OST Culture – Delighting Our Customers

You know, people look at OST and they think you know, we
started off as a business and we immediately had this idea that we’re going to build
this wonderful culture, and that’s not the case. When we started the
company, one of the goals that I wanted to have in having that was to have the flexibility to meet the needs of my family, because if I have all the
financial success in the world but I don’t have the time and flexibility to meet the needs of my
family from that perspective, then I failed. So our very first thing
that guides our behavior is to honor employees
and their families first, but the value to our customers
is that by having employees that are loyal to OST, that engenders a long-term
relationship with the company that then makes them drive
towards long-term success with our clients. We look people in the
eye and say you matter. You’re important to us. You’re important just not
because you’re a dollar sign on your forehead revenue generator, or because you are a down-in-the-trenches push-buttons worker, but because you’re a
person of great character and worth to us. It impacts our customers and they see it. They see that a balanced workforce provides great value to them. So if you look at OST six years ago, we had about 60 employees
spread across two locations. Fast forward to today, and we have more than 200 employees creating value at seven
different locations. I get the question all
the time why the growth? And my answer is always the same. When you do the right things
for the right reasons, always, people want to do more business with you. I want to work with the
people that I work with. I want to work with passionate, energetic, motivated people who are nice and that is what we have at OST and the reason we have that
is because of our culture. Great culture is not
a 22-foot shuffle board, which we love. Great culture is not dart-boards and the kitchen when you
walk into OST’s headquarters. Great culture is the people. So it’s not what any
one person at OST can do, but we as a collective
entity inside of OST is capable of doing amazing
work for global companies. Our team is willing to collaborate
with people with humility and not try to take it over, not try to run the project, but just looking at the project and how do we serve the customer
to accomplish their ends. We have a strategy from
design to data center, from inception and ideation, you have a new idea of where
technology is going to live. You just don’t really know
what you wanna do with it. We can help with that. Everything from ideation
all the way through Oh yeah, and now you just want it to run and you don’t have to
think about how to run it, we can do that too. We’ll absolutely be by your
side every step of the way, because the passion extends
beyond the OST culture. It’s we’re passionate about what we do and how we serve our clients and how we solve problems. We won’t stop until we get it right. The bottom line is a dollar sign, but how we get to that
dollar sign can be different than anyone else has ever done it.

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