you guys um Ashton yeah I am doing a minecraft roleplay inside for your clicking I'm just looking at the my application so it's the application for body acting which I'm gonna start off with so what's your name and pronouns you can just like for me I feel like it's Ashton and play my pronouns and then was your discord I put mine and then your minecraft IGN in the game name what's your what's your time zone I was the purlins game sorry I put used to yesterday was different reasons Eastern Standard Time so I'm trying to do some one day which it sorry failing what days will you be available like they'll play Monday through Sunday they're like how much are you willing to body act and yeah and then we all record so for the voice acting there's a casting call if you're ok filling that out I don't know how to contact do you feel now so yeah I'm gonna I'm trying to hit something because there's a mistake and it's bothering me so it's kind of like I'm gonna be yes I it's gonna be high school a real famous claim they gotta say describe there is about when there's about six characters that are going to meet being Nate like actually need to be cast there's gonna be extras like if there's some needs to say something like like a bully or just a random character saying something body actors is also there which I madly right now because it's not needed and then writers I already have one writer at the moment but if anyone else could sign for that to thank you know if none of these feel right to you and you want to do something like oh no we got thumbnail for me because I'm really bad those as well and you can you know social get making cuz also you just wanted the minecraft skins and just got them from there i nation do yeah but anyway so yeah so i think guys for watching and I hope you guys sign up and yeah see

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