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Make sure we’re recording.. *crash* AaA Hello, everyone! I keep seeing all these tier lists pop up and I just gotta say that… Some of them are garbage. I decided to rank other people’s tier lists in my own ‘Tier lists Tier list’. I think it started with Super Smash Brothers. The ‘gamers’ would say, “These characters are better than these characters.” I just realized that this tier list went from S, S, A, D.. Shouldn’t there be B and C? *A brief message from Madz™* eH First tier list is the tetris tier list We have the line piece and the T-piece in the ‘S’ tier. Now, some of you might be thinking, “Really, James? The T-piece is in-par with the line piece?” And I would say, “Yeah, because you can do T-spins.” The T-piece is kinda like both of the Z-pieces put together, if that makes sense? (Yes and no) Say you have a tetris board like this. Green piece can only go here, and the red piece can only go here. BUT If you had a T-piece, T-piece can go here or T-piece can go there. So, we’re putting this tier list in the ‘S’ tier where it belongs. Next, we have IDubbbz’ fast food tier list. And in his tier list he put Subway.. Sooubway.. He put Subway in the F tier. Now, understandably I wouldn’t say Subway is as good as Chipotle or In-n-out. But, F tier? Really? Dairy Queen, I like their milkshakes, so again, don’t really like that it’s in the bottom tier. Five guys is not ‘S’ tier, I’m sorry. It’s good but, not better than everything else. Not the worst thing in the world but, we’re putting it in the ‘D’ tier. Next, we have the review (Report)of the Week’s food tier list. If you don’t know who review (Report) of the Week is, definitely check him out. He is a great man; I want to meet him some day. Every day I try to be like Review BrUh. But in his tier list, once again, he put Subway at the bottom tier- and Diary Queen at the bottom tier. I don’t get why everyone is just hating on Subway. I’m obviously not biased. Burger King and Tacobell definitely deserve to be on the lower end. But, I do have to mark [Report] of the Week down for putting Subway and Diary Queen, once again, in the bottom. Don’t get why everyone is not liking S- popular sandwhiches. The last fast food tier list we’ll be reviewing is SuperMega’s tier list, solely because they put ProJared as one of the options. (laugh) In the SuperMega video- hold on. They have Projared as one of the options. *Odd-ly scanning* And then it just disappears after the burp. Just goes to show you that it’s not hard to be a good person.(laugh) At least they put Subway in the mid-tier where I think it belongs. SuperMega, I’m gonna put them in the ‘A’ tier just because they put Subway higher up. Next, is Videogamedunkey’s tier list about Youtubers. I’m gonna have to put that in the ‘E’ tier because, don’t wanna say anything but the video was missing quite a few of my favorite Youtubers.(Many animators missing) Maxmoefoe’s hottest pokemon tier list. Honestly, I’m not seeing anything wrong with it. Milktank in the ‘S’ tier, all the sexy pokemon in the ‘A’ tier and then the slightly less sexy in the ‘B’ tier And ditto of course being in the “SSS” tier because ditto can be literally anything that you imagine. So Maxmoefoe’s tier list, I’m putting in the ‘SS’ tier for reasons… My buddie Weest did a list of MEMES Everything looks good in this tier list. Rick Astley in the ‘A’ tier and the rage faces in the ‘A’ tier. Now when I was 12, those were the hottest rage Uh, this– tier list was really good and had all of the MEMES in the appropriate spots, but I’m gonna have to mark ya down some points, Weest, for not including loss Instead of the ‘SS’ tier you’re just gonna go in the ‘S’ tier The next tier list we’re going to be looking at is by PKSparkxx He made a soda tier list so… He put Sprite and Sierra Mist and 7 Up All in a very different category He thinks Sprite is really good and 7 Up is just the worst Here’s the truth- Sprite, Sierra Mist, and 7 Up are all the same soda, so- That- they have to belong in the same tier list cause they’re the exact same soda He put Dr. Pepper and Root Beer in the bottom tier which is- That is just WRONG.(i know right) Fanta in the ‘S’ tier, like, really? Fanta is better than… everything else? I know it’s just your opinion, but this is just my opinion, and it is the worst tier list that we have looked at so far Then we have the video editing programs by FireSale He put After Effects in top tier, Premiere, just below After Effects. Sony Vegas, again, below that. Not sure what these two are, but I recognize Camtasia. Which is- that is correct. That it is in the ‘D’ tier. That is accurate. I’m happy with this tier list, so we’re just gonna put this it in the… ..ehhhhh We’re halfway through. Just- *James making phone buzzing noises* -yeah, that’s in the ‘SS’ tier Next tier list is by Ted Nivison, he ranked milk. It looks like he put goat milk above almond milk, and… *BREATHES IN* If this was my tier list, I would almond milk in the mid-tier Putting it in the ‘A’ tier We need to talk about this one UnderscrMason rated the Pokemon starters He put Bulbasaur in the top tier and Mudkip in the top tier I- Mudkip is understandable. But Bulbasaur? Top tier? Really? And then look where he puts Charmander in the ‘D’ tier! HuH?! So if I was in charge if this tier list… I’d put that there. Treeko in the ‘A+’ tier These ones shouldn’t even really be, like on the tier list Cause we don’t have all the information on them yet, so don’t judge them. Obviously if I was in charge, this tier list in the ‘SS’ tier But, no, this was made by UnderscrMason and he decided to BE WRONG about the Pokemon. So, we’re putting him in the bad tier list. Next is the Mario Kart track tier list by Z4Gare. I see Rainbow Road in the ‘S’ tier, which is good. So, you know, we’re just gonna take his word for it. We’re just gonna- just say that it’s fine. It does seem like a far jump from ‘A’ to ‘D’, But just- just know that ‘D’ is right next to ‘A’ in my eyes. We have the best Minecraft mob tier list by IAmNotTY. What I like is that he didn’t just put the bad mobs in the bottom tier cuz he doesn’t like them, and then the good mobs in the top tier, cuz you do like them. The Enderman is just such a great enemy. Uh, I would maybe put him in the ‘Gods of Minecraft’. He understands that creepers are important to the game, but he doesn’t like skeletons. I guess that makes sense. Skeletons are just a common trope in video games. So this list I’m going to put in the ‘SS’ tier. Because I don’t know. Next we have a Disney movie tier list by Cosmodore. Now, there- I have a lot of things to say about this list. It’s a good list, but it’s not perfect. So in this list, at the top tier, he has: “Emperor’s New Groove”, “Wreck It Ralph”, “Lilo and Stitch”, “Moana”? “Treasure Planet”, and “Beauty and the Beast”. Now, if you could tell by the way I said “Moana”, I don’t really think that is an ‘S’ tier. When I watched the movie, it was kinda predictable. The old people didn’t have any wrinkles on them? And it’s not- like, the story was ff-fine. I thought the crab (Tomatoa) should have had a more important role. I thought if he was the main bad guy, that would have been a lot better. “Treasure Planet” in the top tier. Do agree. That’s a great movie. He put “The Black Cauldron” in the ‘C’ tier, which in America is still passing. I remember watching it as a kid and thinking that it was okay, and then I remember hearing “The Black Cauldron”, like, almost bankrupted Disney, and it got the worst reviews out of all the Disney movies. I remember telling my friends this and being like, “Oh. You want to watch the worst Disney movie? ohoohoo.” We watched it together. We put it on, and honestly we didn’t get through it. Like, when I was rewatching it, I was just like, “Ugh!” The big problem that I have is putting “Bolt” above all these other great movies, But also- this is going to upset some furries, but “Robin Hood”? Not as good as you might remember, So, I would put “Robin Hood” in probably the ‘B’ or ‘C’ tier. “Pinocchio”, I do remember not being impressed by it, even as a kid. (singing) “I got no strings to hold me down, I’d put you in the ‘C’ tier!” Whatever. Everyone has their own opinions, but my opinion is that it’s bad. Next is ZeRo’s tier list for Super Smash characters and online mode. I know ZeRo is one of, like, the tournament- really good players of Smash. Belongs in the ‘S’ tier. He put Bowser in the top, which is my favorite character in Smash, so. Now all the tier lists we’ve been looking at so far have sort of just been fun, opinionated ones. It’s like, “Here’s what I think about fast food.” And it’s all just your opinion. Dunkey’s tier list was meant to not be taken seriously. I mean, he put Leafy in the top tier, it’s like, “Okay, it’s obviously a joke.” But then you have people who are unironically making tier lists of real people.(Theodd1sout should be higher than domics) You can have your opinions about people’s content. But then when you start making lists and saying “these people are, in my opinion, better than these people”, (horrifying demonic voice voice) It kinda crosses a line into disrespectful, Don’t you think? And no, I’m not just making this video because whoever made this list put Domics ahead of me. Pfft. (hUh) In a conversation I had with my friends, I said: And my friend Rebecca says: And that’s really the whole point of the video. If you made one of these tier lists, I have blocked and reported you to the police. (well deserved) Let’s make this tier list go to the bottom. You know what, maybe even like, yeah, there we go. Yeah, people can have their opinions about movies, and fast food, and Mario Kart tracks, but when you start having an opinion of real people, it’s sort of disrespectful. And I think people forget that these YouTubers are real people. And seeing them literally ranked up against each other, it’s kinda weird, don’t you think? But the last tier list we’re gonna look at is by TJ Toonz, where he puts all of us in the ‘S’ tier. Now, I know he’s just doing it to be nice, but it’s like, yeah, don’t be literally ranking people. Pffffffffffffft. Don’t be literally ranking people. That’s all I’m gonna say. I hope that little last bit wasn’t too preachy. James talking to the cutest dog in existence: Floof (his dogs name) If you were a tier list, you’d be ‘S’ tier, that’s for sure. Thank you all for watching. The next animation is gonna come out in a little bit, because I’m very behind on it. I’m sorry. I got sick, and other excuses. And I’m just really behind on the next video, so it might be a while before it comes out. Be sure to check out all the tier lists in the description. Except for the ones that pit people against each other. And I’ll see you in the next video. Wear your seatbelt! AhAhHhAH

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