Our Cats Pick Our Slime Ingredients Challenge!!!

Hey guys, it’s Karina,>>It’s Ronald from
>>Sis vs. Bro. And today we’re doing
let our kitten choose our slime ingredients challenge. If you didn’t know
we got a new kitten.>>Oh yeah.>>We’ve had him for a month now,
his name is George. He’s the cutest little thing alive
and we are going to be doing a challenge with him. So basically there’s going to be
three different slime ingredients, we’re gonna put some treats
in front of each one and George, right here,
is gonna pick the slime ingredients we’re going to be
putting inside our bowl.>>George is gonna make me win.>>No, he’s gonna make me win. And guys at the end you guys
are gonna comment down below who has a better slime. And by the way,
we got new merch. I am wearing OMG fan club
in light blue.>> And I am wearing a do you
like popcorn in dark blue.>>You can get the merch
at Sisvsbro.com or in the link in the description,
down below. So let’s begin
because George is really hungry. He’s trying to get
inside the treat bag like, like mad, like seriously. So rocks, papers,
scissors, who starts first. Rock, paper, scissors shoo. Oh yeah, I’m going first.
>>All right.>>Oh, yeah, Georgie. Okay.
So Ronald is holding Georgie. So he doesn’t go anywhere. I got these treats. I’m going to put one in front
of the pink glitter glue and one in front of the blue glitter glue.>>George is getting all tense.>>All right, three, two one go.>>Blue!
>>Oh, he wants the blue. All right. This is mine then. But you don’t get this treat. You only get one. So my first ingredient is going
to be blue glitter glue. George!
>>That’s not your bed.>>It’s not your bed.
This is my mixing bowl. I don’t want to put
the glue on you. No George,
it’s not for you. Okay.
So the glue is in. Now it’s time
for Ronald’s turn.>>Okay guys,
round number one for me. I have the same choices
as Karina. So let’s do it. Karina is holding George.>>George is kind of like,
doing weird things in my hands.>>Okay, one treat. Dos. Okay, go.>>He rolled over.>>Does he want one? Oh, pink!
>>You get the pink one, You get a pink slime.>>Oh, yeah!>>You’re kind of leading him
to the pink you know.>>But I was tapping so he would
go to the treats, you know, 200 IQ. Okay. So let’s put
the pink glue inside. I’m doing so good guys,
don’t you think? Okay.
We are finished. Alright.>>Okay guys, round number two. I got purple glitter glue
and red glitter glue. The red is not
gonna look so good so I’m really
hoping for purple. All right.>>Oooh. Ah! George on the loose.>>George! It looks like he thinks both
of the slime ingredients are bad. Huh?
Yeay! He picked the purple.>>You wanted the purple?
>>Yeah, I wanted the purple.>>It looks so gross.>>I love the purple,
I got the purple. George you’re
the best kitty ever. I love you so much. All right, I’m gonna
dump this into the bowl. All right,
in it goes, plop!>>Awesome noise.>>Oh, yeah, look at all that
glitter at the bottom. Just hiding away at the bottom. George, this is not for you.>>Okay guys round number two. Right now, I’m hoping
for the rest. Hopefully,
George is a good kitty.>>George is scratching me.>>Good kitty. Okay, go.>>All right.>>Go. Oh, he keeps wanting
ignoring the treats. We have treats for you. Which one you want?>>George! Hello!>>George get back here.>>Does George
even want treats?>>Attempt number two. George
that’s my face. How’d you like
if did that to you? Huh? All right, go! [laughter] George! We have to make him go closer. Okay.>>Yes, yes! What?! Look at this! George! Come on, that has
to still count.>>It doesn’t count
because he just licked it. He didn’t take the treat. He’s like no, I don’t like it. Okay, attempt number three. Go!>>George!
Treats are right there.>>He just doesn’t want them.>>Geroge, what if I threw
this ball towards the treats?>>No, not towards the purple one. Here.>>Guys, we’re gonna use
our other cat Chibi because I think
she wants some treats now and George is like, mmm no,
I’m not in the mood for treats. So we’re gonna take you
away from your bowl. Why were you even
sitting in a bowl? We have so many toys here. Why don’t you sit in those? Okay, attempt number four. Go!>>Yes. Chiboo. Yes? Yes. Yes! Yes!>>The purple would have looked
better in your slime anyways.>>No, it wouldn’t.
>>Yeah, it would.>>Oh, she took the second one
and George was like, “Wait, what about me?” Now you want treats, George.
Now you do.>>Okay guys Chibi has not let me down
and gave me the red, which I was hoping for. Now it’s time to… dump. Dump, dump, du-dump du-dump,
du-dump du-dump.>>So guys this is
our slime so far. I got some blue. I got some purple and Ronald
got some pink and get some red. Time for round numbered three. So guys,
for round number three. We got green and yellow. I think I prefer yellow
over the green. So I’m hoping for that,
cross my fingers. All right, I got treat there,
I got a treat there. Go.>>All righty. Chiboo, go!>>Chibi, stop being a such a pussy. Chiboo.>>Why? Don’t you want the treats? She’s like, “What’s going on?”
Right, Chiboo? Come on.>>Look,
we have treats for you. We have treats, come on. What if I pull your paws
and you come this way, huh? No?>>Chiboo are you gonna eat some– Where’s George?>>George? We need you, George.>>Take over Chiboo’s role. Which one?>>No.
>>Yeah!>>Oh.>>Wait. Wait, no!
>>Yay! So Chibi was like, good little kitty
and picked the yellow. Exactly what I wanted,
right Chibi. But you can’t have the treats. Your already had two, alright?
Actually four. So we’re gonna dump
in the yellow now. Right in the middle. Plop. I don’t know how this
is gonna turn out but I think this is going
to be better than green, uh-huh. All right, that is good. I don’t want too too much
because I don’t know how it’s gonna turn out. So yeah, Ronald now,
it’s your go.>>All righty. Okay guys, round number three. I have yellow and green. I’m hoping for the yellow
because green, it’s not gonna fit
in my slime, you know. Oh hello, Chibi. Which one do you want to pick? Be a good girl. Yes, yes.
Yes! So guys, I got the yellow. Yes. Now it’s time to dump.>>Chibi! No, you can’t have them all.>>Dump, dump!>>So guys these are
our slime so far. I got blue, purple and yellow. Ronald got pink,
red and yellow. I really have no idea how
my slime gonna turn out but I really hope
it’s gonna be good. Now it’s time
for round number four. So guys, now it’s time
for round number four. We get some shaving cream
and get instant snow. All right, let’s put
the treats down. All right, one first.>>Watch the…>>All right. Chibi, be set free! Chibi, come on! Come here.>>Which one
are you hoping for?>>Shaving cream. Come on,
get the shaving cream. Don’t be afraid.>>Stop shaking it
at the shaving cream.>>Come on Chibi,
get the shaving cream. Be a good girl. Don’t you dare, Ronald. Chibi, come on.>>How about, George
gets in on the action?>>George,
do you wanna eat some treats?>>You wanna play some games? Which one? None.>>Oh, he just sniffed this one. This one out in the open? Huh?
>>Yay! I got the shaving cream. Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah! Chibi, you’re the best. Okay,
no hugs then. Alright. So today is my day. I got the shaving cream,
exactly what I asked for. Let’s dump a little bit
of this in here. I don’t want too much. I think that’s enough.>>Okay guys, now it’s my go
for round number five. The choices are the same. I got shaving cream
and instant snow. I’m really hoping
for the instant snow because it makes like,
snow cloud slime. I really like that. Okay, Karina is kind of
struggling with Chibi.>>Chibi stay,
stay here Chibi. Two treats here..
>>What?! Ronald!>>And two treats here.>>Okay, fine. All right.
>>Okay, go! Be nice! Be nice! Be nice!>>Yay!>>Can you be nice for once? Well it looks like Chibi
is not making my day today.>>No Chibi, it’s not for you.>>Yeah, you don’t get it. So guys,
I got shaving cream. It’s not the best but I mean, it’s okay. Let’s dump it in. Alrighty, that’s enough.>>So guys whose slime do you
think is gonna win? The, okay amount of shaving cream
or the mega shaving cream? But now it’s time
for round number five. So guys round number five. These are my choices. I got some blue fish bowls,
and I got some white foam balls. I’m hoping for, I don’t know.
I like both so it’s just gonna be
a surprise for me. So we need some,
treatsies of course. All right, one here, one there. All right, let’s
the wild Chibi go?>>Okay go on.>>Before she was trying to escape
but now, she’s like, whatever. Okay, look what I’ve got.>>Let’s make him like
much closer.>>All right,
which one you want?>>Chiboo? The white foam ball!>>All right!
This is the one I’m getting. Can’t get this one
because you were so stubborn, you ain’t getting this treat. All right, I got
my balls ready. Time to dump them in.>>Okay guys, now it’s my turn. We got the exact same things,
the white foam balls, and the blue thingamajigs. We’re gonna get
an extra treats put here. Now we have to take on
the biggest challenge anyone has taken on. For George or Chibi
to eat one of these two treats. It’s gonna be a challenge.>>I could eat one.
I can be a cat. Meow. Actually, I don’t want a treat.
No.>>Would probably be gross. Okay guys,
we changed the treats. So we have different shaped ones
looking very fancy. And let’s see if they
want to eat them now.>>All right, come on Chibi. [inaudible[>>All right Chibi,
which one do you want? Look, it’s like bacon, want it?>>She’s looking
at the white balls. She’s tasting. Please don’t eat the whole thing.>>And she ate it.>>I was hoping for
the blue thingamajigs but, hey, I cannot change that now.>>So guys this is the last round
we got Elmer’s magical liquid and we got borax. All right, time for the treats. Come on Chibi we
got treats for you.>>Come on, you just have
to walk like 30 meters. 30 meters. Come on, you can do it.>>Two steps and then you–
It’s like right underneath you.>>And there, and there.>>Come on, Chibi.>>Come on, yes, yes.
Yes!>>All right. So Chibi, picked the borax.>>Okay guys, now it’s time
for my last round. We got some Elmer’s magical liquid and some borax,
not so magical. All righty, we’re gonna put
some treats in the magical liquid. Oh, yes yes yes.
>>Chibi, no. All right.
>>Let go. Chibi, go.>>Yes, please. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes, Chiboo. Oh Chiboo, you are the cutest. Thank you for
my magical liquid.>>So guys these are our slimes
our cats chose for us. Mine looks mysterious. Ronald’s also looks mysterious. We have no idea how it’s gonna
turn out when we mix it together, but now it’s time for the–>>Activator.
>>Borax.>>Activator, magical liquid.>>Alright, wooh! How much do you want?>>I’m not going to add too much
just gonna add enough.>>Perfecto.>>All right, now we
gotta mix these bad boys up. All right, three, two, one. Mine looks kind of interesting, the colors
when you’re mixing them together, but I think it’s going
to be mostly a light color because I added
so much shaving cream. It looks like,
right now when I’m mixing it.>>Okay, I’m mixing mine. It’s starting to
look more rainbow? Activator still
around the place. I put a lots of shaving cream. I think it’s going to be mostly white
with some like– look. With some like,
rainbow texture. That’s looking nice, actually.>>So guys we’re gonna
keep on mixing it and we’re going to do a slime reveal
in three, two, one. So guys, these are our slimes. Mine is this minty green and it
has these white balls that reminds me of little sugar balls
and it looks so good, has glitters in it. It’s not very stretchy
because I added too much activator. I didn’t know how
strong the borax was but I like it this way
because look at the sound it makes it when I poke…>>Ooh.
Aah. Agh!>>If you think my slimes won,
comment down below hashtag minty ice cream slime.>>Okay, guys, this is my slime. It’s a nice pink color. It’s very satisfying to touch. It’s very, very satisfying. Has some white balls
like Karina’s. It reminds me of sugar
but very big kind. It’s very stretchy. If you stretch it slow
you can see through it. Oh, hello. Very satisfying to touch and I just love it. So if you think my slime won comment
down below pink awesome slime, hashtag better than Karina’s.>>That’s not true. So guys, don’t forget to
comment down below who do you think is the winner
of this challenge? And also don’t forget
to also comment down below. Do you want to see
George and Chibi on our channel more? You know doing things
like, cat things.>>But don’t really want to. [laughter]>>So we hope you like this video. If you did,
smash that like button and we’ll see you
all next time. Goodbye.

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