ORCID and Scopus: Manage your author profile

is distinguishing your research activities from the work of others a familiar challenge or do you find managing multiple research activities across information systems frustrating it's important that your complete scholarly record is easy to discover and kept current both for your own needs and for others wanting to review evaluate and follow your work orchid org offers one way to help solve these challenges it provides a central registry of unique identifiers for individual researchers meaning once you register for a unique and persistent digital identifier that identifier can be linked to your research activities to form your complete author record so whether you have a common name or have published under multiple names or name variations identifying your work with a unique orchid number helps distinguish you from other authors and maintain a complete and current record orchid org also works with cross industry organizations to help make it easier for you to connect your orchid ID with your research output from multiple sources including Scopus once you establish an ID you can add your published work to your record directly from databases like Scopus and also use your ID when submitting articles to ensure they are correctly identified with your record from the onset let me show you how this works with Scopus first if you are new to orchid begin by either going to WW orchid org orchid scope as feedback com or by clicking add to orchid from your Scopus author profile page then register for an account if you already have an account sign in next although it is not necessary for importing your scope its information into orchid taking the time to fill out your orchid record may help the identification of your profile and subsequent steps once you are ready to import your work click the link works button here and scroll down until you see Scopus – orchid selecting this option will open an authorization screen asking for your permission to allow Scopus to access your orchid record to continue select authorize Scopus will now search its database using the information you provided during registration and then pull together all profiles that contain publications authored by you based on the information you provided review the list of profiles using the show recent documents option if you need to see what publications are linked to each profile select the profiles that are indeed yours and then click Next to continue now select your preferred profile name from the list of options next you'll see a list of publications associated with your profile scroll through and review the list clicking on the X button for any publications that need to be removed if any documents are missing from your list click search for missing documents and search by keywords or the full title if you find the missing work select it and click on add selected articles once you have all your documents included on the list click Next now review your profile to ensure that the data that will be sent to orchid is correct if you are satisfied and ready to continue click on next once you have reviewed and corrected your profile you are ready to send your Scopus ID – orchid enter and confirm your email address then press send author ID you'll be prompted to authorize the data transfer once authorized your Scopus author ID will be sent next you'll want to send your publication list to orchid to do so simply click send my publication list and then authorize the data transfer you will now find your publications listed under the works section of your orchid record where you can also change the privacy level for each work as desire and you'll also find that your orchid ID now appears on your author details page with in scopus making it easier for others to link to and view your public orchid record additionally you can search by orchid number here to quickly find and access a Scopus author profile page connecting your Scopus author ID to your orchid ID not only helps you organize and maintain your publication information under one profile it also helps facilitate discovery and evaluation

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