A GameCube gets its wrong path. A GameCube is an anarchist. Why do we live just to suffer? And again? Brush plays Ten out of Nine. Ajit Pai crawls away. Moon landing was fake. (Oxford Comma: Pfft. Do you you believe in The Moon?) A GameCube dies. A GameCube thinks of forming west. Coast motors bus. But yet there is this glorious feat. (*WeWe not MeMe*) NEIN NEIN NEIN (Salute) A GameCube is starting to believe of something. (Believe in soviet union.) A GameCube has now believed… in THE SOVIET UNION OUR GAME CUBE IS COMPLETE
GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND ☭ Šoiuz nerushimyj respúblik svobodnykh Splotila naveki Velikåia Rus – siaäeut!

100 thoughts on “*OUR* GAMECUBE INTRO

  1. 2.3 million subs. 2.3 million views.
    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be



  3. If i See This I Unfortunately Have To Think Of One Thing

    ItS tImE tO hArVeSt GlOrY pOtAtoEs

  4. Brothers oh yeah yeah yeah yeah lets take over yeah yeah yeah this oh yeah yeah yeah vid

  5. russia:first man in space, first dog in space, first space station, irst to orbit the moon
    america: first man on the moon
    also america: wins space race

  6. Ылт фэ тне чцеед

    (Bonus points if you know what it says)

    Answer: blat is the queen

  7. Anybody click on random reccomended videos just to see the comments? No? Just me? Okay.

  8. can’t wait till somebody does a revenge one. *i actually don’t know if it’s been made yet please tell me if there is one because I wanna see some “aw mans” *

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