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OSHO OSHO International Foundation presents Osho: Books I Have Loved I have loved reading from my very childhood. My own personal library consisted of one hundred fifty thousand rare books of all the religions, philosophies, poetry, literature. And I have read all of them, but with no purpose; I enjoyed it. My father used to go at least three, four times to Bombay, and he would ask all the children, “What would you like?” And he would ask me also, “If you want anything I can note it down and bring it from Bombay.” I never asked him. Once I said, “I only want you to come back more human, less fatherly, more friendly, less dictatorial, more democratic. Bring a little more freedom for me when you come back.” He said, “But these things are not available in the market.” I said, “I know they are not available in the market, but these are the things I would like: a little more freedom, a little bigger rope, fewer orders, fewer commandments, and a little respect.” No child has asked for respect. You ask for toys, sweets, clothes, a bicycle, and things like that. You get them, but these are not the real things which are going to make your life blissful. I asked him for money only when I wanted to purchase more books; I never asked money for anything else. And I told him, “When I ask for money for books you had better give it to me.” He said, “What do you mean?” I said, “I simply mean that if you don’t give it to me then I will have to steal it. I don’t want to be a thief but if you force me then there is no way. You know I don’t have money. I need these books and I am going to have them, that you know. So if money is not given to me then I will take it; and remember in your mind that it was you who forced me to steal.” He said, “No need to steal. Whenever you need money you simply come and take it.” And I said, “You be assured it is only for the books,” but there was no need for the assurance because he went on seeing my library growing in the house. Slowly there was no place in the house for anything other than my books. And my father said, “Now, first in our house, we had a library; now in the library, we have a house! And we all have to take care of your books because if something goes wrong with any book you make so much fuss, you create so much trouble that everybody is afraid of your books. And they are everywhere; you cannot avoid stumbling on them. And there are small children….” I said, “Small children are not a problem to me; the problem is the older children. The smaller children — l respect them so much that they are very protective of my books.” It was a strange thing to see in my house. My younger brothers and sisters were all protective of my books when I was not there: nobody could touch my books. And they would clean them and they would keep them in the right place, wherever I had put them, so when I needed any book I could find it. And it was a simple matter because I was so respectful to them, and they could not show their respect in any other way than to be respectful to my books I said, “The real problems are the older children my uncles, my aunts, my father’s sisters, these are the people…my father’s brothers-in-law — these are the people who are the trouble. I don’t want anybody else to mark my books, underline in my books, I hated the very idea that somebody should underline in my books. One of my father’s brothers-in-law — he was a professor so he must have been in the habit — would write notes on my books. I had to tell him, “This is simply not only unmannerly, uncivilized, it shows what kind of mind you have. To me a book is not just a book, it is a love affair. If you underline any book then you have to pay for it and take the book. Then I don’t want that book here, because one dirty fish can make the whole pond dirty. I don’t want any book prostituted — you take it.” He was very angry because he could not understand. I said, “You don’t understand me because you don’t know me much. You just talk to my father.” And my father said to him, “lt was your fault. Why did you underline his book? Why did you write a note in his book? What purpose did it serve to you? — because the book will remain in his library. In the first place you never asked his permission, that you wanted to read his book. You will be surprised that by the time I was a matriculate I had read thousands of books I was finished with Kahlil Gibran, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gorky, Turgenev. When I was finishing my intermediate I was finished with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Bertrand Russell — all the philosophers that I could find in any library, in any bookshop, or borrow from anybody. Why did you stop reading in 1980 and how do you stay informed on world events? I’ve heard that you enjoy movies… and watch movies at times. Is that true? Once in a while, because I don’t read any more. Otherwise I was perhaps the most educated man in the whole world. My own personal library was one hundred fifty thousand volumes, of immense value, and I was reading continuously. But then I got my own truth and all those books started seeming rubbish. Slowly slowly they became meaningless. Once in a while one book may turn out to have some significance, but five years before I stopped it. It was too much. You read one hundred books and one book sometimes turns out to be of any meaning. And that too is not going to increase my consciousness, my being. So for five years I have not read anything — no newspaper, no radio, no television. Once in a while if my sannyasins see a film which they feel has something significant, then I see it. But very rarely. For example, Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov, when it became a film then I saw it because I consider that book to be far more valuable than holy Bible. It is so immensely rich with insights. So it happens once in a while that they bring something if they feel that it may interest me. Then I see it. But rarely. Featuring: “Music From the World of Osho” Source: The Last Testament, Vol 1 #26 ; From Misery to Enlightenment #15; The Last Testament, Vol. 3 #4 Copyright © Osho International Foundation, Switzerland. OSHO ® is a registered TM. For more information, visit: www.osho.com

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  1. He must've been very dangerous man. He was arrested in the USA and poisoned while he was in jail. In one of His talks He calls USA a fascist country. USA, the church, was perceptive in a way that his ideas carry truth and that they are potent. USA is the biggest criminal country in the world!

  2. @11someguy69 yet they run the world's economy. who gives a fuck what you think of USA!!! your only one person.

    PS I am canadian

  3. I love you Osho. Why did I feel the need to type this in the comments bar? Well, anyway, thankyou for helping me to save myself once again. I've been in a bit of a weird place this last week – I've been confused. It's like two invisible figures have been pulling at me on either side of me. One knows the truth and promises to never let me forget it, while the other is trying to stuff me into something where the barriers stop at human-size. The figure that knows the truth is bolder now. Thanks

  4. I cant belive how I just laugh my heart out by listening to this amazing, lovly and sweet wise man

  5. The most intelligent man in the world .. 150,000 intellectual books .. found his own truth .. i'd say so..

  6. after reading 150.000 books one can get either wise or crazy…
    Example of Jiddu Krishnamurty is quite opposite: correct meditation and extreme intelligence coming directly from the sourse. Osho respected Master Jiddu and even helped to build his center.
    Strange, I tottaly agree with Oso about Dostoevsky's "Brothers Karamazov"

  7. Its possible for him to read 8 books or more per day. He got photographic memory. Not only this but also ability to access right information at right time from his memory….!!! Very Intelligent Person!!

  8. Hi Trainer1x: The book he mentioned is "The brothers Karamazov. Enjoy. I read it because it is on Oshos list 🙂 Btw: There is a book in which Osho goes into more detail about books he has read and his opinions on them. Available on Amazon: "Books I have loved" from Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (The small old version)

  9. he read ''150 000'' books.
    lets say he read them in 50 years of his life….
    that makes 9 books at each day…

  10. May be he doesn't have to read every book he owns… but 150k that was this collection..

  11. I think you did not listen to the whole video, he did mention some titles… and authors

  12. That book is "The Brothers Karamazov" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

  13. After 58-60 Years of Continuous Reading, He Dare to Share .. Now There is no Book is Needed. Great……..

  14. Yeah =) 9 books its possible. But i think that 150k collection and really read 100k atleast

  15. He didn`t specify that he had read all the books from the begining till the end. And he might had doublets. So, it can possibly be true. Whatever, it is not important the number at all. It`s the quality of reading that really matters

  16. we don't need to finish every book, there are only few which compels readers to finish it

  17. "i read all of them" means just that, "i read all pages of them" means all pages of 9 books at each day.


  19. 150 000 Bücher ? Das kann ja nun wirklich nicht stimmen… Man nimmt an er hat 10 Bücher am Tag gelesen, was ja schon utopisch ist.. Dann hätte er 3600 Bücher im Jahr gelesen… In 40 Jahren wären das 144 000… Und er wird kaum sein ganzes Leben damit zugebracht haben Bücher zu lesen..

  20. WE HAVE LOST HIM, we are proud of him, we cannot imagine india /without him,

  21. Buddha vision can't understand by public, osho you are with us, no-one can break our love with osho.

  22. He would have liked my house we had to respect and handle books carefully. And, certainly no writing in them. I do not like writing in books to this day!

    He had to read all that to get into the right place for the next step.

    Great video 😊

  23. There must be a misunderstanding: his statement of reading all the books must have been related to "reading completely or partially" all these books. This is naiv to deify his abilities (I mean the hypotheses of photoreading, reading with his subconscious mind etc. which are stated in comments below). Let's be realistic and awaken. He's just a human after all. A very wise and great human! I'm sure he would have liked my being sceptical as he was a great sceptic himself 🙂

  24. i enjoy most of his lectures but he sounds like an entitled rich brat on this one.

  25. can anyone tell me what book he meant at the end? "it felt for me more significant than the bible"

  26. http://evolutiondeceit.com/

  27. Don't take what Osho says as literal. Use it as a mirror. His stories are often a half truth or parables to help describe something deeper. He does not have photoreading or superpowers it's a joke…

  28. Osho foi sem dúvida um ser especial, único, íntegro, verdadeiro, sem máscaras, sem moldura social. Fora das forminhas padronizadas de seres humanos pré moldados. 👏👏👏

  29. There are no hindi subtitles for this video…
    i want to help if you are interested.

  30. Looking for one book by him " And Flowers Showered…..", is it available somewhere in Delhi, pls let me know.

  31. Reading so many books means a lot. Recently even I have planned reading daily one novel. Lets see….

  32. Thank you ! ☺😊
    But i am wondering how he managed to read the books which were out of his syllabus in his 10th std. and intermediate !!!! !! For me, i was struggling to read one extra book which was out of my 12th std. syllabus last year, due to lack of time and board pressure !!! 😅…i kept like meditating on one line for about 10 – 20 mins ! 😂
    Osho is great ! 💟

  33. I share a passion for books with many others that understand this. I love Osho's passion for books and his humor!!

  34. If some of the commentators who are questioning as to how he read 150k books in his lifetime should show some respect to this great man's intelligence and listen carefully to his words. He never read any book with a purpose. Once he gets the central idea then he need not read the entire book. Sporadic, random reading is enough for intelligent people.

  35. Today you don't have to read books there is youtube and internet to learn
    I learn a lot of things
    Although books are still important
    But yeah internet is best place to learn

  36. You all say he has no superpower. Only his wise is the most appreciable and important superpower.

  37. This is impossible. Even if you Read 3 books a Day you cant Read 150.000 in a Lifetime… Especially when hé is also meditating for like 1 hours a Day and helling people this is 100 procent impossible y Read 150.000 books. Doesn't even sound plausible…

  38. Here's a little statistic on his claim. So if he read 150,000 books, then it means he spent 19 years straight, 24 hr/day for 900 words per minute, which is extremely fast reading. Or described in another way, he read 8 books a day for 50 years straight. Does this seem plausible? I mean, I trust that guy, but really??

  39. 150.000 books ! If you read one book a day it will take 410 years to read them all.

  40. i now understand the genesis of his wisdom. with all those books, he must have read about everything on this earth.

  41. Let"s keep in mind that he used to read 12 hrs everyday. so if he read from 5yrs to 50 years of age, then in 45 years one hour per book is..197,100 books..this means 12 books every day ..one hour for book..

    But also he might not read the whole book once he knew what the book was all about..

    In the beggining I had trouble with this mathematics, but later on I consider the idea that he developed certain abilities that only hard readers developed..

  42. I genuinely told my Father this when he asked what I wanted for Christmas. I told him I wanted more love, more openness.

  43. Osho shook the very foundation of usa which showed its true fascist color and deported him.you can imagine his intellectual power.

  44. No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth. No wonder why Osho didn't live very long.

  45. Towards the end of his life, Thomas Aquinas stopped writing. Why? When asked, he said “I have had an experience which makes all I have written seem like so much straw.”

  46. You have come to my life and you are going to be present in It forever. Thanks Osho. 👏

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