Original Poetry: Throw

[Title] Throw. [body] Roh-roh,
ruff! grrr! rah! [/] Throw the little chair [/] Follow The marchers Into town [/] THROW the Mastic down [/] DOGGED little Quixotic Girl [/] feels nothing, and feels all [/] Puritan.
Feminist. All-theist. [/]The flux gets wearing now. [/] roh-roh ruff grrr rah [/] throw
the little chair [/] follow the marchers into town [/] throw the mastic down [/] bullies
gnaw until I snap [/] and isolation is part of that [/] a whiteout blizzard of ideas [/]
fractals I can’t control [/] roh-roh ruff grrr rah [/] Throw the Little Chair [/] follow
the Marchers into town [/] throw the Mastic Down [end]

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