I didn't even realize it was that long ago and I mean but I can still remember it like it was yesterday and a lot of a lot of it not everything but a lot of it and it is crazy it shows you how time fly and it's just it's just something where it's just ironic that I'm still a part of you know being close to the team and being close to a few players on the team and it's the Sixers and rafters again it's really cool to see [Applause] after studying the New York Knicks Friday night at Madison Square Garden defeat the food elfia 76ers in game 1 on the best-of-seven yes I mean we were riding high like we felt good we felt confident we had as you mentioned we had a great mixture we had the older guys that's been through it hopefully antonio del curry and you know that team early on we still had older guys before our trade was made for Keyon and jyd and Chris child's and even Chris coming in here so we had a lot of people from the veteran side that was that was guiding us the right way and then we had the ultra star and Vince Carter that could win a game for us and do so much and you know we really follow his direction his lead and I mean we were riding high we felt like we knew we could beat the Sixers again [Applause] hey I was a beast and only the best I would do it and you know he was he embodied what Philadelphia was at that time you know I fell off using aggressive City it's a tent cities the passionate city the fan base I love is like that and yes that's how he played so it was it was real cool to play against somebody that had the same approach that I had of course he had more ability and he was better but I mentality was really similar as far as competitiveness Steve hit another three about the book four minutes elapsed here in the second [Applause] [Applause] that series was intense it was like every chance you can take get a chance to take a deep breath or like a breathers like that was one of those moments like all right we got this with man we're up to [Applause] 76s that's the thing you can't take that deep breath God's got stealing track so it felt good it felt good for events you see a superstar I see the guy that you rely on had that type of performance especially after AI performance in game 2 if you don't stick to the script or if you don't make adjustments or if you have a day off especially when you're playing against a guy like Allen Iverson who can willed his team to victory it was just one of those series where with both teams like anybody could beat anybody at any given night and that's how I ended it's often said that a the series begins when the road team gets a win I've always thought a series begins when it changes cities and tonight we got both of those in play it's a good series I mean both teams the exciting thing about this both teams definitely have the ability to go to a final but this series in particular both teams made moves throughout the year to get to this point in to push forward through the playoffs you got great players on both sides got dangerous team on both sides does this one come down so I think just want to execute who's going to play the best at the most critical times of the games series ty as we move to one of the Meccans a professional basketball and a crowd that's whose reputation precedes itself but I would be fearful love is the sitches having a more more confidence and I going to execute they want to play put more confidence and when the team has confidence and you believe in each other that's always a little danger [Applause] [Applause] I'm watching us right now [Applause] Philadelphia will come best of seven two games to one for rain three days [Applause] and here we go the most important game of the season of the playoffs for the Toronto Raptors without a doubt and the Raptors this is a team that still believes they can take this series but this is the game right now that they have to [Applause] energy and the passion is certainly in this building as we get for chip off to a huge we need it it's a must-win for us we want to win it we're gonna desperately go out there and play as hard as we possibly can the winning game [Applause] [Applause] Lowrey season-opening driving and attacking an impressive move by Kyle Lowry Lowry underneath siakam gets behind the D for his first made field goal and – tired any job mark to solve with the response is all census trade on Simmons drills it he's got 34 [Applause] [Applause] that's gonna do it on the shoulders the Toronto Raptors once again in this series this series is tied at two games apiece as Toronto returns home we'll see you back here gets it there we are at the way you deserve plate your ass off good job seems got some character some fight you know not giving up we're not giving it on me when things aren't going our way you know we've still fun they've been find a way ago I was how bad would playing how bad things get we still always have a chance to make some things happen you know it wasn't it wasn't pretty being a new team you have to go through those kind of things to know more about your teammates and your coaches and you know who you are as a the team but all that you know you got to come out now game five and that's all it matter to Game five at home that's all it's only point this is game five the Toronto Raptors have home-court back [Applause] can they take Game five Scotiabank arena [Applause] Zimmerman in performance by Kawhi Leonard I just think that the difference between these teams is not big and the big variants the thing that could change the whole series is at some point one of these teams is gonna make no open shots in the other Raptors of the eight playoff teams left I believe are eight and wide open shot field goal percentage like they're not making by open shot so they make wide open shots and Kauai doesn't drop off then they're gonna win the series here's to why driving [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Toronto and [Applause] just win in a raptor postseason history cover tonight tomorrow stay locked in pasta company to get better he's not over let's stay like that stay in the moments that we have right now every moment right now is really more than is important to any Knicks game every moment they don't have right now recover tonight enjoy it watch the film tomorrow we come in and get better tomorrow everybody try working you love feeling stay focused and locked in the moment how much you're not challenging it this game is over it's work let's go rise rise you know know the way to put it but a great thing about it we get to go home and continue to battle and try to even it out again and then come back here and try to still want on the road for getting seven [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] 87-65 [Applause] [Applause] gonna be time history [Applause] in Toronto Sunday night [Applause] takes game six one two [Applause] I've always felt like about the first eight minutes is all energy emotion comes down the best team execution slow down man it was ready to rock and roll it was like this is it like this is it takes you back to like college is one and done you know you can beat him and just ready I was just ready to play I just I just couldn't wait to have that game and you know it's just it was it was another game but it wasn't just another game right so the intensity was there so I remember that game just going going going and then it came down to that last shot before they're going to set screens for kids joy I was under the basket so I saw the shot when I left his hand and left good but as you start seeing a ball move you saw it was it gonna be a little long and it's gonna be a little long and like a little bit to the back of the room you never see like a movie where it's just like and I don't really watch a lot of movies but it's a scene where something happens and everything's get quiet it's like quiet for a second everything like slow motion or still and vintages it rubs it gonna that's what it felt like [Applause] once it was over I just saw all the Sixers like running back down the other end then the crowd going off and we just walked off like he walked off but I remember being so emotionally drained like emotionally tired like physically tired it was great man get the win one on there Florida first game after coming from a five-game series against the New York Knicks it still being emotionally high and and I mean we had the game we had the talent and then dropping game to an epic performance by AI and then Vince coming back and then you know dropping to and then taking one and then it came down to a last-second shot and you losing by one I mean that in itself is just shows what type of series that was what type of battle with type of adjustments in me and it was two great players you know to Hall of Fame players in that series and I mean he sucks I was happy to be a part of it child gets inside has to force it up [Applause] I always think about that what would happen because I never got that opportunity again so that makes those thoughts even more you know they stand out even more because you never get that opportunity and you hear people always say you know cherish the moment I make sure you play it's like you're less and I was always thinking like next year we'll be back then everybody resigned it was they're gonna be back gonna be better everybody I mean they're just working out that summer just thinking up and then never happened I've never got close to that again right so that's the most disappointing thing it defines I think what sports are all about and it's one game and that one game can mean so much and so there are a lot of fun they certainly are it is the moment of the greatest emotional variance right every game has a winner and a loser but the stakes are such that just that wild swing and so everything that exists on the margins every bounce every slightly off shot every cool is to amplify because of just the that great disparity all I think about is all the things that took in each of those games each of those quarters each of those possessions to get the two teams to this point so when you think about you know all the all the practice that was put in the travel between games the games themselves the preparation the aftermath and get your body back and ready for the next game you know those are the things that really stand out the most is just the effort that every component of every team puts in to get here and then of course just the emotion of knowing that if you win you play another day and if you lose all of that that has happened is quickly forgotten washed away and now you turn the page for the next year so emotionally physically it is it is it's the culmination of so many things the intersection of all these different areas that make this just so impactful it is a fifth ever game seven for the Raptors franchise and everybody knows what the first one was the most notable to this point this will finally release that graph that that series has on this city when it comes to the Toronto Raptors and the Philadelphia 76ers well I mean how ironic is it that the NBA the way its structure with all the different components and different possibilities you could have would possibly come down to something that happened all those years ago seem to teams in a game seven with a chance to play Milwaukee in the Conference Finals I mean you can't make this stuff up of 2001 but makes and misses over the last six games of the possibilities in the unknown of the future and legacies will be defined that is what makes this game so inviting and so intriguing right now you can cast that on the side it's the next 48 minutes of the game clock that matter the Toronto Raptors in the Philadelphia 76ers we are here in Toronto for Game seven it may come down to a final shot after all these minutes and all these different things that have happened in this series it could easily come down to a final shot and if it is how lucky are we that we get a chance to not only broadcast that watching his fans and enjoy it for the two teams involved season for the Toronto making [Applause] looks at the clock [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay so I mean that's an awesome way to just come back and win and I think somebody said this the other day that growth only comes on its own terms right you have to go through some ups and downs of this series but to grow I said that before the other lab I knew I landed was the toughest first round matchup I knew they'd guard us and I knew they'd executed make us better that was a good talented team he guarded about hundred men x reached two shots locks and a third and ended up in a steal when it mattered the post defense even only shot 38% okay forget about how happy we are already quickly because it's a hungry team it's very deep team very good team we're gonna have to we're gonna have to get in like I said we're gonna continue to grow I have to play play better [Applause]

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  1. Greastest shot I've ever seen in my life and also one of the greatest shots in nba history

  2. if kawhi doesn't stay this trade was a waste. Masai has to go as the raptors gm

  3. Let's stay strong and clean up all the mistakes and take out the Bucks and grab the Championship! Repeat! #GoRapsGo! Dino Dynasty Is About To Begin!

  4. Lowry is one of my favorite NBA players. Mostly because he is the same height as me and just a really solid player.

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  6. Dude sounds like he commentating even when he’s regularly talking lol

  7. I really want the Raps to get past the Bucks. Help each other guys and bring out the best in them coach Nurse. I badly want redemption for Kawhi in that WCF in 2017.

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    ?_? I don't get it.

  12. Who else is a little teary eyed when that shot went in watching thsi

  13. Milwaukee just ripped Toronto's heart out….lol. BUCKS far better.

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  17. Open Gym is what sparks that energy inside me right now to root for the Raps

  18. After Kyle Lowry grabbed the game-winning basketball, what did he do with it in the locker room? Did he give the game ball to Kawhi?

  19. All we can say is Wow! Great series and the best open gym so far. Thanks for showing us that locker room meeting after the game 7. One question, who gets the winning ball? I see Kyle carrying it in the locker room.

  20. I became a Raptors and basketball fan 18 years ago watching that Vince Cater led team!
    For so long that was our most memorable moment.
    We've gone though so many heart breaking and awful seasons.
    It's been the most amazing feeling the last couple of days.
    Watching endless videos of Raptors fans all over the world going crazy has made me tear up over and over again!
    This is something that will always be on every countdown list of amazing sports moments and it belongs to us!!!
    I love this Raptors team sooo damn much! You made this whole city and country proud!
    But the job is only half done! Let's keep up the humble hustle and go get it!!
    LET'S GO RAPTORS!!!!!!!!!!!

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