Outdoor Writers Workshop

in Writers Workshop you know we're talking about a character study or describing atmospheres anytime what a writer does it take a good look you're gonna have about five minutes to just write anything that you notice about what it's like outside okay so anything they might see or feel or smell or hear anything that you notice about the day we're just going to take some short quick notes about it next you're going to get about five to ten minutes to work on a story about what life might be like as your object my name is Pete I have a very old petunia this is how old I have 92 years old and this is my story I wrote about a tree I am a tree I have a green afro I am hanging out in my little spot I see kids playing kickball every day I see cars and animals the flowers are my guards I have branches I sit on my favorite on my favorite cheap and sing my heart out of my chest I am a black and blue bird birds make birds make fun of me because I'm a little bigger I like to visit the neighbors garden for fruit that's what I like to do I noticed a change with the writing when they go outside because they seem like they're more focused and they just find this spot you just start writing and I see more words I see less spelling errors this is my parkour nature I love nature sir I um wanted to wear bunny Tripucka adjust my favorite things so this is mine I can see the flowers blooming and I can see the grass going I see the wrong getting out of the hole and I leave butterflies flying nature white and smooth and nice and it got you four corners and koalas and it got my pants on top and it has plans on top is there anything else do you think you can add hmmm many flowers and if you see flowers okay I think it's been a fabulous experience for students I've gone out with these special needs classes particularly and for them where they have such a difficult time coming up with things to write about they never at a loss to write about something whether it's an experience going on the slide or just seeing something new or looking closely at something they can always find something to write about and I think that's the greatest thing that they are not at a loss for subjects always like a butterfly it reminds me of a zebra because it has stripes one of these roses remind you of that they can explore it and you know smell it touch it see what happens when the Sun shines on and see how it feels and then it just takes on a life of its own and there's no stopping them they just go and go and go and it just awakens their sense of ice melt babies come from and like what I mean looks like the beans like we go in the class this big could you write spider is that what you saw yeah right here so how would you write spider what that start with ah let's go ahead and write s spy hi what else do your spider spider it's not how you write spider I can read it spider so we discuss what do you think is going to be out there what do you think you might find there's some of the big usual things you'd expect though I know there's a playground outside and there's cars there's trees and what have you but then it really got into a lot of excitement was brewed by hey look what I found when they discovered the IV had little leaves that were grabbing into the brick surface climbing up and actually was climbing so we had a really good discussion when we came back well plants aren't alive are they alive I can't climb well it was going up the clap the wall well how can we do that we talked about it is alive if you punch it it will die or it will get hurt or you know that's where things so that was a good discussion about living plants living people living animals that's where things is it a rollie pollie wow what did your hand let's do it looks like oh that's nice we might change we are making a book which is my night light of England let triangles squares all those stop the start you

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