Origin of Alternating Current (AC) | Every Engineer Must Watch This

Oh you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] there are statements I made when I
believed people would listen to me at least as regards certain things which
are important for us all but now it makes no difference but how come you are
here at all I mean in my hotel room I haven’t been visited by anyone for a
very long time which paper will you be
publishing missing as a matter of fact on a freelance reporter mr. Tesla you
were once a very wealthy man you worked with JP Morgan didn’t you we were given
a great opportunity and what was that opportunity it had to do with the chorus
mankind had chosen and the one it might have chosen which would have led in a
very different direction mr. Tesla is it true that you once received some
unidentified signals from space in Colorado Springs I have already made a
very full statement on that and when was lacking at a press conference that the
Waldorf Astoria Hotel that was in 1890 just one more question if you don’t mind
at one time you worked very closely with George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison is
it true you gave up ten million dollars owed to you by Westinghouse young man
Edison and Westinghouse are they different men George and I still see
each other often mr. Tesla George Westinghouse is dead he
died a long time ago I suppose you’re going to tell me that Mark Twain is dead
too he’s been dead for over 30 years to Tesla it’s 1943 you know well you see
I was speaking to him just yesterday but the man I really want to talk to is
Morgan and now young man I should be grateful if you would leave thank you very much mr. Tesla Morgan the
others they are always happy to speak with me but Morgan after all these years
he still refuses to answer all these terrible friends they need never have
happened I told him that I showed him what the world could be he’d let me know
he said when he was ready I’m still
laying [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome to the United States America
next sedentary job murder cameo bless you
okay are we into Somalia nation water you’re all welcome the United States of
America for God’s sake my potion for all these ruin yours and your their legal
guardian to t-bob innocence and so no just activity that in Italia Sookie
Roscoe to Tino HEV oh sorry seniority my niece uno de la nostra
familia esta to mulatto I go quickly so no to Kyoko break yo yo yo Adam and Otto
tctv responsibility to request even dijo que tomar geology/geography boat rainbow
cooperate my baby tomorrow sort of a dodo in America Verde very well welcome
to the United States thank you haven’t even bid advice to
Samuel Ameritech so takuto another high
schooler Tesla from Jeremy morning’s million Croatia Austria and how big a
family have you gotta know somebody is all I have nothing huh all right you’re
all set welcome to the United States of America
mr. Tesla thank you very much all right who’s next [Music] [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s just like magic Tom every time I
hear that voice right of yours it just seems more wonderful than ever thank you
Kevin I’ve got a new name for it a phonograph
what do you think whatever you call it
it’s another one of your miracles maybe the greatest you know Bob your old
friends your Katherine I feel I can confide in you I’ve got a hunch that
this Niagara project could be about as important as anything I’ve ever done
you’re the only man on earth who could
pull it off we can be sure of that sorry to bother you folks oh yes how
what is it it’s that fellow from France he was here yesterday but you were too
busy now he’s back again well I’m busy again
tell them to try early next week Paul man don’t blame off because of us yeah
it seems like every inventor in Europe is heading straight for America he has a
letter for you from the manager of your company in Paris oh well okay okay I’ll
let them in mr. Tesla mr. Edison will see you now all right fella
mr. letter yes mr. Hansen well it says here this will introduce
mr. Nikola Tesla okay Tesla consider yourself introduced
mr. Tesla welcome to America thank you
miss it’s mrs. and mrs. Robert Johnson and this is my husband
maybe he’d rather see you alone oh no I
would be happy if you’d stay miss Johnson but I would like to talk about
can be of benefit to the whole of humanity if you said that anywhere else mr. Tesla
I might not be inclined to believe you but this is the birthplace of many
wonderful things here we’ve become accustomed to seeing the impossible come
true better mind your P’s and Q’s Sonny
as man is none other than the editor of century magazine well I don’t suppose
mr. Tesla has even heard of century where he comes from you’re French aren’t
you I’ve been working there but I was born in Lika when who knows maybe Lika
is another birthplace of wonderful
things what do you say Tom never heard of the place it’s on the border between
Austria and Turkey Lika is the province Smee Leon is the town I know what it
says here this isn’t the manager of my
company in Paris is a dear mr. Edison I know of only two really great men in
this world you are one of them and young Nikola Tesla is the other okay Jess
let’s come down out of the clouds you got something to show me
here mr. nation as you see this is a rotating magnetic
field in order for it cuts the coils at
Point a and induces a current which flows to the contact rings at Point P
expect that the starter motor of course and there is no wasted power from
long-distance transmission I think I’ve forgotten something sorry you don’t have
a commutator there’s no need for one this is alternating current mr. Edison
alternating yes using direct current you did over a hundred power stations to
light up the city of New York and even then the outskirts are left in darkness
because direct current cannot reach that far but with my system I guarantee that
just one power station can light the whole city and the whole state as well
we are throwing the power given to us by nature to the winds electric power in
its prison form is not only imperfect it’s unnatural as I know you will agree
mr. Edison we are out of step with nature’s harmony with alternating
current we are talking about energy and
an untrimmed of degree we would build new power stations and demolish old ones
it chanced a priority will transform the whole world demolish all my power
stations just because of this little motor of yours but Tom you know what
they call me Tesla they called me the king of electricity transformed the
world already and everything I have
accomplished has been based on direct electric current you’re heading up the
rock street with this thing believe me it’s it’s a dead end
where are you going I’m sorry
I’m very sorry to have taken up your time I thought you wanted to work for me
you have an original mind maybe even a brilliant one just because you made one
little mistake doesn’t mean I throw you out of your ear I can use all the bright
people I can get you’ll be here tomorrow
morning 7 o’clock sharp thank you I’m so grateful goodbye I’m
sure we’ll be seeing more of each other mr. Tesla I hope so so do I some you’re a big man oh yes I’m glad
you were so generous he’s a very young and interesting person and he came all
the way to America just to work with you I would have hated to see him lose the
chance well I’ve got an eye for brains Katherine he’s a bit wrongheaded but got
something all the same I will knock some sense into him you’ll see mr. Tesla good afternoon mr. Johnson
mrs. Johnson this is some kind of a scientific experiment or are you
actually doing what it looks like you’re doing I am digging a ditch mr. Johnson
that’s fairly obvious then you must no longer be with Edison that’s obvious to
what happened there were differences between us I’ll go see him right away
then fix it up
Thank You mr. Johnson but in some ways this is better than the press I left if
you are really through with Edison Bob
will find something for you on the magazine won’t you bother give him your
card and fleas mr. tester come up out of that ditch we don’t stop work until 5:00
mrs. Johnson then seven will be fine we’ll see where are her scared dresses
on you promise yes I promise has caffeine
fully explained what I had in mind for you it’s most kind of you and indeed I
am very grateful you don’t want the job is that what you’re telling me I’m
afraid so do you really prefer digging those
ditches to ping on the editorial staff of century magazine anyone would be
honored mr. Iijima Bob but it could only be temporary and it wouldn’t be fair to
you well I don’t go yet Nicki stay for a
moment and tell Bob some of the things you’ve been telling me about that first
induction water about you and your family in that place where you were born
Bleeker isn’t it yes Nicki spoke five languages when he was only a child and
his mother has invented all kinds of things too but she can’t beat all right
can you imagine and his father was a priest of course in the Orthodox Church
they’re allowed to marry you want married are you Nicki
not yet if I ever did marry it could only be with someone like you and of
course that’s impossible good night thank you both please give
mr. Tesla to the door he must be very cool he ate he bought me these flowers he’s working in that day over there well
let’s go see then that’s the my name is Hiram Braun president of Western Union
Telegraph Company nice to meet you mr. Roth I’m prepared to finance the
development of your motor mr. Tesla are you prepared to finance all further work
on alternating current as well I hadn’t really thought about that let’s see what
happens with the motor first I will construct it only in my own workshop
which you’d expect me build for you I’ll build admissable you just pay for it
you’re pretty cocky aren’t you mister I told me it would be exactly how much
would you be needing $30,000 and my own workshop well then quit playing
ditch-digger and get up here I’ll make out a check yeah not to abandon good [Music] grants machine easily they feel energy
expenditure that is in the latter I incipient illegal in games as it is here
visitation for our party adultery naturally freedom we must
repeated in Tetris effectiveness without altitude
[Music] [Music] anta aku so honesty apologies not
assistants power min very Hong got
exertion for lock away magneto whether the two laser you can shake a desire for
muy macho la cebolla sauna sweat rotten ago druggie dude Betts ActiveE in a bandana glute the
Greenham gaben hittin sinner direct invites the third is believed that I see
seen and heard that noise level of of the third of an inch a mile
granted without it a little more attention attractive evil said maybe
tomorrow you pathetic of losing you soon [Music] also now le o bharata magnet McCoy a
Christian who owned property stretch at a chihuahua Connecticut up to his knee
listen to you Anto – MS o g9r gear s m4 assault it him
sway it instead Italia territory or harmony prettily reading toe this platen [Music]
ladies and gentlemen to convince her that this theory will work I’ll turn off
the direct current for a moment and we’ll light up this hall with my system
turn out the light this ladies and gentlemen is alternating
current [Applause] you see how much power was produced with
this small generator and now imagine what it would be like if we had a an
enormous generator they could fill up this whole while we’d be able to light
the entire state of New York more even
than that we could have power for the factories all of public transportation
all of Industry once we’ve accomplished
that greater discoveries lie ahead just as long as we keep in step with nature
each new discovery will lead to another and we will revolutionize life on our
look mr. Tesla can you back up your 30s with a few guarantees you don’t really
believe that we put up our money without knowing the results thank you so it’s
evidence the single work gentlemen I can make no guarantees other than my
discovery I am NOT an insurance company
you must take my word you will have to rely on instinct intuition and
imagination now I shall switch back to direct
current mr. Edison what is your opinion of mr.
Tesla Oh very bad extremely capable engineer what could be the practical
application of his generator well I’m sorry to say it has no practical
application at all I said before gentlemen that I do not consider fantasy
to be any kind of conception at least of all a scientific one
that’ll be all thanks mr. Edison Oh mr. Edison well that will be enough for the
day gentlemen another time if the thing had any value you can bet Edison would
have grabbed it but on the wrong horse mr. Tesla Thomas Edison claims your
electrical system has no practical application do you have any comment mr.
Edison is very practical man I’m sorry he feels that way it was a real pleasure
to meet you mr. Tesla let me congratulate you once again I wish you
good luck so do i thanks for your demonstration it was most impressive
even if it isn’t practical thank you gentlemen
mr. Tesla could you explain a little more clearly oh I don’t think I have
anything more to say that’s all for
today thank you gentlemen thank you goodbye gentlemen mr. Tesla allow me to introduce myself
I’m George Westinghouse president
Pittsburgh electric I’ll do two I’d be happy if you’d have dinner with me at
the Waldorf that would be a pleasure mr. Westing us call me George call me Nicola
Nicola all right Nicola delicious so to put it in a nutshell
mr. Tesla I am prepared to buy all your
patents for alternating current for a million dollars the important thing is
that you will be able to decide for yourself how your invention is to be
used well I will function is a kind of money bag and open money bag what do you
think that [Music]
bring me a dozen that completely doesn’t nothing sir
in fact that time I hope you find the dinner to your satisfaction mr. Tesla
[Music] I think you are being somewhat hasty mr.
Westinghouse us there to be no
scientific progress without some risk people have been known to risk their
lives what then is my money – that you really sincerely believe in the project
I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t what is on top of that million dollar
son I asked you to tell me one dollar for every horsepower we produce I would
agree you have put it in the contract
don’t be so quick to agree you realize that we are talking about countless
units of horsepower and now about it it won’t take it without a fight as long as
he is opposed to it how you introduce us today I’ll be able to manage it with
your patents the point is you have truth on your side tell me the truth mr.
Weston are you helping me because you believe this will be a value to science
and civilization or are you in it for
the profit listen to me my friend I’m a nun better myself but I never forget
that without money I cannot put my inventions into practice so what if I do
hope to make a little profit by a map is that angry I’m beginning to
believe you some Swiss cheese in an apple and make sure the Apple is washed
with boiling water a cream can some fruit coffee
applause and cheers to you you will seem to be drinking my wine
[Music] you’re right
I’m so sorry you’re confusing me Jacqueline can I assume them that we
have an agreement that you accept I was joking
what do you mean no charge per horsepower but I wasn’t joking you will
get a dollar for every horsepower generated you’ve got to be rich
Tesla so that you can be free and independent what’s wrong
you just just take them away you make me
go wait wait Brent okay let me just take the peaches away no dessert anyway gentlemen I would suggest a short break
those in favor I could use fresh George
now why do you think Adams wanted a break at this point come on really
don’t pretend such innocence it isn’t heaven is chairing this meeting but one
who is more conspicuous by his absence oh yeah only too well can you hear me yeah I hear you Adams
lemon Aries are all as Edison made his speech yet Oh George Westinghouse oh
well call on Edison to speak first then Westinghouse and put forward proposal
under to enclose the meeting is that
clear yes yes proposal two gentlemen we are fortunate to have mr. Thomas Alva
Edison here in the capacity of advisor it would be most helpful to hear his
opinion Thank You mr. chair addendum and I’ll say this at whether we pipe water
to the plant or build the plant near Niagara Falls is a matter to be
discussed but there’s only one system direct-current has already been adopted
throughout the world mr. chairman mr. chairman mr. Westinghouse gentlemen
direct-current is not the only system in
existence there is also mr. Nikola Tesla’s alternating current it could
guarantee the transmission of power over
enormous distances it is simple it is practical it is the system that mr.
Tesla himself has perfected along with 40 registered patents now I have here a
repair that system is nothing but pure fantasy and dangerous fantasy at that
that it’s a subject for discussion miss Perry there’s a subject I would be happy
to discuss video gentlemen gentlemen we’re discussing a matter of great
importance I think it would be best to have an Internet
no competition mr. Edison you are the best qualified among us to name the man
who would head the panel of judges Thank You mr. chairman gentlemen there’s only one such man in
the world I’m sure you’ll all agree physicist mathematician and great
inventor Lord Kelvin of Great Britain will the International Exposition in
Paris be another triumph for you mr. Edison my electrical current will light
up the whole fair and will your principles be applied at Niagara Falls I
was not aware of the possibility of any
other principles being applied young man the whole of Europe uses my system old
world in fact well what about alternating current well
that system shouldn’t even be considered alternating current is a danger to human
life start the generator ladies and gentlemen you have just seen
alternating currents in action now it is a cruel fact that we had to kill this
little dog but we did it as a preventive measure in order to ensure that in the
future people will not fall victim to alternating current in the same way so
we need devices to help improve humanity not kill it I’m going to ask Congress to
put a ban on the use of alternating
current [Applause] Edison make that damned Edison
what happened George oh the committee the committee is to be chaired by Lord
Kelvin he’s ever since dude that’s why I picked them but listen to this
alternating current used at sing-sing the condemned man William Kemmler did
not have a painless death after all the electric current had to be
switched on several times those who constructed the electric chair failed to
calculate the voltage required now isn’t that disgusting let me take care of this
matter I’ll go take him away let them visit oh it’s not their fault George get
together all the people you know as quickly as possible and bring them here
doesn’t Tesla is going to torture his guests with electricity they’ve all come
you will see mr. Enrico Caruso mr. Nikola Tesla browse from you pal mr. Ignacio wretzky mr. Nikola Tesla you
do mr. Samuel Clemens alias Mark Twain mr. Nikola Tesla what a pleasure mr.
Tesla for all the pleasure you have
given me in your books I am very much indebted to you mr. Clemens I’m glad
here I have one dinner mostly I’m
blessed with creditors is there anything you need mr. Clemens I had hoped I’d see
a few of my critics here I was thinking I’d recommend them for the electric
chair [Laughter]
won’t you sit down thank you George Gascon well hello
I’m curious Niki what is it that you plan to do this evening Catherine I am
now considered an execution
I’ve never believed that for a moment what mr. Jack Wilson mr. Nikola Tesla what is the charge thank you no thank
you ladies and gentlemen here in front of
may you say two electrodes when I switch on the electric current there will be a
tension of 1 million volts between you [Music] that is alternating current now if I
touch the electrodes with my hands what do you think will happen ladies and
gentlemen if my electric current kills then I deserve to be its victim myself
sneaky don’t please [Music] mr. Morgan is waiting this day here
comes oh right right mr. Tesla you don’t shake hands they tell me what
for reason somehow to come daughter Edison here tells me you’re always
washing your hands 20 times a day and every time there’s got to be a fresh
towel I don’t have to ask if you two know each other well we know each other
alright you also tell me don’t take any coffee or tea so what can I offer you
some whiskey perhaps Oh makes you sound almost human
Tom giving friend here some whiskey you know some people are sure that you’re
crazy others think you’re a thinker I bet
those things could be true when you
still could be some kind of genius sit down mr. Tesla I’d like to know what
makes you tick you know what Edison says about genius
myth one of his pet quotations genius is
1% inspiration and 99% perspiration he says you don’t perspire enough and for a
scientific conclusion he says he don’t use any brain work at all instead how
did you put a ton my last Tesla according to him he says he gets mental
pictures mental pictures that’s the word with everything complete down to the
smallest detail is that how it happened with that brushless commutator las’
motor of yours since he had Tom that the whole thing just appeared to mr. Tesla
some kind of vision it was really more like a flash of lightning and you got
this vision or flash suddenly in the middle of a poem you have to be reciting
out in the street somewhere in Hungary yes it was good that was
he’s a german author I’ll send you a translation if you like thank you very
much mr. desert the motor was turning in a huge ivf whiskey mr. Tesla well thank
you very much
the motors spun in a huge whirlwind of electricity a rotating magnetic field
tremendous energy produced by a balance of alternating current alternating
current hey got the platen six years later and every detail was just the way
it appeared to him in that first mental picture Adams got the whole story for me
what is that thing you’re reading there hey it’s the file we put together on mr.
Tesla I never go into anything blind Tom you know me well enough to know that it
says here when he’s still working for you you gave mr. Tesla no problem to
solve for you Oh what of it I give my people problems all the time this one
mr. Gettys maybe something you couldn’t work out for yourself oh so so forget
that story we talk to people in your shop
I could have solved that thing easily but it so happens I was busy with a lot
of other problems at the time like I always have the way we heard it – you
told mr. Tesla if he’d work it out – you give him $60,000 and then when he did
you said he didn’t understand the American sense of humor that is not the
reason required I am not interested in money right sure well I am the point is that you quit working for
Edison on sment suggested she started working for me so downtown I might
finish it yes frankly Commodore I’m beginning to wonder what the hell I’m
doing here I didn’t tell you to be fair to hold
this meeting without you what am i right it’s about the steelworks in Pittsburgh
well I’m still waiting for the electric parts arm they can’t wait neither can i
it’s been over five months now since I
submitted my plans to the committee it’s to test us of different ideas different
I guess that’s one word for it you know what he did it to Chicago World’s Fair
it’s all in here yes up to that time there were no large polyphase generators
in existence I’d rather hear it from mr.
Tesla sorry well I took 24 500 horse power generators single-phase generators
that it coupled them all in pairs and then hooked them up so the circuits
would be 90 degrees out of phase translate that into English it means I
made the equivalent of 12 to phase generators each with a thousand
horsepower it was the first world player
in history to be lit by electricity well now isn’t that funny right after this
very minute I was always under the impression that electric light was
something that I invented of course and now I find it mr. Tesla here discovered
it where the hell do you come off with a report like that on a subject that you
couldn’t even begin to comprehend I just
collected information mr. Edison I certainly don’t pretend to be an
educated man of science educated like Tesla you mean he is educated and I’m
not Tom nobody said that well you don’t
have to say it everybody knows it well we know yourself made man and so
stressfully came to this country for cents the book reports it yeah well I
never got near University I had to teach myself as I went along
yes and the first thing I learned was respect for the scientific process
reasoning based on provable assumptions
controlled experimentation trial and error but educated man of science he
does everything by guesswork it doesn’t even our ideas he has hunches
I wonder he’s going haywire over this AC
business AC alternating current right there’s nothing right about it at all
mr. Edison’s whole system has been based right from the beginning on direct
current Tesla this vital evidence he is convinced the system of alternating
current will never work oh I see a man of visions and lightning flashes feels
it Thomas Edison is suffering from delusions simmer downs uh tell us about
Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany Tom or don’t you know what happened in Frankfurt
Adams tell mr. Edison what happened at Frankfurt Germany
a man called Olivo another man called the hell were the names just tell what
they did
they’ve just managed to transmit electricity over a distance of 160
kilometers and they were using Tesla’s system that’s over in Europe for God’s sake
we’ve got testa right here under our noses you get together with General
Electric I’ll take care of the financial side I’m going to build that partition
in Niagara right away and what system are you’re going to use what’s always
giving it a try it’s a useless complication that’s what’s wrong with it
and besides that is dangerous if I had my way I’d have a god damn thing
prohibited by law
oh I hope you aren’t leaving we haven’t finished our card game just don’t slam
the door he does it every time my friend Ted is a stubborn man Tesla is also
greatest inventor in the history of the world and if you can prove him wrong
just once I won’t say I’ll be happy and I’ll tell you this you and I are in
business incredible things are happening Nick
Edison has had to join up with General Electric but they won’t swallow us up
Nick will swallow them we got the patents Nick the Niagara project can’t
be started without it you realize that it’s quite possible to get a hundred
thousand or even a million electrical
impulses per second can’t you see what fantastic possibilities that could open
to us for the use of energy Nick did you hear what I said about General Electric
about Edison about Niagara I know as Morgan told me don’t listen to
a Nick he plays with people like their child playing with dolls and he breaks
him like dolls to hell with Morgan a trickle impulse
per second all right Nick all right dream as much as you want to but just be
sure you wake up in time for that opening of the Power Station after that
just let somebody try to stop you George how could anything stop me hmm
well I guess I don’t have an answer for that all the same for a man who’s that
damn sure of himself you don’t look very happy how can I be
George what’s wrong Nick for several days now I’ve been seeing the truth [Music] would you please ring up mr. Tesla it’s
very urgent
I have to see him immediately I cannot disturb him
if I wake him now I will hold you responsible necesito nothing can save it
I guess we may as well let him sleep in
peace while he still 10 I’ll tell him later
shall I ask where the trouble is mrs. ito after all this hotel is home it’ll
break mr. Tesla’s heart his laboratories on fire it’s going to be completely
burned all his work will be gone his invention this equipment is planned
everything up in smoke [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause]
[Music] [Music] [Applause] ladies and gentlemen America has today
put into operation her first electric
power station generating alternating current we must thank all those who have
helped to create this power station however ladies and gentlemen we should
not forget that without Nikola Tesla the great visionary and inventor none of
this what is it the celebration I’ve been waiting for
Bravo Nick Bravo will speak to the Knicks you’re all innocent bleeding when all is said and done this power
station is not terribly important it simply makes practical use of theories
we have long known about rather than congratulate ourselves we should all
feel ashamed that it was not built earlier the real work is yet to come
now we must destroy distance our senses tell us about things that are close by
do know what is happening far away we must be able to transmit scenes from
other places over long distances big turrets the news and their chin why not
matter to now we must liberate thought
we must set it free of limitations that space and time impose on it and yet keep
its principal characteristics now and in future centuries here on earth and
thousands of light-years into the
unknown doesn’t say say [Music] [Music] Tesla Tesla what am i sense until a
comfortable tell him that I’m going to Europe Europe who’s in Europe and mother
and sister [Music] [Music] you [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]
you [Music] [Music] [Music]
well done Mike [Music] [Music] [Music] George what is it
thank you can yes please this way why don’t you go in he won’t let me
explain so mr. Westinghouse I’m not to let anyone in the laboratory but this is
ridiculous those are mr. Tesla’s orders I’m
desperate Catherine I’ve simply got to see him my whole future is at stake but
why did you send for me because of Nikola he’s in a terrible state ever
since his mother died I’m afraid he may have gone out of his mind
I’m serious Catherine Vito I know how much you love mr. Tesla so do we you
must know that and don’t you think he’s in need of our help now yes I admit I’ve
been worried about him mrs. Johnson then open the door attraction and repulsion can strange
effect very stimulating and exciting electricity and magnetism George our
unique forces in nature how are you Nick Nick please listen to me I’m month well
I’m at the end of my rope there is nothing left for me but to ask for your
help Nick there’s a crisis on Pullman is laid off 4,000 workers in Chicago
yesterday the National Guard was out shooting people down in the streets I
can’t get any more credit Nick everybody is pulling out they’re charging me with
a debt of over 10 million dollars that’s
the money I owe you Nick remember a dollar for every horsepower General
Electric is behind it all Morgan wants to swallow the episode is
Edison I can’t let him do it Nick my company is my whole life and I thought
Nick if we could share the loss of little this is the contract George yes Nick I
can’t let you do that I owe you that money it’s yours you don’t owe me
anything George when nobody listened you believed in me you held out your hand
when others turn their backs Thank You Katherine thank you my friend that was generous Nicky maybe a little
too generous of course you want to help George Westinghouse when he’s in such
troubles but how can you just tear up ten million dollars I don’t have a
family Katherine I just need to get on with my work
all that money would only get in my way put it to the right now to the left can
you make it go down to the end and then back toward us but where are the wires mr. Tesla by
this time mr. Adams I thought you understood I’m afraid I don’t do what do
you want me to tell the Commodore just
tell them what you see and about the wires dead in there Anton Tesla this
little boat of yours Adams been telling y’all a trick Lika do
the same thing we’ll work on a bigger scale you can actually move energy
electrical energy from one place to another you can take the power you
harness from Niagara and move it to my steelworks in Pittsburgh without any
wires at all there is no limit to the
possibilities communication over great distances anyway Europe even and without
using cables I didn’t call you on the phone Adams let me hear it from Tesla
ships at sea Tesla’s everything the human voice pictures they’re all just
electrical impulses and what’s this place where you want to go and work on
Colorado Springs it’s rich in natural electricity not Tesla you fix it so I
can send words without wires from one city to another and over the ocean
without a cable just give me that and you go to Colorado Springs or Timbuktu
sooner you get started the better that was Morgan he’s agreed
this is really a turning point Nikki isn’t it pictures and voices moving
through the air without wires you really want me to swallow that you must believe
it to a self Commodore why else would
you be investing your money giving money the Tesla’s my playing roulette it’s a
game I played to amuse myself and not of a certain curiosity is he a lunatic or a
bug of artists he promises miracles I’m going to see
now if he can deliver them [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
[Music] [Music]
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Applause] [Applause]
[Music] if in a thunderstorm the earth is struck
by lightning the force creates concentric waves which slowly expand to
circle the world until they come back to
where they started this proves to us that the Earth’s crust is a conductor of
electrical energy now if we were to produce large quantities of electrical
energy and if we directed it into the Earth’s crust then that energy would
travel in concentric waves there were rumors you went to Colorado Springs in
order to contact Mars is that true it is possible for us to send out waves which
can travel around the world there are waves as well which can travel into
space how are you going to talk with them I never intended to however I
recorded certain electrical impulses of
unknown origin and these were repeated that constantly timed intervals it’s
possible they were a kind of signal from space and did you in turn send them a
message ask the Martians that question but you did send some sort of signal a
signal which might not be received for a million years
therefore mr. Tesla you do believe communication with distant worlds may
someday be possible perhaps they’ve been sending us messages for ages but we
aren’t aware of it lifter Tesla what’s that big pile of papers down there on
the floor my file on the work in Colorado spring can you tell us what’s
in it it’s a new electrical system completely different as yet it hasn’t
been finished in just what way is it different how will it affect us well a
great deal of it is merely guesswork but
it might have an important impact on the future I hope it will lead to a decisive
answer to the problem of energy good I can’t tell you how much it means to me
that I can once again have the opportunity to see the greatest of the
great genius because I said all right
I’m terribly sorry but I don’t recall having met you mr. Tesla my name when we
knock you I’m a humble follower of your way I heard you lecture in London when I
was too tall
it’s my greatest memory you’ve been a big influence permit me to introduce
myself Marchesa Craig Elmer Marconi well I’m
pleased to meet you Marcus McIntosh absolutely not how may I be of service
to Mister tonight we’ll see light-years which I know are true but I can’t
formulated using aware of such things I think I might be of some use in the
field of telecommunications if that is what interests you mr. Marconi then you
have chosen wisely but always trust your own instincts everybody not the polish
lead you astray can be deceptive mr. Desmond I came all
the way to America to meet you would it be possible to come and guide you while
you’re working well certainly it would be very welcome my laboratory and all
the final project disposition thank you that’s great thanks veto would you
please look after mr. Marko whatever you say tell me the truth Tesla does anybody
really understand what this is about
I certainly hope so comment on I ought to after all these years
let’s see energy according to you energy is the big part of the future a nice and
dense property and what we’re using now the sources of energy are not
inexhaustible and they are poisoning our planet I have noticed that believe me
you will perhaps we can survive the
poison but there will come a day when these sources of energy will dry up and
then what the whole shebang is gonna run down like a clock not with my project I
can give the world all the power it can use clean power I was afraid of that
afraid yes I was afraid that after all this time I was really going to begin to
us to have got you talking about but this psychic business
funny I don’t understand these weird stories about you they keep getting into
the paper’s like the the train wreck and this fellow what’s his name Brown how
that one go mr. Tesla is supposed to have told him
that he mustn’t any account take a certain train he didn’t the train was
wrecked and everybody on it was killed I really happen people said that it
could have been a coincidence cam what it was the public mind science and the
supernatural don’t make sure either a serious inventor or a gypsy
fortune-teller with a crystal ball I
don’t presume to tell people’s fortunes and I am NOT an inventor but what
they’re learning I am the discoverer Columbus yes I I
guess he must have sounded quite a bit like you sometimes before his discovery
and there must have been quite a lot of Columbus’s we don’t know about who just
sailed away to the wild blue yonder and never heard of again is that where
you’re going to go Tesla get lost in a wild blue yonder or Mars for God’s sake
you told me I could reach a ship by Wireless and now you’re telling the
newspapers that you’re reaching outer
space somewhere out there the Stars there is a strong possibility that hell
with your possibilities Tesla people that while guessing yourself just
guessing comet are oh well as long as I’m backing you I can’t afford to let
the world think I’m associated with it
nut [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] teddy [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
[Applause] [Music] [Music]
[Applause] [Music] you having whiskey as usually I’ll have
champagne with you above with pleasure good let’s drink to this new project to
the article teasing believe we’re going to you our new ambassador involved our
boat sails early tomorrow morning and I wouldn’t dream of leaving till you tell
us all about it there isn’t much to that what he means
is there’s not much he wants to do while the secrecy it’s Morgan’s idea he made
it a condition you two are playing cat and mouse together I think Morgan’s
afraid of you invited nothing maybe you ought to be I think Nick is still sure
that he’s going to change the world and I hope he’s right of course tonight
you’re an incurable optimist I wouldn’t want to cure what you mean is that you
wouldn’t ever want to see an end to all those beautiful dreams of his but
darling you know yourself that you’re always asking him to face reality my
tower that is reality you will see we’re on the verge of World War Nick whoa
what’s all this about war my hotel isn’t concentrating on that subject he’s much
too clever you’ll invent some fool thing
to blow us to kingdom come so just the opposites mr. Twain instead
of sending human armies marching out to the battlefields we could make robots to
do the fighting force look desperate if you ever invent a robot to do our
drinking forest then I for one will fight you to the death [Music] you really think there is going to be a
war there doesn’t have to be no not that people use their heads and who knows
someday if we are lucky in there isn’t one
perhaps you’ll be able to get away for long enough to pay a visit to that
far-off place where you were born – link you see I still remember the name I wish
you could have known my mother I wish I could have known you Nicky tell me
Minnie if it hasn’t been possible there were times when I thought that
everything was possible remember what your mother said that time when you made
yourself a pair of wings and climbed up on the roof of your house and tried to
fly you’re not a bird Nicola she told you you’re a man [Music] don’t bother me about money the worker
should know that they’ll be paid we’ve got Morgan behind it yes mister ah you mr. Tesla I’ve been instructed to show
you this just in case you didn’t happen to see mr. Tesla he wants to see you right away there was one promise with all the damn
visions and lightning flashes of yours one hard promise I thought I could count
on I was going to be able to send messages to distant places without any
wires and now sure enough some things been invented but not by you Tesla no by
some italian ears Marconi whatever well
he’s made some kind of box he’s talking England with it and I’ve got to buy
patents from him what if he did steal it from you you’re not the only one with
ideas you know there’s a there’s a Jew over in Germany Einstein the whole
scientific world is talking about that new theory and in Paris what’s that
about purse they have split the atom whatever that means it could mean a
whole new source of energy such energy is created by destroying natural
elements serious crime against nature and one day it’s going to bring on
catastrophe the world is at a crossroads right now
and if we pass up this chance we shall
be held responsible by future generations chance chance rewards
Commodore we send energy all energy to the outer shell of the earth the
ionosphere energy from the sea the weight and cheerfulness you no longer
need to burn notice for anything we simply take what already exists and put
it to our use and unlimited quantities [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] you want me you believe all this is
possible but I have proved it already everything is in that pipe all we have
to do is a quiet Adams yes comedy you’ve seen always yes one
single source of energy that’s what this
means right Tesla yes is it and anyone can draw on it anyone in the way the
earth dr. sevrin under goes around the whole planet yes how it would be wrong
to everyone like the air we breathe those are some financial details we
ought to go Tesla I’ll keep you any longer i lang sheesh
you are to get back to your work we’ll send this stuff on you I forgot you let
me shake hands supposing just supposing he isn’t crazy
that man could turn the world upside down standard on its head yes I do
believe he could it’s a wonderful prospect wonderful listen if that
lunatic can really do what he says he could do any idea what’s going to happen
no sir one source of energy that’s what’s going
to happen just would so anybody anybody at all just stick around turn up in his
backyard and okay into it and we won’t
have anything left to silvered antennas we’ll be producing the power and anyone
who feels like it can milk our cow for free well no thank you mr. Tesla I’m not
contributing to that charity write him a letter out of the seventh ready for me
to sign in the morning yes Commodore what can I tell him hello tell him
goodbye [Music] [Music] after all years he still refuses to
answer i showed him what the world could be he’d let me know he said when he was
ready I’m still living [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you Oh

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